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Page "romance" ¶ 448
from Brown Corpus
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She and stared
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
The old gal stared at me with her hard eyes, said, `` She didn't call.
She then approached Minokichi to breathe on him, but stared at him for a while, and said, " I thought I was going to kill you, the same as that old man, but I will not, because you are young and beautiful.
She was constantly stared at for her ridiculously small size and her own mother would sometimes dress her like a doll, but Margaret didn ’ t care as long as she found some perverse form of acceptance.
She stared at him blankly in death, and, unnerved, he blindfolded her and colored out the eyes of all the portraits.

She and at
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She sat down at the table, shaking her head.
She clung to him, talking to him, and dabbing at her eyes.
She crouched aside as bullets beat at the portal, chewing into the planks.
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
She looked at him, lips compressed.
She sat quietly, staring at me from the wide eyes.
She was telling herself that this might just be her reward at the end of a long meaningful search for truth.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She had driven up with her husband in a convertible with Eastern license plates, although the two drivers knew nothing at the moment about that.
She began to watch a blonde-haired man, also in shorts, standing right at the rear of the wrecked car in the one spot that most of the crowd had detoured slightly.
She would look at Jack, with that hidden something in her eyes, and Jack would see the Woman and become breathless and a little sick.
She daubed at her swimming eyes with a lacy handkerchief and said with obvious emotion: `` That poor boy!!
She snapped at him.
She looked down at her hands, too.
She grabbed at Feathertop's sleeve and shrieked, `` Help him!!
She passed the entrance examinations to the University of Illinois, but during the year at Urbana felt more important events transpired at the University of Chicago.
She left the next day for her teaching job at Princeton, Illinois.
She was more excited than frightened at the prospect of having her first child in a foreign land.
She was certain now that it would be no harder to bear her child here in such pleasant surroundings than at home in the big white house in Haverhill.
She used to tell me, `` When I stand there and look at the flag blowing this way and that way, I have the wonderful, safe feeling that Americans are protected no matter which way the wind blows ''.

She and pale
She was a pale woman.
She was pale and skinny ; ;
She glanced at the man nodding beside her, a man with weather cracks furrowed into his lean cheeks, with powdery pale eyes reflecting all the droughts he had seen, reflecting the sky and the drought which must follow now in August -- yes, with eyes predicting the drought and here it was only June, only festival time again and thoughts of Gratt Shafer would not leave her.
She didn't sound like a pale girl.
She pilots a generic heavy spacecraft called Red Tail which is pale blue despite the name and has been heavily modified with armament and tracking sensors.
She met Thomas at Idlewild Airport and was shocked at his appearance, as he " looked pale, delicate and shaky, not his usual robust self.
She is described as being very sickly and pale, thanks to dieting, her pill addiction, and the stomach pumping operation she underwent earlier in the story.
She is described by the author as a " regular snow-maiden " with curly golden hair and blue eyes, " pale and slender " and " always carrying herself " like a very proper young lady.
She was so horrified at the sight of her siblings ' death that she stayed greenishly pale for the rest of her life, and for that reason she was dubbed Chloris (" the pale one ").
She begins the quest to locate The Key, aided by a race of pale, black-eyed demons who are loyal to her almost to a fault, though she does not care for them and viciously abuses them, both verbally and physically, for even the slightest failures.
She is brown with pale head patches.
She was described by the poet Ambrose as " exceedingly fair and lovely "; according to the Muslim chronicler Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani, she had black hair and a pale complexion.
She is the daughter of the River Master and a wood elemental, giving her pale green skin and emerald hair.
She has a pale complexion and a slender, athletic build.
She is the youngest of the Black Ajah who left the White Tower with Liandrin, and is slender and pretty with a long neck, pale skin and dark eyes.
She was so tired she went to sleep, and when she awoke she was half skinned ... at night to go through the same process ... By the third morning she was a raw even red, the fourth she had faded to a brilliant pink under the soothing influence of a cream recommended ... The following day she was a pale pink, later a delicate porcelain white "
She has pale blonde hair and blue eyes.
She is extremely athletic, and looks like a pale human with dark hair, however after her outfit is damaged, it is revealed that she is made of fabric underneath.
" She was small ( 5 ' 4 ") and slight, with a round pale face, huge blue eyes usually rimmed in kohl ( Egyptian eye shadow ), and long dark straight hair.
In her true form, she resembles a vampire: She is pale, dresses in black tinted with red, wears a cape and has fangs, dark-rimmed yellow and red eyes and long red hair.
She usually wears a pale pink top and a pair of hot pink flared trousers with a white belt.
She wears white long dresses which makes her pale and bloodless features appear even paler and distinctively prettier.
She did keep her eyes open but she became pale after seeing the formidable form of the Sage.

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