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She and saw
She saw it then, the distant derrick of the wildcat -- a test well in unexplored country.
She looked up and saw that, without knowing it, Mrs. Coolidge was holding it aloft.
She had taken him out of the schoolhouse and closed the school for the summer, after she saw Miss Snow crack Joel across the face with a ruler for letting a snake loose in the schoolroom.
She smiled at Winston, and he saw the hateful hard glitter in her eyes.
She was standing on a flat rock three feet above ground and when she saw him she rose to full height and roared, opening her mouth wide, lashing her tail, and stamping at the rock with both forefeet in irritation, as much as to say: `` How dare you disturb me in my sacred precinct ''??
She went in to get the hamburgers, and I switched on the device again and kept the signal from Dowling's car coming in steady and clear until I saw her starting back with the hamburgers.
She took Glendora to the smokehouse, unlocked it and saw with satisfaction there was still a quantity of hams and sides of bacon, hanging from the smoke-stained rafters.
She started back for the house, saw a light in the office, opened the door and surprised a domestic little scene which was far outside the dark realm of murder or attempted murder.
She felt, rather than saw, the approach of the good-looking young man.
She saw me and sat down beside me, three feet away.
She saw it her duty to compensate for the innumerable deficiencies of her strange husband through her own intelligence and strength of will.
A 2003 compilation album, Classic Masters, was released only in the US, while 2005 saw the release of the album She Will Have Her Way, a collection of cover versions of Crowded House, Split Enz, Tim Finn and Finn Brothers songs by Australasian female artists.
She is described as a beautiful old woman and by her aspect people saw that she belonged to the subterraneans.
She later testified that she experienced her first vision around 1424 at the age of 12 years, when she was out alone in a field and saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation.
She turned around and saw the massive suffering endured by the people of the world.
She made a series of films for Arnold Fanck, and one of them, The White Hell of Pitz Palu ( 1929 ), co-directed by G. W. Pabst, saw her fame spread to countries outside of Germany.
She moved to Greece in 1956, and worked as a professional saw musician.
She declined the request-she would not like to interfere in political games and gave the evasive answer, " Nobody saw Nicky killed " and therefore there is a chance.
She saw education as Margaret's weapon and " the key to survival ".
She spurned his advances, turning herself into a mare so that she could hide in a herd of horses ; he saw through the deception and became a stallion and captured her.
She named the project after a sign she saw in the abode of Pope Celestine V, which translates as ' a room of one's own ', and which Smith felt best described her solitary method of photography.
She also admits that it brought back painful memories of those years when she saw her son Wesley going through the same ridicule as a child.
She also states that she saw vampires before they became trendy — a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Porgy and Bess tops a list which includes Carousel, She Loves Me, and The Wiz, which he saw six times.

She and terror
She writes that the CIA was encouraging Contra terror and then indirectly by the U. S. government and President Reagan, violating Reagan ’ s own Presidential Directive.
She told the Venetian ambassador in June 1568 that all one could expect from Huguenots was deceit, and she praised the Duke of Alba's reign of terror in the Netherlands, where Calvinists and rebels were put to death in the thousands.
She selected poems for her third collection Belaya Staya ( White Flock ) in 1917, a volume which poet and critic Joseph Brodsky later described as writing of personal lyricism tinged with the “ note of controlled terror ”.
She was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia together with Momčilo Krajišnik and Radovan Karadžić for the " creation of impossible conditions of life, persecution and terror tactics in order to encourage non-Serbs to leave the area, deportation of those reluctant to leave, and the liquidation of others ".
" She added that, " His writing evokes an incredible sense of dread and terror in a reader.
"... Lieutenant Read's having made her such a terror to the Confederates in this quarter ", he explained, "... that justice to the service required me to keep her ...." She was, he maintained, "... absolutely necessary to command the inland passage ...."
She goes on: " I apprehend that neither Shakespeare nor Milton by their fictions, nor Mr Burke by his reasoning, anywhere looked to positive horror as a source of the sublime, though they all agree that terror is a very high one ; and where lies the great difference between horror and terror, but in uncertainty and obscurity, that accompany the first, respecting the dreader evil.
She co-wrote an underground book, Memory, which detailed Stalin's terror and was subsequently published overseas.
She went on to say that protecting British citizens would be impossible if the security services were restricted to talking only to those with shared values and cited examples where people once deemed terrorists were now part of the political establishment: " Look at Northern Ireland, where former terrorists are in government ... look at Mandela and the ANC which used terror tactics when it was in exile.
She screams in terror at the sound of their oxygen mask muffled voices.
She is very sweet as she goes trustingly to her bandit hero, and, O, so pitiful, when finally realizing the character of the man, she goes into an hysteria of terror, and, shrieking ' Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!
She married the consul Decimus Haterius Agrippa, who died in 32 as a victim of Tiberius ' reign of terror.
She returned to Ravensbrück in January where she continued her reign of terror.
She was convicted of helping pass messages from her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian cleric convicted of planning terror attacks, to his followers in al-Gama ' a al-Islamiyya, an organization designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States Secretary of State.
She encounters the Doctor – Dodd having run off in terror – who offers to help.
She was present at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai during the 2008 terror attacks.
She reveals Catwoman's secret identity to him, and he begins a campaign of terror against her.
She considers herself to now be beyond terror or outrage, even towards the Predators or their current disinterest in her.
She resists throughout, comparing them to the military who created her, commenting " I guess I haven't fallen past terror after all ...".
She flees in terror, with the three ghosts in hot pursuit, and ends up in the room her father was in in her earlier vision.
She screams in terror.
She upbraided a Bolshevik who told a public meeting that a British revolution would start in three months, insisting that " we want power, but we do not want a revolution ", and observed that " Everyone I met in Russia outside the Communist Party goes in terror of his liberty or his life ".
She saw " little of the terror of these periods " in the novel and little of the tension between the Islamic East and the Christian West.

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