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She and spoke
She even spoke differently when she was clean, and she was clean now for his departure and her voice clear and rather sharp.
She spoke also with deep thankfulness of the many individuals and agencies whose interest and efforts through the years had made the work so fruitful in results.
She smiled vaguely at Henrietta and spoke to the old man.
She notably spoke of her support for its reintroduction for the worst cases of murder in the aftermath of the murder of two 10-year-old girls from Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002.
She learned to speak, read and write in Spanish and Latin, and spoke French and Greek.
She was later released and after returning to San Francisco spoke out against deprograming but declined to press legal charges against her parents.
She spoke privately many times with her husband, but was unsuccessful in convincing him not to sign it.
She later spoke up about their split: " It was a disaster, a total disaster.
Concerning her retirement, he spoke, " She doesn't like the new film grammar, the method of presentation of the material ; she says there's no heart in it anymore, that people no longer take human love seriously.
She spoke French, the court language of the age, but never bothered to learn to write German or Swedish correctly.
She spoke Italian again as a flashy prostitute in Woody Allen's 2012 To Rome with Love and she is set to reunite with Italian director Sergio Castellitto in his war tale Venuto al Mondo as Gemma.
" She later spoke of her regrets of appearing in the latter in her one-woman show More.
She spoke of " consulting with God ", and trusted that He would keep her safe.
She charged that Knox spoke irreverently of the Queen in order to make her appear contemptible to her subjects.
She spoke of her ambition to study psychiatry, and also stated her intention to compete in the " Miss Washington " pageant in 1960, but before she could follow either course of action, Paul Tate was transferred to Italy, taking his family with him.
" She spoke of her hopes of finding a niche in comedy, and in other interviews she expressed her desire to become " a light comedienne in the Carole Lombard style ".
She also spoke at her alma mater, Stephens College, from which she never graduated.
She spoke of the progress of other reform movements and so framed for her listeners the social and moral context for the struggle for women's rights.
She was holding her costume from The Dying Swan when she spoke her last words, " Play the last measure very softly.
She never spoke publicly on the subject.
She is answered by an old man who first denounces the wanton promiscuity of young women in general, suggesting that the young woman who spoke before was conceived by a Tinker under a cart.
She revealed that, once her parents left and she remained in the group, she had been forbidden to answer the telephone in case she spoke to them and that her parents only restored occasional access to her by threatening legal action.
" She also spoke about June Carter Cash, stating that she believed Carter Cash was a woman ahead of her time: " I think the really remarkable thing about her character is that she did all of these things that we sort of see as normal things in the 1950s when it wasn't really acceptable for a woman to be married and divorced twice and have two different children by two different husbands and travel around in a car full of very famous musicians all by herself.
She often spoke of the abdication as the great sacrifice of her life.

She and quite
She stood quite still, trying to focus upon a direction in which to turn, a path to follow, a clue to guide her.
She stood still over the leg of lamb, rubbing herbs into it, quite suddenly conscious of a nausea in her stomach and a feeling of wrath, a sensation of violence that started her shivering.
She was closing and within one more bound would have been able to reach the rear end of the bay, but -- and here Jones and Loveless and Ulyate were holding breath for all they were worth -- she never quite caught up that last bound.
She wasn't quite sure that I felt enough remorse about my drinking, or that I would not return to it once I was out and on my own again.
She may not have been exact on this number, but others here feel quite certain that the percentage would be less than ten.
She is not herself from the aristocracy or landed gentry, but is quite at home among them ; Miss Marple would probably have been happy to describe herself as a gentlewoman.
Catherine was quite short in stature with long red hair, wide blue eyes, a round face, and a fair complexion. She was descended, on her maternal side, from the English royal house ; her great-grandmother Catherine of Lancaster, after whom she was named, and her great-great-grandmother Philippa of Lancaster were both daughters of John of Gaunt and granddaughters of Edward III of England.
She was the sister of the socialist activist Max Eastman, with whom she was quite close throughout her life.
She concluded that lucid dreams were a category of experience quite distinct from ordinary dreams, and predicted that they would turn out to be associated with rapid eye movement sleep ( REM sleep ).
She became quite involved with the Foster Grandparents Program, helping to popularize it in the United States, then in Australia.
She noted that although most people " hold their belief in reincarnation quite lightly " and were unclear on the details of their ideas, personal experiences such as past-life memories and near-death experiences had influenced most believers, although only a few had direct experience of these phenomena.
She is essentially assimilative and benign, and embraces several otherwise quite disparate functions, She can give military victory, sexual success, good fortune and prosperity.
She wrote to a friend, Charlotte Murchison, in November that year: " Perhaps you will laugh when I say that the death of my old faithful dog has quite upset me, the cliff that fell upon him and killed him in a moment before my eyes, and close to my feet ... it was but a moment between me and the same fate.
She appears to have become quite old and moved back to Täby where she had family, because the last chapter of her life is documented on two runestones in south-western Täby.
She answers that she is quite in awe of it.
She was a supporter of the Philosophy of the Enlightenment, and tried to win the king to its new ideas, albeit not quite as successfully as she hoped.
She has always seen herself as " a person with so much to sort out ", and this is why she has been in analysis for a quite a number of years.
She is depicted as almost, but not quite, human in form ; she has to have cosmetic surgery for the period of her visit in order to blend in with humanity.
She has the unique ability to float for seconds, much as she can in Super Mario Bros. 2, an advantage which is balanced by the fact that she is one of the lighter fighters and in Super Smash Bros. Brawl her killing ability has been decreased since Super Smash Bros. Melee and making kills in Brawl can prove to be quite difficult.
She turns out to be exactly the right person to leave in charge there, as she does not wish for the power of the Fount of the Four Worlds herself, but is quite happy to prevent others using it, since gaining its power destroyed the last of Brand's humanity, and she appears to have genuinely loved him, and lost him to his power-lust.
She is usually quite short, and thin, and looks no older than a fourteen-year-old human girl.
She is not quite as scientifically focused as her famed brother, toward whom she is less than reverent, though she clearly idolizes him.
Pliny records that Arria's son died at the same time as Caecina Paetus was quite ill. She apparently arranged and planned the child's funeral without her husband even knowing of his death.

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