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She and remained
She remained squatting on her heels all the time we were there ; ;
She remained in Atlanta through June and July ; ;
She had used his rumpled shorts as the very image of his childishness, his lack of control, his general male looseness, while she remained cool, airy, and untouched, the charming teacher who disciplined an unruly body.
She accompanied Otto in 966 on his third expedition to Italy, where she remained with him for six years.
She and Beatrix remained friends throughout their lives and Annie's eight children were the recipients of many of Potter ’ s delightful picture letters.
She was not interested in adventure and had remained in Russia.
She then married Dr. Richard Wyatt in 1994, and they remained married until his death in 2002.
She was devastated when he left her, and she remained his loving friend ever after, keeping his photograph by her bedside wherever she traveled, including beside her hospital deathbed.
She remained directly involved with Maule Air's factory production until her death.
She remained extremely popular among many ANC supporters, and, in December 1993 and April 1997, she was elected president of the ANC Women's League, though she withdrew her candidacy for ANC Deputy President at the movement's Mafikeng conference in December 1997.
She remained in Tokyo through the great fire-bombing of March 9, 1945.
She had no money, so the children remained enslaved.
She remained there until 1893, outliving her husband by thirty years.
She was one of Garfield's more influential teachers and remained close friends with him until her death.
She was sent first to Wallingford Castle and then was transferred to the more secure Tower of London ; in 1472 she was placed in the custody of her former lady-in-waiting Alice Chaucer, Duchess of Suffolk, where she remained until ransomed by Louis XI in 1475.
She remained, however, a gregarious member of the court, receiving constant visitors ; amongst her particular friends appear to have been Roger Mortimer's daughter Agnes Mortimer, Countess of Pembroke, and Roger Mortimer's grandson, also called Roger Mortimer, whom Edward III restored to the Earldom of March.
She remained interested in Arthurian legends and jewellery ; in 1358 she appeared at the St George's Day celebrations at Windsor wearing a dress made of silk, silver, 300 rubies, 1800 pearls and a circlet of gold.
She remained devout throughout her life, and followed High Church practice.
She and her husband moved into Leicester House, while their children remained in the care of the King.
She only remained a week before returning to Vienna and secretly marrying Arthur on 12 June 1876.
She remained mistress of her maid, and might degrade her to slavery again for insolence, but could not sell her if she had borne her husband children.
She remained in space for nearly three days and orbited the earth 48 times.
She remained popular in her district and well liked in the United States during the 1920s, but this period of success is generally believed to have declined in the following decades.
She remained in France, again pleased by her status as queen at the French court, until 1810, when Napoleon forced her to return to the Netherlands at his new wedding — he did not consider it suitable to have the daughter of his former spouse at court.

She and Pope
She carried on a long correspondence with Pope Gregory XI, also asking him to reform the clergy and the administration of the Papal States.
She also tried to convince Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome.
She impressed the Pope so much that he returned his administration to Rome in January 1377.
" She is only a woman, only mistress of half an island ," marvelled Pope Sixtus V, " and yet she makes herself feared by Spain, by France, by the Empire, by all ".
She decided that an ecumenical council needed to be held to address the issue of iconoclasm and directed this request to Pope Hadrian I ( 772 – 795 ) in Rome.
She was canonized in 1997, by Polish-born Pope John Paul II.
Pope Gregory the Great's homily on Luke's gospel dated 14 September 591 first suggested that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute: " She whom Luke calls the sinful woman, whom John calls Mary, we believe to be the Mary from whom seven devils were ejected according to Mark.
She named the project after a sign she saw in the abode of Pope Celestine V, which translates as ' a room of one's own ', and which Smith felt best described her solitary method of photography.
In 1675, a book appeared in English entitled A Present for a Papist: Or the Life and Death of Pope Joan, Plainly Proving Out of the Printed Copies, and Manscriptes of Popish Writers and Others, That a Woman called JOAN, Was Really POPE of ROME, and Was There Deliver'd of a Bastard Son in the Open Street as She Went in Solemn Procession.
She was the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI.
She was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1998.
She was beatified in 1999 by Pope John Paul II.
She was excommunicated by Pope Calixtus II for her loyalty to the King of the Romans in 1119.
She ponders about medical experiments conducted by Nazi physicians ; about the gas chambers in the death camps, implicitly comparing a crowded New York subway with a cattle wagon to Auschwitz ; the Nazis making soap with human fat ; Pope Pius XII and Roman Catholicism ; displaced Jews after World War II ; anti-Semitism in general ; Neo-Nazis in Germany and Austria ; the world population of Jews in 1939 and today and the fact that there were " no Jews left " in Poland after World War II ; business in the DP camps ( i. e. bartering with cigarettes ), coffee but also Nazi memorabilia ; and she considers with disgust a video game on CD-ROM entitled " How to Survive the Holocaust ".
She was canonized in the year 1391 by Pope Boniface IX, which was confirmed by the Council of Constance in 1415.
She graduated from Pope Pius XII High School in Passaic, NJ, in 1955.
She attended the funeral of Pope John Paul II on 8 April 2005 and the Papal Inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI on 24 April.
She later met the Pope and embarked on other official duties, including a trip to St. Isidore's College, a talk at the Pontifical Irish College and a Mass said especially for the Irish Embassy at Villa Spada chapel.
She had originally been excommunicated ( Regnans in Excelsis ) by Pope Pius V for converting England to Protestantism after the reign of Mary I of England ( Bloody Mary ).
She was well-known to local Binfield man, Alexander Pope, who, during a storm, found himself stranded at the inn with his friends, Gay, Swift and Arbuthnot.
She intervened, and made a state visit ; before she returned to Hungary, she bribed Pope Clement to reverse himself and permit the coronation of Andrew.
Pope Pius XII ( 1939 – 1958 ), Allocution to the Gregorian University ( 17 October 1953 ): " By divine mandate the interpreter and guardian of the Scriptures, and the depository of Sacred Tradition living within her, the Church alone is the entrance to salvation: She alone, by herself, and under the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit, is the source of truth.
She consulted with Pope Leo on convoking a new council, gathering signatures for his Tome to be introduced as the basic paper for the new council, but also insisted ( against Leo's wishes ) that the council should be held not in Italy but in the East.

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