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She and traveled
She was the first Roman woman of the Roman Empire to have traveled with her husband to Roman military campaigns ; to support and live with the Roman Legions.
She traveled widely during her four preaching tours.
She extracted an expensive shopping spree from him and the three traveled together after the shooting.
She traveled many times to Africa to photograph the Nuba tribes in Sudan, with whom she sporadically lived, learning about their culture so she could photograph them more easily.
She was devastated when he left her, and she remained his loving friend ever after, keeping his photograph by her bedside wherever she traveled, including beside her hospital deathbed.
" She traveled to Chicago to try her luck but lost some of her early paintings in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
She traveled to Washington, D. C. in June 2009 to unveil a statue of her late husband in the Capitol Rotunda.
She traveled the United States and Europe, and averaged 75 to 100 speeches per year.
She traveled to the Eastern Shore and led them north into the Canadian city of St. Catharines, Ontario, where a community of former slaves ( including Tubman's brothers, other relatives, and many friends ) had gathered.
She even traveled to Cuba and performed in the Sauto Theater, in Matanzas, in 1887.
She estimated that she traveled over 100, 000 miles for the company.
She traveled in Germany and Italy before purchasing the Château of Arenenberg in the Swiss canton of Thurgau in 1817.
She then traveled to Beijing where she reunited with Yu Qiwei who had just been released following his prison sentence, and the two began living together again.
She traveled in 12 weeks, giving 24 concerts.
She traveled to Mexico next, after the invitation by the producers to try out there, and became a superstar in that country as well, working in many top soap operas, including Camila and the national super hit Amigas y Rivales.
She traveled to Poland for her research, interviewing dissidents in Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow.
She is also widely traveled in the manga, having visited Greece and China.
She traveled to Musashi ( modern day Hino city in Tokyo ,) where the Hino family still lived and she died despondently.
She ran away from home at an early age, and was presumed dead by her family who only recently discovered that she had traveled to the United States.
She and several friends, including Ellen Gates Starr, traveled in Europe from December 1887 through the summer of 1888.
She traveled with Kim Jong Il on a secretive trip to China in January 2006, where she was received by Chinese officials as Kim's wife.
She traveled around the country and the world, both with the Vice President on official trips and by herself.
She traveled widely with minstrel and circus shows in the 1910s, and made her first phonograph recordings in New York of blues songs in 1922 – although Miles did not like to be referred to as a ' blues singer ', since she sang a wide repertory of music.
She had traveled 10. 4 million km, as many as 252 times around the Earth.

She and Cologne
She was buried in the Church of St. Pantaleon at Cologne.
She was buried in the Church of St. Pantaleon in Cologne.
She entered the Discalced Carmelite monastery St. Maria vom Frieden ( Our Lady of Peace ) at Cologne in 1933 and took the name Teresia Benedicta a cruce ( Teresia Benedicta of the Cross ).
She was born in Cologne and died at a congress in Göppingen.
She taught briefly in Aachen before returning to Cologne as a university lecturer.
She was a sister of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor ; Henry I, Duke of Bavaria ; Gerberga of Saxony ; and Bruno I, Archbishop of Cologne.
She left Iran in February and eventually went to her parents ' home in Cologne, Germany, where the Shah sent his wife's uncle, Senator Sardar Assad Bakhtiari in early March 1958, in a failed attempt to convince her to return to Iran.
She is Professor of Sociology at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, which is a Fachhochschule in Cologne, Germany.
She had previously worked with Graeme Jenkins at the Cologne Opera in Germany, where he was principal guest conductor.
She and her family, including her brother Gerd, born in 1910, lived in the city until 1913, when they moved to Cologne.
She worked as a stenotypist, but also attended acting school in Cologne from 1925-1927.
She was born Ruth Prawer in Cologne, Germany to Jewish parents Marcus and Eleanora Prawer.
She also won Lausanne Marathon in 2002, Cologne Marathon in 2003 and Leipzig Marathon in 2004.
She won a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in the eights event, and at the 2003, 1999 and 1998 world championships at Milan, St. Catharines and Cologne respectively.
She spent that one night with him and part of the next day when she accompanied him to his next concert in Cologne then she returned to Düsseldorf.
She was mother of ten children by her husband, including Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and Clemens August of Bavaria, Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, though only half of them survived till adulthood.
She returned to London in 1663 and took on the persona of an orphaned Princess van Wolway from Cologne.
She claimed that she was born in Cologne and that her father was Henry van Wolway, Lord of Holmstein and that she had fled a possessive lover.
She began to study at the German Sport University, Cologne, where she was trained as a physiotherapist.
She died at her convent in Cologne in the year 1015, but was buried at Vilich, where her feast was solemnly celebrated on February 5 and rapidly attracted pilgrims.
She is also a professor of singing at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne.
She was very wealthy and died around the time Peter left Cologne.
She and her 1, 000 maiden companions were slaughtered somewhere near Cologne in Germany and became the patron saint of young girls and students.

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