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She and spent
She had spent too many hours looking ahead, hoping and longing to catch even a glimpse of Dan and finding nothing but emptiness.
She eyed the chickens with, if she had known it, something of Glendora's dismal look and thought with a certain fury of the time she had spent on Latin verbs.
She seemed to work to grow close to her son in the few days he spent at home, talking to him about some of the more pleasant moments of his childhood and then trying to talk to him about those things in which he alone was interested.
She spent her whole life caring for the poor and assisting the most disadvantaged Romans.
She spent two years in France, where she worked for Anne Willan, the founder of Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne.
" She spent the next three years investigating the law of God according to the Bible, especially in the words and works of Jesus.
She returned to Haworth in January 1844 and used the time spent in Brussels as the inspiration for some experiences in The Professor and Villette.
She spent most of her childhood and all of her adult life based in Paris and then the abbey at Poissy, and wrote entirely in her adoptive tongue of Middle French.
She was chronically ill as a child and spent much of her time reading literature of the fantastic.
She spent the hostilities of 939 at Lorsch Abbey
She then spent the next three years seeking help from psychiatrists on both the west and the east coasts.
She spent most of their married years in resorts and spas, with their only child, a son.
She stayed at her mother's home in Palmdale during the brief time she was out of prison and spent some time hiking with her husband.
She spent her last years in a close personal and professional collaboration with anthropologist Rhoda Metraux, with whom she lived from 1955 until her death in 1978. Letters between the two published in 2006 with the permission of Mead's daughter clearly express a romantic relationship.
She spent the first few years mostly in the hospital, but was eventually able to be nursed from home.
She appears to have spent three years in the Welsh Marches, making regular visits to her father's court, before returning permanently to the home counties around London in mid-1528.
She had not told him that it was stuffed, much to Victor's annoyance, as he had spent time constructing an expensive kennel for it.
She had spent her early years helping a variety of sick relatives, contracting tuberculosis in the process.
She spent time in Salzburg and Nuremberg, where she stayed with her aunt and grandmother and became fluent in German.
She announced in mid-2007 that her Paradise Valley home would be put up for sale, citing her aspirations to " downsize " and focus more on her charity work, and the fact that in the last year she had only " spent about two weeks there.
She spent her childhood in Normandy and Corsica.
She spent a semester studying in France as part of her major, a move that mirrored her role as Reed in the television series Sisters.
She also spent exorbitant sums of money on the grandiose baroque projects of her favourite architect, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, particularly in Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo.
She spent her early childhood in Fort Wayne, near the St. Mary's River.
She herself spent years in one of the tanks.

She and 60
Over the years, Hill has provided commentary on gender and race issues on national television programs, including 60 Minutes, Face the Nation and Meet the Press She has been a speaker on the topic commercial law of law as well as race and women's rights.
She began a lifelong companionship with her cameraman Horst Kettner, who was 40 years her junior and assisted her with the photographs ; they were together from the time she was 60 and he was 20.
She has said that she had a happy childhood, and Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes described Cruz's childhood as a " simple life.
She was quoted in a 60 Minutes segment as saying she made $ 40, 000 on her McDonald's commercial alone.
She has said it is a " house for adults ", " And even though I'm pushing 60 I don't feel that I'm that old yet.
She also provided specific instructions for about 50 to 60 other fugitives who escaped to the north.
She made three depositions to the German police, August 8, 18, and 22, admitting that she had been instrumental in conveying about 60 British and 15 French derelict soldiers and about 100 French and Belgians of military age to the frontier and had sheltered most of them in her house.
She has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.
She has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.
She won five gold medals: in running for 60, 100, 200 and 400 metres, as well as long jump.
She acted in more than 100 stage productions and did more than 60 film and TV roles.
She died of a heart attack on September 27, 1965 at the age of 60.
She asserted that she had exaggerated information, had been promised a book deal to be co-authored with Hubner for revenue of $ 2 million, and stated on the record that the articles and her appearance on CBS television's 60 Minutes were to get publicity for the book.
She voluntarily donated more than 60 gifts given to her over the 14 years, and worth about € 100, 000, to the Irish state.
She died in 2002, aged 60.
She eventually returned to Basel, where she died on 1 November 1564 at the age of 60.
She lived in the United States for more than 60 years but never relinquished her British citizenship.
Riza was " seconded to the State Department ", or placed on " external assignment ," assigned " a job at the state department under Liz Cheney, the daughter of the vice-president, promoting democracy in the Middle East ..." She " was also moved up to a managerial pay grade in compensation for the disruption to her career ," resulting in a raise of over $ 60, 000, as well as guarantees of future increases ; " The staff association claims that the pay rise was more than double the amount allowed under employee guidelines.
She appeared alongside husband Cassavetes on an episode (" Fly Baby, Fly ") of the 1959 – 60 NBC detective series Johnny Staccato.
She was labeled an individual with IQ between 60 and 70 ( or an adult with a mental age between eight and twelve ).
She originally weighed 60 kg.
She was re-elected to three more terms over the course of the next eight years, never receiving less than 60 % of the vote.
She is darker and more slender than the hen of that species, with a proportionately longer tail ( half her 60 – 80 cm length ).
She was embroiled in a court case when she broke her contract with the producers of Beyond 2000 to join 60 Minutes: Curro v Beyond Productions Pty Ltd ( 1993 ) 30 NSWLR 337, decided 7 May 1993.
She died from breast cancer, aged 60, on 21 March 2006.

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