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She and used
She used to tell me, `` When I stand there and look at the flag blowing this way and that way, I have the wonderful, safe feeling that Americans are protected no matter which way the wind blows ''.
She had used his rumpled shorts as the very image of his childishness, his lack of control, his general male looseness, while she remained cool, airy, and untouched, the charming teacher who disciplined an unruly body.
She created many sketches and carved engravings of the laboratory instruments used by Lavoisier and his colleagues.
She also used the priory during her short reign, particularly in 1547, where she felt safe from the English Army.
She returned to Haworth in January 1844 and used the time spent in Brussels as the inspiration for some experiences in The Professor and Villette.
She tried applying the plein-air painting techniques used by the Impressionists to her own landscapes and portraiture, with little success.
She is often cited as one of the earliest dominatrices, although she herself used the title of " Governess ".
She is recorded to have used implements such as whips, canes and birches, to chastise and punish her male clients, as well as the Berkley Horse, a specially designed flogging machine, and a pulley suspension system for lifting them off the floor.
She used her Miss America scholarship money to study acting at HB Studios in New York City before moving to Hollywood to pursue a film and television career.
She used a pseudonym Mary Pollock for a few titles ( middle name plus first married name ).
She also used to explore the forests when she was a little girl and wrote of her dreams in a notebook kept by her bedside.
She was called up by women to assist in giving birth to children, and Scandinavians used the plant Lady's Bedstraw ( Galium verum ) as a sedative, they called it Frigg's grass ).
She used the opportunity to denounce Christianity as irredeemable for women and to call for women ( and men ) to make an exodus from the Church.
Carangi is considered by some to be the first supermodel, although that title has been applied to others, including Janice Dickinson, She usually used cocaine in clubs, but later began to develop a heroin addiction.
She used a male pen name, she said, to ensure her works would be taken seriously.
She used the term ' visio ' to this feature of her experience, and recognized that it was a gift that she could not explain to others.
She was used for harbour service from 1872 and was sold in 1888.
She married Dutch shipping and mining tycoon Anton Kröller in 1888 and used both surnames in accordance with Dutch tradition.
" She notes that the term Śrāvakayāna was " the more politically correct and much more usual " term used by Mahāyānists.
She used a drawing of baby Humphrey in a well-known ad campaign for Mellins Baby Food.
She was used for harbour service from 1853 and was sold in 1865.
She was used for harbour service from 1881, as a barracks from 1905, was renamed HMS Calcutta in 1909, HMS Fisgard II in 1915, and was sold in 1932.
She used only 48 minutes to win this game.
) She used that for travel to her husband, imprisoned in Olmutz.
She later learns that she is an " Omega-level " mutant, a term used to describe mutants with unlimited potential.

She and turbine
She has a gas turbine alongside the conventional diesels which gives her high cruising speed.
She was the first turbine steamer to operate on any of the cross-channel services on the Irish Sea.

She and propulsion
She was converted to screw propulsion and rearmed to 90 guns in 1860, and was handed over to the government of the Dominion of Victoria, Australia, in 1867.
She had four diesel generators connected to two Metrovick marine propulsion units.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1846 and broken up in 1864.
She was built of wood, in 1831, with 84 smooth-bore muzzle-loading guns arranged on two gun decks, and relied entirely on sail for propulsion.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1861 and was broken up in 1884.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1854 and sold in 1867.
She was fitted with screw propulsion in 1861 and became a training ship in 1874.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1846 before being sold in 1865.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1859 and became a training ship after 1871.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1858 and rearmed to 72 guns.
She was rearmed to 89 guns and converted to steam propulsion in 1859, and was renamed Conqueror in 1862.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1855, and sold in 1870.
She set up a work platform then hooked up a notebook computer and went through a simulated computer procedure for a space station propulsion system.
She was rebuilt as a 72-gun third rate with screw propulsion in 1859 and was sold in 1875.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1857 and burnt in 1875.
She owns and practices with a replica Colt M1911. 45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, a weapon considered to be an anachronistic " hand cannon " by her contemporaries, who prefer pulsers, which fire small-calibre high explosive darts at extremely high velocity using a gravitic propulsion system.
She has published over 160 papers on fatigue and fracture in structural materials and developments in aerospace and marine propulsion technology, and has been awarded the Grunfeld, Bengough and Kelvin medals for her research.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1859, and was renamed HMS Boscawen in 1873.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1861 and was sold in 1867.
She was converted to screw propulsion in 1860 and was broken up in 1876.
She was later rebuilt to resemble them cosmetically, and is currently on display with the external tank used during the propulsion tests ( designated MPTA-ET ).
She is the ladderdown expert on the Pasteur and also its chief propulsion monitor.
She was 318 ft and 2, 684 BRT, with three masts and single screw propeller propulsion.

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