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She and wants
She wants to pay you a visit.
`` She wants you and Barbara to have dinner with her tomorrow night ''.
::" She wants to marry a Swede " ( she wants the man she marries to be Swedish — no specific person in mind )
::" She wants to marry a Swede " ( the man she wants to marry is Swedish — a specific person )
She beds The Dude solely to conceive a child, and wants nothing else to do with him.
She becomes completely devoted to and enamored of Tara, and then manipulates her to avoid conflict when Tara does not conform to what she wants.
" She says that Goro now wants her to agree to marry the wealthy man Yamadori, who then is arriving with his entourage to a musical accompaniment that quotes the same Japanese folk tune that Gilbert and Sullivan set as " Mi-ya sama " in The Mikado.
She represents the enjoyable life Meursault wants and she is also the only reason that Meursault regrets going to jail.
She is loved by both Quasimodo and Claude Frollo, but falls deeply in love with Captain Phoebus, a handsome soldier who she believes will rightly protect her but who simply wants to seduce her.
She wants to build a raft to explore a stream which leads to an underground world.
Eventually, Davis brought her case to court in Britain, hoping to get out of her contract with Warner Bros. She later recalled the opening statement of the barrister, Sir Patrick Hastings, who represented Warner Bros. Hastings urged the court to " come to the conclusion that this is rather a naughty young lady and that what she wants is more money ".
She also wants to reintroduce customs borders and has campaigned against allowing dual citizenship.
She is approached by an archly sinister character, ' Professor ' Marcus ( Alec Guinness ), who wants to rent rooms in her house.
She is crazy about wanting to play with everything or always be in her play area, but she can be very frank, and she wants to get her own way in a lot of things that involve her, and she sometimes gets competitive towards her brother PJ and his friend Max.
She attempts to go reclaim Chris, but he refuses ( because he wants to stay with his friends — fellow refugees ).
She says Bernadette has not suffered enough and wants a " sign " proving Bernadette really was chosen by Heaven.
She tells him she wants her picture on a piano: her own piano in her own home.
:: She wants < u > us to stay </ u >.
She wants to be a famous writer someday, an aspiration that her teacher Ms. Grundy approves of.
She tells Ted how much she loves and wants Billy, but she knows his true home is with Ted.
She wants to see Trainer the evening before the meeting at a party which she will attend in a dress of Katharine's.
She said the presence was attempting to interfere with the test: " He wants to take the card ; he doesn ’ t want me to read.

She and avenge
She returned to Rome to avenge his death and boldly accused Piso of the murder of Germanicus.
She is called on by the goddess Diana to avenge the death of the Amazon-like female warrior Camilla.
She is portrayed as a cunning, manipulative and immoral woman, who uses her beauty and extraordinary intelligence to both maintain her position on the French social hierarchy, but also to avenge herself on anyone who has wronged her in the past.
She did so to avenge her grandfather ( or father ), who was wrongly put to death by Yongzheng.
She then upset fourth seed Flavia Pennetta 6 – 3, 6 – 4 in the second round to avenge her loss in Dubai, ensuring her third quarterfinal appearance of the year.
She took advantage of the open spot and the opportunity to avenge her friend's death.
She tries to avenge Elphaba's supposed death by threatening to expose the Wizard as a fraud unless he leaves Oz altogether.
She transformed into a tennyo to take on Aya ( as Ceres ) to avenge her mother's death.
She was killed without mercy while surrendering by Sonny Wong, angering Drake, Nenene, and the Paper Sisters ( despite the fact that Wong was technically there to help the Sisters ), and Drake attempts to avenge her death.
She joins the military to avenge her boyfriend ’ s death.
She sets off to avenge her brother's death and to restore the land which has been devastated by drought as a direct result of the murder.
She became cruel and mean, taking over as the new Leader at her father's death, and tried to avenge him by fighting against his enemies.
She was the girlfriend of Bill Ball, whose death at Pearl Harbor prompted her brothers to join the Navy to avenge him.
She vows to avenge her brother's death and kills several of the dogs, but has a change of heart when she encounters the leader of the pack.
She dies sorry that she couldn't avenge her sister's murder but is glad to go be with her again.
She joins Yasha to avenge her tribe.
She has elite status as a judo practitioner, but yearns to avenge her loss in her childhood at the hands of another girl.
She vowed to find the murderer and avenge his death.
She still feels vulnerable when fighting monsters, yet compensates for her lack of supernatural powers by being a crack shot and weapons expert, most likely brought on by her deep desire to avenge the death of her parents.
She was later recurited to be part of the invading force sent to Zandia to avenge the murder of the parents of Empress.
She played the role of a deceived woman who is jailed because of her lover, played by Khan, and later flees from prison to avenge him.
She is enraged and unleashes her wrath upon both the Birds of Prey and Catman's Secret Six: she seeks to avenge her own murder.
She seeks revenge on the evil wizard Gardein and the master he serves, attempting to avenge the slaughter of her people.
She poses as a boy named Kamiya Seizaburo and joins the Miburōshi ( later renamed Shinsengumi ) in order to avenge the death of her father and older brother at the hands of members of the Chōshū clan.

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