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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 980
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

She and regretted
She later said that she regretted turning him down.
She later said: ' I never regretted following Harold Macmillan's advice.
" She is said to have regretted making this wish, and now cries out
She signed with Samuel Goldwyn at United Artists for $ 5, 000 a week and almost immediately regretted it.
She thus regretted that the Treaty of Lisbon had been imposed on the French people by parliament in order to avoid another referendum.
She regretted the haste of the French diplomacy which had " prematurely recognized the National Transitional Council which spoke in the name of the Libyan rebels ".
She is said to have given the first teachings that unlocked the forces termed “ magic ” to the races of the Prime Material plane ( and, some say, has forever after regretted the deed ).
She is a regular feature in his life, even though he regretted dating her and kept ending their relationship in season 1.
She later said that she regretted limiting herself to three terms and called the whole concept of term limits bad policy.
She said that she has not regretted her decision, thanking her family for supporting her.
She refused and has regretted it ever since because " You're never closer to God than when you're on TV.
She dropped out of college to become an actress, a decision she later regretted.
She later regretted her assault, confiding to a friend, " At the age of twenty-three, one does not reason.
She turned them down, but later regretted it and claimed to her biographer, Josef Škvorecký: " I could have been as famous as Marlene Dietrich.
She would later admit she regretted the action and would not have done it had Bischoff not coerced her to.
She tells the princess of the Magic Realm that all who died there still love her, and that they have always been with her these 1, 000 years, and they never regretted fighting alongside her to the very end.
She was also unable to fully deal with her internalized homophobia and regretted that she never knew her birth parents.
She then regretted her choice and on their wedding day she jilts him over guilt for Flynn.
" She is soon rescued from a life of prostitution by the narrator of the song ; an ironic twist is added in the lyrical references hinting that the narrator saved her and then regretted mistreating her himself.

She and what
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She did not pause to consider what she would do if her plan should fail ; ;
She wondered what had taken place in town, between him and his wife.
She placed her palms, fingers outspread, on the desk in an odd gesture as if to say, `` Now, what next ''??
She came from Ohio, from what she called a `` small farm '' of two hundred acres, as indeed it was to farmer-type farmers.
She showed us what had happened to her.
She said, `` My dear, do you know what Kent House is ''??
She was the only kind of Negro Laura Andrus would want around: independent, unservile, probably charging double what ordinary maids did for housework -- and doubly efficient.
She disciplined herself daily to do what must be done.
She had begun to turn back toward the house, but his look caught her and she stood still, waiting there for what his expression indicated would be a serious word of farewell.
She stammered, `` You heard what he said about police??
She didn't mind working hard, not as if she figured to do anything wrong to live easy and soft -- all she wanted was a chance, where she wasn't marked as what she was.
She ate what she could and went out along the covered passageway, with the rain dripping from the vines.
She doled out what Glendora vaguely guessed were the right amounts of dried peas, eggs, cornmeal, a little salt.
She could always predict what Stanley was going to do, ever since she first met him.
She didn't tell anyone, even her mother, what was wrong.
She calmly repeated what Moore had told me.
She felt mindless, walking, and almost easy until the church spire told her she was near the cemetery, and she caught herself wondering what she would say to Doaty.
She managed a missionary drive for the church once and got the books so confused that old Mr. Webber, the eldest elder, who'd never donated more than five dollars to anything, had to cough up five hundred dollars to avoid a scandal in what Edythe called `` the bosoms of the church ''.
She knew what people were thinking ; ;
She said what she meant and let it be.
She discovered the quality and depth of her feelings in the wordless transitions between what she could say and what she could not say.
She contended that this understanding was what enabled the biblical Jesus to heal and accords with the Scripture: " We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us ; he that is not of God heareth not us.

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