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Page "fiction" ¶ 779
from Brown Corpus
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She and stayed
She stayed away for ten days.
She stayed here to work for Aliah.
She stayed for two years, winning a good-conduct medal in December 1836, and returning home only during Christmas and summer holidays.
She would then go to the king in the evening, and in the morning go to the harem where the concubines stayed.
She stayed in Normandy for six months.
She stayed with him in his Quinta del Sordo villa until 1824 with her daughter Rosario.
She stayed at the house of John Chapman, the radical publisher whom she had met at Rosehill ( near Coventry ) and who had printed her translation.
She stayed at her mother's home in Palmdale during the brief time she was out of prison and spent some time hiking with her husband.
" She joined his band in 1941 and stayed for two years.
She spent time in Salzburg and Nuremberg, where she stayed with her aunt and grandmother and became fluent in German.
She also stayed at the farm while she was recuperating from her ankle injury and between her two missions to France.
She stayed with Chicken Shack for two albums, during which time her genuine feel for the blues became evident, not only in her Sonny Thompson-style piano playing, but through her authentic " bluesy " voice.
She stayed with Sam Green, a free black minister living in East New Market, Maryland ; she also hid near her parents ' home at Poplar Neck in Caroline County, Maryland.
She stayed with him for almost two years, was the subject for several of his portraits, including Madame Pompadour, and the object of much of his drunken wrath.
She visited and stayed with artist Margaret Tarrant in Gomshall, Surrey and with family in Ugglebarnby, Cornwall.
She stayed overnight at Grantham, Newark, Tuxford, ' Sirowsby ' ( Thoresby ), Doncaster, Pontefract, and Tadcaster.
She last stayed with him months before he died in 1955.
She was so horrified at the sight of her siblings ' death that she stayed greenishly pale for the rest of her life, and for that reason she was dubbed Chloris (" the pale one ").
She stayed there only a short time, and lived out her remaining years in her chateau in Anet, Eure-et-Loir, where she lived in comfortable obscurity.
She believes they are the prophets by Jay's statement that he " could have stayed in Jersey and at least made himself a profit ".
She stayed there until November 1564, when she was committed to the charge of Sir William Petre.
She cited another report that a Kitanemuk Indian referred to the site Campo del Soldado ( Soldier's Camp ), " which was where the soldiers stayed when they cut timber from a mountain they called Pinery Mountain, today's Frazier Mountain.
She called Buxton " La Fontagne de Bogsby ", but stayed at the site of the Old Hall Hotel.
She stayed for ten days in Northern Moor, a suburb area in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, and the result was The Duchess on the Estate, transmitted on ITV1 on 18 August 2009.

She and too
She too began to weep.
She seemed to have come such a long distance -- too far for her destination which had wilfully been swallowed up in the greedy gloom of the trees.
She had spent too many hours looking ahead, hoping and longing to catch even a glimpse of Dan and finding nothing but emptiness.
She looked down at her hands, too.
She, too, is concerned with `` the becoming, the process of realization '', but she does not think in terms of subtle variations of spatial or temporal patterns.
She was pious, too, once kneeling through the night from Holy Thursday to Good Friday, despite the protest of the nuns that this was too much for a young girl.
She asked if I had other advice and, heady with success, I rushed it in, I hope not too late.
She was wise enough to realize a man could be good company even if he did weigh too much and didn't own the mint.
She was a child too much a part of her environment, too eager to grow and learn and experience.
She was too young, that was all ; ;
She had had a dignity about her, even barefoot and almost too tan.
She was a living doll and no mistake -- the blue-black bang, the wide cheekbones, olive-flushed, that betrayed the Cherokee strain in her Midwestern lineage, and the mouth whose only fault, in the novelist's carping phrase, was that the lower lip was a trifle too voluptuous.
She found she could cope with all kinds of problems for which she was once considered too helpless.
She named 48 items, and said there were `` many more things which it would take too long to write ''.
She turned out to be a fan, too, of Margaret Bouton, the Gallery's associate curator of education.
She musn't annoy Gunny whose foal was due then too!!
She felt like a fool, too.
She has a maid called Maria who prevents the public adoration from becoming too much of a burden on her employer, but does nothing to prevent her from becoming too much of a burden on others.
She notes that she too once had dreams, having come to Vienna to study opera singing with Salieri.
According to lexicographer William Smith, " She was accused of too much familiarity with Orestes, prefect of Alexandria, and the charge spread among the clergy, who took up the notion that she interrupted the friendship of Orestes with their archbishop, Cyril.
She too was estranged from her father during the final years of his life.

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