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Page "learned" ¶ 1063
from Brown Corpus
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She and retreated
She had retreated to this world.
She retreated before the naked shame in the old man and the fury beyond it and sank into the darkness of her lodge where Walitzee stirred, mumbling, sitting up in a half stupor to say:
" She toured South America and Japan successfully into the early stages of 1990 and then retreated into acting.
She retreated into the safety of Confederate-controlled waters off Sewell's Point for the night, but had killed 400 enemy sailors and had lost two.
Huang She was soundly defeated, so he left the area and retreated to his father in Jiangxia ( present-day Yunmeng County, Hubei, China ).
She challenged it to submerge several gourds in water and when it failed in its task, it retreated and she was saved from the promised marriage.
She fought alongside the warrior women of Rur, and left the planet with them when they retreated.
She retreated to Laurie Island in the South Orkneys chain, and wintered there.
She separated from her husband after he executed her rebellious brother William in 866, and retreated to life in a nunnery.
She is met by her older sister Theresa ( Rebecca Jenkins ), a devout Catholic who has recently been dumped by her husband for a younger woman, and Louise ( Stacy Smith ), the middle child who has retreated from the outside world.
She refused the deals with the British and later retreated to Nepal.
She looked into God's eyes, and they were " cold and calm ," and when God failed to penetrate her he retreated onto the wall.
She retreated from public life after a bad LSD trip left her paranoid and hallucinating, with a ruined voice.
She retreated to Qusquam and buried her grandson there next to her son, and refused to return to the city of Gondar.

She and by
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
She had been snared here by a vile sensuality that writhed around her throat in ever-tightening circles.
She lived by the rules, never compromising, never blinded or diverted by circumstance.
She had jumped away from his shy touch like a cat confronted by a sidewinder.
She quickly exploited the exalted position she now occupied, by harassing the disorganized males and even putting many of them to death.
She designed and supervised the building of the Harbert, Michigan, house, most of which was constructed by one local carpenter who carried the heavy beams singly upon his shoulder.
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.
She describes, first, the imaginary reaction of a foreigner puzzled by this `` unseasonable exultation '' ; ;
She was Ellen Aldridge, a widow of good repute who was employed by Gorton's wife and lived with the family.
She had been picked up by the Russians, questioned in connection with some pamphlets, sentenced to life imprisonment for espionage.
She put the slipper neatly by its mate at the foot of the bed.
She was intimidated by the stove.
She concluded by asking him to name another hour should this one be inconvenient.
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
She concluded by asking for a brief interview -- `` to settle with you where '' -- and she threw in a tribute to his `` gentle manners '' and `` the wild originality of your countenance ''.
She had surprised Hans like she had surprised me when she said she'd go, and then she surprised him again when she came back so quick like she must have, because when I came in with the snow she was there with a bottle with three white feathers on its label and Hans was holding it angrily by the throat.
She hopes that all will support the contestants from our own community by attending our Pageants and the State Pageant June 17 ; ;
She is owned by Ralph H. Kroening, Milwaukee, Wis., who, according to the railbirds, can feel justly proud of her.
She explained nonreactivity of others by saying that they were `` not letting themselves relax ''.
She was succeeded by Clarence Goyette.
She did not go so far as to say, as was done on other occasions, that Abstraction as well as Impressionism were a Russian invention that had been discarded as unwanted by the people of the U.S.S.R.
She quickly moved into cafe society, possibly easing her conscience by talking constantly of her desire to be in show business.

She and leaving
She set the dipper on the edge of the deck, leaving it for him to stretch after it while she looked on scornfully.
She also mentioned leaving a little bunch of flowers at the bust of Lauro Di Bosis.
She testified that after leaving the EEOC, she had had two " inconsequential " phone conversations with Thomas, and had seen him personally on two occasions ; once to get a job reference and the second time when he made a public appearance in Oklahoma where she was teaching.
She died on 22 December 1943 at her home in Near Sawrey at age 77, leaving almost all her property to the National Trust.
She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad before leaving to perform solo.
She further states another tradition that when the last Latin Emperor of Constantinople, Baldwin II, was leaving Constantinople in 1261 he took this original circular portion of the icon with him.
She may have committed suicide by shooting herself after a quarrel with Stalin, leaving a suicide note which according to their daughter was " partly personal, partly political ".
She introduced the future director, the middle of three children, to the world of cinema by leaving him at a local cinema to watch matinee double features such as Attack of the Crab Monsters and Creature From the Black Lagoon while she ran errands.
She described them as simply " the little people in Leicester ", leaving a cold, nondescript note and bouquet at the funeral on their behalf.
She asked, " Could the SIS really be such fools they failed to notice suitcase-loads of papers leaving the office?
She arranged a meeting among feuding campaign managers John Sears and Michael Deaver and her husband, which resulted in Deaver leaving the campaign and Sears being given full control.
She also tells him she is leaving Mars, and that Parker should enjoy his new status as a hero .< ref > Parker: So.
She becomes very loyal to Archer, leaving her position in the High Command to accompany him to find the Xindi, and later joins Starfleet.
She was a regular for the first three seasons, leaving the show in the season four episode " The Gift ".
She can no longer remain with Voyager, but before leaving, she uses her newly acquired powers to hurl Voyager and crew safely beyond Borg space, 9, 500 light-years closer to Earth.
She later ( again, in " Observer Effect ") expressed regret at leaving without saying goodbye to her students.
She was then left to her father, who did not take part in the crash, and he was later killed by Jaqueline Natla, a recurring character in the series, leaving Lara an orphan.
After leaving Little House, she continued acting in television shows like The Equalizer, The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Murder, She Wrote, and was the associate producer for the next to last TV project Michael Landon made before dying: Where Pigeons Go to Die ( 1990 ).
She returns to town only to find out that her pregnant sister is kidnapped by Gith, who returns in a giant space station, thus leaving room for a sequel and / or suggesting future action.
She was interrupted by Peleus and she abandoned both father and son in a rage, leaving his heel vulnerable.
She was, in her own words, " very miserable at leaving the baby ".
She broke down in tears at the thought of leaving her children, who were to be left in the care of their grandparents, for such a lengthy period of time.
She shares the truth with Ted upon his return, withholding Don's name, and they argue ending with Ted leaving her and the couple filing for a divorce.
She writes a letter to Huma and Agrado saying that she is leaving and once again is sorry for not saying goodbye, like she did years before.

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