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Page "lore" ¶ 979
from Brown Corpus
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She and took
She took it grudgingly, her dark eyes baleful as they met his.
She softly let herself into the bed, and took her regular side, away from the door, where she slept better because Keith was between her and the invader.
She remarked that she found the night wind a little chilly, and Mr. Podger took her inside the fringe.
She took a good look at herself in the mirror before she turned and, walking with very small steps, started toward the door.
She would sometimes even get a little hard on you, she took you so seriously.
She took Glendora to the smokehouse, unlocked it and saw with satisfaction there was still a quantity of hams and sides of bacon, hanging from the smoke-stained rafters.
She took another bite of toast.
She took postgraduate work at the University of Grenoble in France and then returned to London to work on market research with an advertising firm.
She put the violin away and took out some linen, needles and yarn to while away the long, idle days in Budapest.
She took it with her wherever she went ; ;
She was never considered legitimate and, when the king was dying, no one took her as a serious contender for the crown.
She married Basil of Trebizond and took over the throne of the Empire of Trebizond from 1340 to 1341.
She has been repaying the debt from her housekeeping budget, and also from some work she got copying papers by hand, which she did secretly in her room, and took pride in her ability to earn money " as if she were a man.
" She took him home, however, fed him and gave him his first dose.
She, with the consent of her husband, soon took the veil in the Benedictine nunnery of Jully-les-Nonnains.
She also took job opportunities working briefly at dance halls in Japan and Taiwan, and wrote two missives under the name " Courtney Michelle " in punk-zine Maximumrocknroll on local bands Poison Idea and Rancid Vat.
She intermittently took classes at Portland State University studying English, as well as San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute, where she took a film class taught by George Kuchar and starred in one of his short films.
She took one gulp of the sea and brought the mountains to view ; islands appeared after another.
According to lexicographer William Smith, " She was accused of too much familiarity with Orestes, prefect of Alexandria, and the charge spread among the clergy, who took up the notion that she interrupted the friendship of Orestes with their archbishop, Cyril.
She was one of the activists who took over Berkeley park in the People's Park demonstration, summer 1972.
She took a job at a dry-cleaning store to support herself.
She has given live performances on various television shows, events and ceremonies ( her most recent appearance was in Gaoth Dobhair in the summer of 2005, which coincided with a tribute event to the Brennan family that took place in Letterkenny ), but she has yet to do a concert.
She returned home and Anne took her place.

She and refuge
She was rudely rejected by every person, except for a shepherd who gave her refuge and warmly shared everything he had.
She was followed 28 July 1878 by a party of Zulus, under Mehlokazulu, the chief son of Sihayo, and his brother, seized at the kraal where she had taken refuge, and carried back to Zululand, where she was put to death, in accordance with Zulu law ...
She was shocked and traumatized by the experience, so much so that her work began to take refuge in the nostalgic reminiscences of their childhood in New Zealand.
She took refuge in a shed inhabited by these dogs behind her house.
She first found refuge for her loneliness in a close intimate friendship with the beautiful Countess Golovina.
She took refuge in Béarn.
She also worked with ex-offenders, co-wrote a book on housing for single homeless people in north London, and co-founded a refuge for battered women in West Sussex.
Codreanu had to go into hiding at a secret location, waiting for things to calm down and delegating leadership to General Gheorghe Cantacuzino-Grănicerul, who later assumed partial guilt for Duca's killing ; Stelescu, who soon became Codreanu's adversary as head of the Crusade of Romanianism, later alleged that he had been given refuge by a cousin of Magda Lupescu, Carol's mistress, implying that the Guard was becoming corrupt (" She was a person adverse to your action.
She is driven out of her own universe by an ancient enemy which threatens to destroy all the Thoans, and takes refuge in the World of Tiers where she meets Kickaha.
She apparently is under a great deal of pressure from her parents to excel in school, and in a story in 1990 sought refuge from her demanding parents at Charlie Brown's house and fell asleep on his couch.
She had taken refuge in a neighbor's home and was shot by an IDF sniper who targeted her as she stood near a window.
She manages to escape and seeks refuge with Stanley Tibbets ( Dudley Moore ), a would-be ladies ' man who assumes she is picking him up to have sex.
She took refuge in Bordeaux, where she was arrested and jailed as the former wife of an émigré aristocrat.
She is forced to flee the Alpha colony and seek refuge with the Marauders.
She takes refuge with her old tutor, the priest in her home village.
She helped establish a women's refuge in Bray in 1978 and was its convenor until 1991.
She confirms that the Luccas were seeking refuge from the dangerous Giuseppe Gorgiano, who was out to kill Gennaro for betraying the Red Circle, a secret criminal organization that he had got himself involved in as a younger man.
She lives with her mother and father in a ramshackle cabin with no indoor toilet and they often provide Ellen with refuge from her father.
She takes refuge with her faithful steward, Kalman, towards whom she continues to behave as an autocrat.
She sought refuge with the Hospitallers.
She finds help in Harriet, a superstitious vagrant taking refuge in Adrienne's barn.
She then took refuge in northern Peru, living in the small coastal town of Paita.
She takes refuge in a masala karkhana ( spice factory where red chillies are ground into powder ).
She seeks refuge in the extravagant, hoping that possessing symbols of luxury will provide her some satisfaction, but it only leads her to duplicity, debt and despair.

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