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She and was
She was amazingly light, and so relaxed in his arms that he wasn't even sure she was conscious.
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She glanced around the clearing, taking in the wagon and the load of supplies and trappings scattered over the ground, the two kids, the whiteface bull that was chewing its cud just within the far reaches of the firelight.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She was quick.
She brought up her free hand to hit him, but this time he was quicker.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
She was bewildered.
She was standing in a thick grove.
She already knew this unwholesome, chilling atmosphere that was somehow grotesquely alive.
She was glad, completely and unselfishly glad, to see that things were working out the right way for both Sally and Dan.
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
She was wearing nothing beneath the coat.
She was standing with her back to the glass door.
She was just not able to break the spell.
She was telling herself that this might just be her reward at the end of a long meaningful search for truth.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She confessed she was unhappy, he asked was it her husband??
She began to explain, `` There was this poet, in Italy '' He interrupted, `` Please don't judge all poets ''.
She was like charcoal, he thought -- dark, opaque, explosive.

She and supposedly
She is a vampiric Prince in Mexico according to setting information given for the popular role-playing game Vampire: the Requiem, as well as having an entire bloodline of vampires named after her and supposedly descended from her.
" Bored, She Hung Herself ", the 16th episode of the second season, depicted a Five-O investigation into the apparent suicide of a woman by hanging, which she was supposedly practicing as part of a health regimen.
She supposedly lived in luxury and became a prominent philosopher, socialite and Roman matron.
She and her first husband lived apart, never sharing a home together in Hollywood, supposedly because Colbert's mother disliked Foster and would not allow him into their home.
She was supposedly buried near Lincoln Park, where a bronze marker there retells the legend.
She attempts to find a way out and becomes alarmed by mysterious voices calling to her and by some subtle movements made by the supposedly lifeless mannequins around her.
She set out to the Atlantic, supposedly on shakedown.
She came to the attention of the authorities after supposedly contacting the spirit of a sailor of the HMS Barham, whose sinking was hidden from the general public at the time.
She was accredited with striking the new church with lightning and supposedly a stone image of her was found at the site the church is now.
She wrote an unproduced play, All that Glitters, supposedly detailing her life with Valentino, although by the end of the play there is a happy ending and the couple reconcile.
She lives in the coastal town of Lyme Regis, as a disgraced woman, supposedly abandoned by a French naval officer named Varguennes — married, unknown to her, to another woman — with whom she had supposedly had an affair and who had returned to France.
She is best known for her role as character Hyacinth Bucket ( supposedly pronounced " Bouquet ") in the British television series Keeping Up Appearances and Hetty Wainthropp in the British television series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.
She also puts a spell on Sophie at the start of the story, turning her into an old crone. The Witch is also revealed to have made a supposedly perfect man out of the combined parts of Wizard Suliman and Prince Justin, intending to complete the body with Howl's head and make the man King of Ingary and herself queen.
She had her last, famous photoshoot in one of the pools and supposedly spent time there with John F. Kennedy.
She also specializes in making her husband's life miserable, often blackmailing him by threatening to show their two daughters the horrors to which Gus has supposedly exposed her.
She contrasts that against the process used for " entire-wheat flour ", where the grain was washed, then the three coarse outer layers of bran were removed, after which the grain was ground, supposedly keeping the aleurone layer, but discarding the rough cellulose of the outer bran layers.
She had no knowledge of her father, except that his surname was Kitt and that he was supposedly a son of the owner of the farm where she had been born.
She carefully documented their relationship, supposedly in preparation for any challenge Byron may have made for custody of Ada.
She supposedly left instructions for her cook to make a jam tart.
She claimed to be under the influence of the personality of Babylonian princess and Pharaoh Amenhotep III's wife Telika-Ventiu, who supposedly lived about 3300 years ago.
She discovers that the planet had been attacked by General Scales and his SharpClaw army, and is persuaded by a wounded EarthWalker in the Palace to help by collecting all of the Krazoa Spirits and returning them to the palace, which would supposedly tilt the war in the dinosaurs ' favor and stop Scales.
She had been Consort Li, an imperial concubine of Emperor Zhenzong's, before falling out of favor for supposedly giving birth to a bloody dead Chinese wild cat.
She thanks him, and reaches for her purse, but this supposedly universal gesture indicating " tip " seems foreign to him ; he walks away.

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