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Page "fiction" ¶ 904
from Brown Corpus
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She and was
She was amazingly light, and so relaxed in his arms that he wasn't even sure she was conscious.
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She glanced around the clearing, taking in the wagon and the load of supplies and trappings scattered over the ground, the two kids, the whiteface bull that was chewing its cud just within the far reaches of the firelight.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She was quick.
She brought up her free hand to hit him, but this time he was quicker.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
She was bewildered.
She was standing in a thick grove.
She already knew this unwholesome, chilling atmosphere that was somehow grotesquely alive.
She was glad, completely and unselfishly glad, to see that things were working out the right way for both Sally and Dan.
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
She was wearing nothing beneath the coat.
She was standing with her back to the glass door.
She was just not able to break the spell.
She was telling herself that this might just be her reward at the end of a long meaningful search for truth.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She confessed she was unhappy, he asked was it her husband??
She began to explain, `` There was this poet, in Italy '' He interrupted, `` Please don't judge all poets ''.
She was like charcoal, he thought -- dark, opaque, explosive.

She and personally
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She also demanded that the cross be personally sent by Botaneiates as a vow of his good faith.
She testified that after leaving the EEOC, she had had two " inconsequential " phone conversations with Thomas, and had seen him personally on two occasions ; once to get a job reference and the second time when he made a public appearance in Oklahoma where she was teaching.
She was one of the principal figures in the series of dynastic civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses and at times personally led the Lancastrian faction.
She remained personally more popular than the Liberal Opposition Leader, Jeff Kennett, but the electorate would no longer accept the continued mismanagement and waste which had occurred throughout the ALP hold on government.
She was personally acquainted with prominent men and women of pioneer days and named one of her children after General Sam Houston in memory of his victory at San Jacinto.
She decided to raise the social level of the RMS concerts by attending them personally with her court.
She appealed to Patty for a reunion, personally if not professionally, both in public and in private, but to no avail.
She was a protectress of monasteries and personally supervised the work on both Burgos and Toledo Cathedrals.
She launched all of them personally and she owned all of them except the one in Paris, which she gave to her sister, Gladys, Vicomtesse de Maublanc.
She personally executes the five women in their group since no-one else would do the deed.
She graduated in 1949 with a degree in English, and became a lifelong active contact for the University — helping financially and participating personallyand became a lifetime trustee of the institution in 1987.
When Hélène discovered that Vetsera had sent Rudolf a personally engraved cigarette case, she raged: " She is compromising herself when she is scarcely seventeen years old and so is ruining not only her life but also that of her brothers and sisters and mother ..."
On April 24, 2009, during a congressional hearing, Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn asked Gore if he was a member of KPCB, and then inquired: " The legislation that we are discussing here today, is that something that you are going to personally benefit from ?” She cited constituent concerns about Gore's role with KPCB as the reason for her inquiry.
She is a recipient of the Mousecar Award ( as in " Oscar "), a silver Mickey Mouse statue award that was personally designed by Walt Disney himself.
She was the last to be selected, and one of the only cast-members to be personally selected by Walt Disney himself.
" She didn't believe it, but in fact it was Elvis, who invited her to a party and said that he would come to her house and pick her up personally ", and they subsequently dated.
She never said that Petliura personally participated in the event, but rather some other soldiers who did said that they were directed by Petliura.
She resisted the Portuguese well into her sixties, personally leading troops into battle.
She is last seen going over her options, now realizing that she cannot murder her own sister, and therefore must personally exorcise the " cat demon " from within Selina's body.
She summons lightning bolts and spells at Phillip to hinder him, including a " forest of thorns ", which Phillip is able to overcome, before personally dealing with him by transporting herself in front of King Stephan ’ s ' castle, blocking his entry.
She also said that the order for the bombing had been " personally penned " by Kim Jong-il, the son of North Korean President Kim Il-sung, who had wanted to destabilize the South Korean government, disrupt its upcoming elections and frighten international teams from attending the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, later that year.
She personally paid the bail for a Cameroonian woman called Mercy Ikolo and her Ireland-born 18 month old baby to allow them to leave the centre, inviting them to stay with her and her daughters in their tenement flat until their visa issues were resolved.
She is " one of the close disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda personally chosen and trained by him to help guide his society after his passing ," and had held the position of vice-president since 1966.

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