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Page "Amphibian" ¶ 89
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She and stops
She stops the next car, driven by Danker ( Alan Hale ), dead in its tracks by lifting up her skirt and showing off a shapely leg.
She leads him to an unoccupied elevator which mysteriously stops at noon, trapping them together.
She runs to the emergency room and stops John from shooting himself, and John allows the hostages to go free.
She stops the car and speaks with Lowry who is tailing them, and then they go to Jerry's apartment where he tells her about his conspiracy theories and his newsletter.
She starts to reach for the glass, but stops herself.
She cries for help, and Gordon Ralfe ( Sidney Poitier ), an educated and soft-spoken black man working in night shifts in an office, stops by to help her.
She stops, and he nonchalantly stands and greets a man, proceeding to walk off screen with him.
She was actively involved in her husband's presidential campaign in 2000, making numerous campaign stops nationwide such as at Chicago's Taste of Polonia over Labor Day Weekend where she appeared along with Hadassah Lieberman.
She eats McDonald's food in his truck until he stops, pays her, and leaves her back on the street.
She tries to join Raj on the train but Baldev stops her.
She becomes more lovely as her confidence grows and she stops wearing grey.
She successfully stops Smith's execution, but Ratcliffe tries to shoot Chief Powhatan in anger with Smith taking the bullet.
She hitches a ride in the ambulance from the other runs, as it stops.
She comes close to capturing him during a stakeout, but is badly injured, saved by a copy of Jane Eyre that stops Hades ' bullet.
She stops his execution, and his jailors implant microchip in his brain to control him.
She campaigned by herself and with her sister, mostly focusing on campaign stops at university campuses.
She made the observation that " Habermas stops short of developing a new, post-bourgeois model of the public sphere ".
She explains in it how she ' lost the one man she ever fell for ' and when he hears she quit her job at Composure and was on her way to Washington for an interview he chases her and stops her.
She stops by the two way opening doors as the braces hold her back.
Upton Park tube station appears in the English slang term, " He / She is Upton Park-two stops short of Barking ", indicating that the individual in question is slightly mad.
She stops seeing Carter, when she finds out he knows that she has Breast Cancer.
She later has surgery to remove the cancerous breast, when Carter tries to console her, she simply tells him to leave her alone, though Carter does not give up, and she finally tries at the relationship again, but stops taking Carter's calls.
She stops by the graves of a bride and groom who were murdered together before their marriage was consummated, and invites their spirits to the wedding.
She stops her siblings and they look and wonder what it is.

She and feeding
She turned half of his men into swine after feeding them cheese and wine.
She gained a reputation for generous giving, often feeding and lending money to friends and stranger alike.
She also listens to music and audiobooks, is able to swallow melted chocolate and sometimes has occasional vodka via her feeding tube.
She remained in the hospital where, seven days later, she had a diabetic reaction to the formula in her feeding tube.
She requires a lot of rest and a feeding / loafing area that is safe from predators.
She supported work to take care of runaway slaves, including feeding and clothing them.
She also stopped feeding her youngest child, Mary.
She released balloons to celebrate her self-sacrifice and ridiculed other MP " porkers " for feeding at the public trough.
She is said to relax by " going to live music concerts, travelling abroad and feeding her addiction to medical soap operas ".
She had gained 30 pounds over a two-month stay in New York, and the sudden weight gain ( much of which was the result of intravenous feeding ) further strained her heart, which was already weak from years of crash dieting.
She writes epic ballads about the group's heroic exploits, such as feeding Nodwick to hydras, sundering ancient seals with his head, and so on, which tend to make the four even bigger laughingstocks than they were before.
She was eventually switched from being fed by a nasogastric feeding tube to a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy ( PEG ) feeding tube.
She could often be found feeding the squirrels while singing and dancing around her kitchen.
She suddenly falls into a deep sleep while feeding the chickens in a barn on Dave's farm in a remote area.
She tells him about their race and then uses her telepathic abilities to find out about Earth which she hopes to use as a new feeding ground for the Wraith.
She made Guo Si believe this himself by poisoning food that Li Jue had given to them and feeding it to the dog.
She had been killing a large number of people by draining their life-forces, and during her last feeding her disguise was spotted by a witness.
She spends most of her time in the first grade dispatching of her classmates and often feeding them to Lucy.
She devotes herself to the moral education and feeding of this exceedingly motley group.
She sketched out three classes of schools as urgently needed ; good free day schools ( for the children in the general population ), feeding industrial schools ( for children in need ) and reformatory schools ( for young offenders ).
She was one of the nymphic nurses of Zeus, sister to Amaltheia, but rather than feeding the baby milk, Melissa, appropriately for her name, fed him honey.
She especially noted the differences between bottle feeding ( which is primarily sucking ) and breastfeeding ( primarily pumping ).

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