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She and suggests
She illustrates the interplay between Chinese and English cinema tradition but ultimately suggests that Jen, as the " woman warrior " of the film, overthrows the European patriarchal tradition.
She suggests " five tips ... handle the situation with aplomb:
She suggests that some of the research was done not to determine the reliability of the dating method, as was suggested, but to back up an assumption of age and to make certain points about pyramids and Greek civilization.
She suggests that Attac in Sweden was formed by people seeking a new way of organising with flat hierarchy, and with the strongly sensed need of making a change as the driving force.
She suggests the mutual antagonism came about two years later in 1455 in the wake of the First Battle of St. Albans, when Margaret perceived him as a challenge to the king's authority.
She suggests attending to the intersections of race, gender, and U. S. citizenship in order to both understand the restraints of such a historical tendency and make visible Chinese female immigration experiences, including the Page Act of 1875.
She suggests that the line, " He calls his Kate and she must come and kiss him " references The Shrew, as A Shrew contains no kissing scenes, which supports her argument for a date of composition in late 1591 / early 1592.
She argues that if Knack borrows from both The Shrew and A Shrew, it means The Shrew must have been on stage by mid-June 1592 at the latest, and again suggests a date of composition of somewhere in late 1591 / early 1592.
She announces that it is the 11th of September, and that they will thus be celebrating the Tet festival in 3 days time-this will be the sixth birthday for the beach community and she suggests they celebrate it as a " fresh start " for the group.
She suggests it as an option for her friend Mrs. William Carlo, who is with child.
She seems here a goddess of glittering in particular and of glory in general, but Pindar's allusion to her as " Theia of many names " is telling, since it suggests assimilation, referring not only to similar mother-of-the-sun goddesses such as Phoebe and Leto, but perhaps also to more universalizing mother-figures such as Rhea and Cybele.
She comes down to earth and marries him, but is disappointed to learn that he is a gentle person, nothing like his name suggests.
She argues that the later evidence suggests that:
She initially invites Boolie to the dinner, but he declines, and suggests that Miss Daisy invite Hoke.
She suggests that by disassociating himself and his writings from Roh's painterly magic realism, Carpentier aimed to show how — by virtue of Latin America's varied history, geography, demography, politics, myths, and beliefs — improbable and marvelous things are made possible.
She does not know where his mortality is, but suggests that the fallen deva Trias might.
She suggests that he should drive quickly, because she lives down south, " about 84 miles ".
She denies that it was a suicide attempt to a psychiatrist, who suggests she take time to regroup in McLean, a private mental hospital.
She suggests that they are associated with " figures of repetition as anaphora — beginning each clause in a sequence with the same word — and epistrophe — repeating the same word at the end of each clause ".
She suggests that feminists critique such narratives by showing how a " global economy " is highly complex, de-centered and unclear.
She suggests that Pa and Ma move west to the rapidly developing Dakota Territory, where Pa could work in Uncle Henry ’ s railroad camp.
She further suggests that he go back to the qualifying school so he can get on the Tour.
She also suggests that Joan had a long list of affairs with men whom Christina was required to call " Uncle " and rarely " Daddy ", and claims Joan also had many affairs with women.
She suggests that she may reveal his true identity to Dimmesdale.

She and explains
She sees that there is a cup of steaming hot coffee awaiting him and the two chat informally as she presents the rules of the center and explains procedures.
She explains the origin of mankind within the story to the game's main protagonist, Desmond Miles, through his ancestor, Ezio Auditore.
She was also awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize for Literature for her book Pranic Nourishment — Living on Light, " which explains that although some people do eat food, they don't ever really need to.
She explains by telling him about Bobby, what he did for her, and that her decisions are forever influenced by what Bobby did for her.
She walks away, the gun still pointed at her, and explains that while the first murder carried extenuating circumstances of his own mental state, murdering her as well surely would result in the electric chair.
She explains that a Nazi scientist called Dr. Hans Ubermann is searching for the power of Atlantis to use it as an energy source for warfare.
She explains that this is how all ghosts are, and he expresses great sorrow.
She helps Lizzie in the episode " One of the Guys " when she explains that girls can be both feminine and good at sports.
She explains that her husband does not insist on fidelity, although she is careful not to become pregnant by any man but Brian ; and being newly pregnant, consummates her attraction to Lazarus himself.
She explains to her husband that she is unable to wash her children because she is a sacred being from the heavens, and she tells him for the first time that her name is thunder.
One recent suggestion by Stephen Quirke ( Ancient Egyptian Religion ) explains it as meaning " She of the ointment jar ".
She explains that the coal yard of her father was the halfway point on this river route and would be the meeting point of the competing boats, each boat reaching the yard at about the middle of the day following its departure from its home port.
She is awakened as a Senshi by the white cat Artemis when she is thirteen years old and instructed that she has a duty to become the beautiful warrior, Sailor V. Artemis explains that Venus and Earth are " twin planets " of about the same size and weight, that Venus is her " mother star ", and that she must protect Earth from its enemies.
She explains to Lord Darlington that she is upset over the compliments he continues to pay to her, revealing that she is a Puritan and has very particular views about what is acceptable in society.
She explains that families who are willing to pay the rather high costs of hospitalization do so to prove their own sanity.
She explains the Professor has been turned into one.
She also explains that the concept of globalization itself is gender biased, because its depiction as " dominant, unified, intentional " is inherently masculinized and misleading.
She confesses to Shaitana's murder, and explains that she took the stiletto impulsively after he mentioned poison as a woman's weapon.
She explains that she didn't want her co-star to know because he is a notorious gossip.
She explains that as long as her remains are buried at the foot of the tree, her spirit will be forever enslaved by Tree Demoness.
She shows her arthritic hands to Cathleen and explains that the pain in her hands is why she needs her prescription – an explanation which is untrue and transparent to Cathleen.
She narrates that he fulfilled her dream of going to Florence, Italy, and explains that, when Peter asked when she fell in love with Jack, she replied, " it was while you were sleeping.
She explains that she and Bleys had imprisoned Brand because he had decided to destroy the Pattern and re-create, reshaping the multiverse according to his own liking.
She also explains that Brand tried to kill Corwin on Earth because he saw a vision in Tir-na Nog ' th that Corwin would defeat him.

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