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Page "adventure" ¶ 430
from Brown Corpus
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She and won't
She said without turning her head, `` After that rain beating in atop the dust, there isn't a thing that won't be streaked ''.
She remarked to a journalist, " I've cast myself as Scarlett O ' Hara "; and The Observer film critic C. A. Lejeune recalled a conversation of the same period in which Leigh " stunned us all " with the assertion that Olivier " won't play Rhett Butler, but I shall play Scarlett O ' Hara.
She declared, " The children won't go without me.
She then orders him to drink a second time, but Sinfjötli won't and Sigmund drinks it again.
She won't live here.
She won't take anything from Roger because he is a mobster.
She told him, in tears, " I will go with you, but I won't leave you.
She won't do any promotion with me.
She eventually confesses that, if she goes back to San Francisco, there is ' a man there who won't let her go straight ', which is what she wants to do.
* " She is so strong you won't believe it!
She even goes so far as to tell Dimmesdale that their sin has been paid for by their daily penance and that their sin won't keep them from getting to heaven, however, the Puritans believed that such a sin surely condemns.
She, Brat and Poor Baby promise they won't tell anyone that he is there: " The Vow.
She just did it backwards and in high heels, " and " When we pay billions for planes that won't fly, billions for tanks that won't fire, and billions for systems that won't work, that old dog won't hunt.
She often replied, " I can't remember " or " I won't say.
She wants Tad to get off the plane but he won't.
She declined USD $ 5. 75 million from the Federal government of the United States saying, " Why spend five million dollars on a system that won't be built?
She learns that while he won't like it, he'll do what needs to be done.
She said, " I won't reveal everything about myself.
A poem entitled " It won't be my fault if I die an Old Maid ", containing the lines " Remember no thought to a girl is so dread / As the terrible one — She may die an Old Maid.
She tells Simon that Mal won't kill him unless he's got no other option.
She becomes the object of a local news and political obsession ; a figure of the media whom all want to know: Will she or won't she have an abortion?

She and change
She had helped him change his mind.
She had reason to change the one she made right after Mr. Meeker's death.
She wished to change much for the children here ''.
She has expressed a variety of views on climate change but has been opposed to legislation reducing emissions.
She suggests this explains the low numbers of black women who participated in the feminist movement in the 1970s, pointing to Louis Harris ' Virginia Slims poll done in 1972 for Philip Morris that she says showed 62 percent of black women supported " efforts to change women's status " and 67 percent " sympathized with the women's rights movement ", compared with 45 and 35 percent of white women ( also Steinem, 1972 ).
She had unearthly beauty and was able to change her form and to pass through solid walls.
She is, however, portrayed as being very hypocritical ; in The Invisible Man ( series 1 ), she has no issues with violating peoples ' privacy when she runs a story using a hidden camera to catch shoplifters in a store change room, but is outraged when a rival network violates her own privacy in the same way when broadcasting a similar story.
She described his Mr Hyde-like change into a growling, uncontrollable beast as something out of a horror movie.
She was a young woman who came to the Ryall's Hotel in Blantyre, where Harold Macmillan was lunching on the homeward leg of his famous ' wind of change ' tour in Cape Town.
She and Billy Strange worked on the arrangement, and it was Sinatra's idea to change from a mid-tempo romp ( as sung in Cher's hit single ) to a ballad.
She claims that Gould — particularly in his popular essays — uses a variety of strategies from literature, political science, and personal anecdotes to substantiate the general pattern of punctuated equilibrium ( long periods of stasis interrupted by rapid, catastrophic change ).
She insists that he did not intend for her to live, nor did he change his mind at the last minute and intend for himself to live.
She suggests that Attac in Sweden was formed by people seeking a new way of organising with flat hierarchy, and with the strongly sensed need of making a change as the driving force.
At around this point there was a change in the style of Lansky's music that made it sound slightly more modern, and 1997 heralded a one-hour computer opera titled Things She Carried, a musical portrait about an unnamed woman in a series of eight movements.
She has met with political and religious leaders, heads of states, diplomats, and leaders on behalf of the deprived to convey the message to those who have the power to bring about political and social change.
She may have owed her change of luck to the physician Jean Fernel, who had noticed slight abnormalities in the couple's sexual organs and advised them how to solve the problem.
She was known to never wear a dress twice and to change outfits anywhere from two to six times a day.
She prophesies that things are not all as they seem and that " a change " is in store for him, but he does not understand her cryptic warning.
She then tried to persuade Paschal to change his vote, but convinced he had a fair shot with John, he and Neleh declined her offer.
She can now judge her parents and Gerald from a new perspective, but the greatest change has been in herself: her social conscience has been awakened and she is aware of her responsibilities.
She was appalled by the conditions she witnessed first-hand in the Manchester workhouse: Pankhurst immediately began to change these conditions, and established herself as a successful voice of reform on the Board of Guardians.
She frankly informs him that, in the interim, " It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily.
She favored authenticity over glamour and was willing to change her own appearance if it suited the character.
She may also have a change of diet, eating only certain foods or not eating as much as she normally would.

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