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She and subsequently
She subsequently gave birth to three daughters and another son, Samuel ( who would eventually succeed their father as rector of Stenbrohult and write a manual on beekeeping ).
She subsequently acted in many melodramas with the Valentine Company in Toronto, capped by the starring role of Little Eva in their production of Uncle Tom's Cabin, the most popular play of the 19th century.
She subsequently also guest starred on Ellen DeGeneres's next TV show, The Ellen Show, in 2001.
She subsequently appeared in a string of 1960s films ( after signing an exclusive contract with Universal Pictures ), including 1967's Thoroughly Modern Millie with Julie Andrews and 1968's What's So Bad About Feeling Good?
She subsequently wrote a song " Peaceable Kingdom " which was inspired by and is dedicated to Rachel Corrie.
She then starred on the short-lived television series, CBS's Live to Dance, which lasted one season in 2011, and was subsequently a judge on the first season of American version of The X Factor with her former American Idol co-judge Simon Cowell which premiered on September 21, 2011.
She was subsequently allowed to rejoin Starfleet because of her linguistic skills.
She found film critics praise for her performance in the teen drama Cruel Intentions ( 1999 ) and she subsequently appeared in the box office hits Scooby-Doo ( 2002 ), Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed ( 2004 ), and the American remake of Japanese horror film The Grudge ( 2004 ).
She subsequently appeared in a controversial television commercial for Burger King, in which her character criticized McDonald's and claimed to eat only at Burger King.
She was subsequently observed participating in their illegal activities.
She subsequently secretly substitutes inactive pills for THX's medications.
She subsequently marries Louis of Bavaria without having been divorced, which results in the excommunication of the couple.
She subsequently endorsed Washington for the general election, in which he faced three white opponents.
She was noticed during a visit to the set by Gary Cooper, who subsequently starred with her in High Noon.
She subsequently served as Shadow Minister for Lands under then leader Maggie Hickey.
She subsequently adopted the woman's 8 year old daughter.
( She subsequently rescheduled the tour when the Japanese government assured her the matter was being addressed.
She was subsequently court-martialled, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.
She was detained on 20 May 1940 and subsequently convicted of violating the Official Secrets Act for attempting to pass secret documents to the Nazis.
She subsequently appears in the direct-to-video sequel Mulan II ( 2004 ).
She subsequently declined into mental illness.
She subsequently convinces Snow to destroy her with a Sartorius-developed device that disrupts the sub-atomic structure of the constructs ( visitors ) and prevents their reappearance.
She subsequently started a foundation in memory of and named for her sister.
She sank in Portland harbour in 1955 as a result of an accidental torpedo explosion, was subsequently raised and then sunk as a target in 1957.

She and withdrew
She remained extremely popular among many ANC supporters, and, in December 1993 and April 1997, she was elected president of the ANC Women's League, though she withdrew her candidacy for ANC Deputy President at the movement's Mafikeng conference in December 1997.
" She also refrained from assuring that India would follow Pakistan's suit if it withdrew from India's borders.
She had to pay no war indemnity, and the occupying armies of the Sixth Coalition withdrew instantly from French soil.
She polled less than 2 % of the vote and subsequently withdrew from the party's leadership.
She was thus in captivity in Serbia when NATO forces took the capital and Serb troops withdrew from the country.
She had been cast in the lead role in the 2001 Kander and Ebb musical The Visit, but she withdrew from the show before it opened because of her husband's declining health.
She had earned enough points during the year to participate in the year-ending Chase Championship but withdrew from the tournament because of tendinitis in her knee.
She then withdrew from that match against Mauresmo due to injury.
She was scheduled to meet 22nd seed Sabine Lisicki in the second round, but withdrew before the match began due to Sjögren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease with which she was recently diagnosed.
She obtained a legal divorce on July 21, 1942, during which Wallace withdrew his request for separate maintenance, and West testified that she and Wallace had lived together for only " several weeks.
She accepted Barbara, however later withdrew from the king's society, and in spite of Clarendon's attempts to moderate her resentment, declared she would return to Portugal rather than consent to a base compliance.
She withdrew following the second round of voting.
She withdrew from that contest as participating for two countries would not have been acceptable for both BBC and NOS.
She also withdrew from the Rogers Cup in Montreal.
She also withdrew from the Bausch & Lomb Championships in Amelia Island, Florida for the same reason.
She then withdrew from the 10 remaining tournaments of the year in an effort to recover her health and improve her fitness.
She served in this position until the party withdrew from government in late 1992.
She withdrew before the election even though her name remained on the ballot.
She announced her intentions to run for President of Taiwan on March 6, 2007, but withdrew in order to support DPP presidential nominee, Frank Hsieh.
She withdrew from the Pan Pacific Open to further recover from her surgery.
She withdrew as party leader at an extraordinary annual assembly of the party on 23 January 2004.
She withdrew from this scene in the early 1980s, believing that its focus had shifted from artistic process to product.
She was a devout woman and felt under control of the Jesuits, and upon her accession to the throne, she did what she had long vowed to do: she withdrew all his political offices.
She withdrew when it became obvious that Ujjal Dosanjh had an insurmountable lead.

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