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She and travelled
She travelled the world with her parents from an early age.
She was removed from the school by her father, who took her travelling in Europe ; with schooling provided by schools in the areas they travelled, returning to England in 1931.
She left Richmond Palace on the 27 June with Henry VII and they travelled first to Collyweston.
She travelled to the Middle East with a charity supporting Palestinian refugees and arranged a meeting with Salameh in Beirut, where Salameh was being harbored by the Lebanese government.
She travelled to many countries in Africa and South America to promote Microcredit, and attended many UN functions related to the International Year of Microcredit.
She had travelled to Turkey in 2008 and covertly filmed a Turkish State Orphanage.
She became an attendant of Queen Henrietta Maria and travelled with her into exile in France, living for a time at the court of the young King Louis XIV.
She has travelled to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Texas, and Miami for concerts and award ceremonies.
Their son Georges, who was hiding to avoid execution, was sent to the U. S. She, however, travelled with her two teenage daughters Anastasie and Virginie to Dunkirk and embarked for the Danish port of Altona ( later Altona, Hamburg ) and the adjacent free imperial city of Hamburg.
She travelled to the United States for the first time in 1929, to paint a commissioned portrait for Rufus Bush and to arrange a show of her work at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh.
She is a patron of the charities Médecins Sans Frontières ( Doctors Without Borders ) and Plan UK, and has travelled to Togo and to the Congo to report on their work.
She travelled to Memphis, Tennessee, playing guitar in nightclubs and on the street as Lizzie " Kid " Douglas.
She quit this show due to illness and subsequently travelled to Europe.
She then travelled to North Africa via Dahomey and the Congo.
She attended the independent St James's School for Girls, in West Malvern, Worcestershire, and later travelled to France and Kenya.
She travelled to the United States, leaving her adult children back in the USSR.
She then travelled to Italy, where she studied Italian opera singing with Francesco Lamperti.
She may have briefly travelled to France and Spain in her guise but soon returned to England and remarried.
She travelled to Egypt to tape the special Opening the Tombs of the Golden Mummies.
She travelled to Florida with senior FÁS executives, department officials, and her husband, Brian Geoghegan, and was receiving more than € 100-a-day subsistence money from the taxpayer when FÁS picked up her hairdressing bill in a Florida hotel.
She travelled with an entourage of between sixty and a hundred, including chef, ladies in waiting, dentist, Indian servants, her own bed and her own food.
She also travelled to New Zealand to interview former Prime Minister David Lange and Greenpeace campaigners who sailed on the Rainbow Warrior.
She travelled to Ethiopia and walked with a pack mule from Asmara to Addis Ababa, confronted by Kalashnikov-carrying soldiers on the way.
She travelled with her husband in his capacity as Romanian ambassador, first to Washington ( 1920 – 1926 ) and then to Madrid ( 1927 – 1931 ).

She and widely
She has released more than 20 albums, and is widely considered a feminist icon.
She traveled widely during her four preaching tours.
She notes that while the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony () form a meme widely replicated as an independent unit, one can regard the entire symphony as a single meme as well.
She is widely regarded as a transformative figure in the presidency of Ireland, who revitalised and liberalised a previously conservative, low-profile political office.
She died in 1966, and is widely regarded as a founder of the modern birth control movement.
She was widely credited for her prophecies.
She became widely known as a sex symbol for her role in the 1999 comedy film American Pie.
She read widely, did fine needle work and was an amateur musician.
She is widely considered the greatest female ice hockey player in the world.
" She was widely criticized for her militant tactics, and historians disagree about their effectiveness, but her work is recognized as a crucial element in achieving women's suffrage in Britain.
She is widely regarded as one of the finest classical ballet dancers in history and was most noted as a principal artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet and the Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev.
She has widely contributed to the creation of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, of which governing board she became the first Chairman in 1966.
She is on a widely publicized tour of several European capitals, including Rome.
She is known exclusively from the work of a single Roman historian, Tacitus, though she appears to have been widely influential in early Roman Britain.
" She won Best Actress Academy Awards for To Each His Own ( 1946 ) and The Heiress ( 1949 ), and was also widely praised for her Academy Award – nominated performance in The Snake Pit ( 1948 ).
She had little formal education, since her mother did not believe in sending girls to school, but was nevertheless widely read.
She became widely known outside the art world in 1981 when her single " O Superman " reached number two on the UK pop charts.
She is also widely traveled in the manga, having visited Greece and China.
She wrote a weekly newspaper column that was widely read by woman suffragists, and her Progressive appeals were accepted by a large portion of the population.
She is widely seen now as a great example of a well crafted lead female character.
She is best known and widely acclaimed as a concerto soloist, and also performs as a recitalist and chamber musician.
She is often now popularly described as the mermaid-goddess, from her fish-bodied appearance at Ashkelon and in Diodorus Siculus — a widely accessible source — but which is by no means her universal appearance.
She was widely known for her role on the 1965 to 1971 television sitcom, Green Acres as Lisa Douglas, the wife of Eddie Albert's character, Oliver Wendell Douglas.
She is widely regarded as the " Mother of Family Therapy " Her most well-known books are Conjoint Family Therapy, 1964, Peoplemaking, 1972, and The New Peoplemaking, 1988.

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