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Shore and has
Now omitting for a moment some recent developments we can say the Saxon Shore hypothesis of Lappenberg and Kemble has undergone virtual eclipse in this century.
The great increase in the amount of archaeological activity, and therefore information, in the years immediately preceeding and following the Second World War has brought to light data which has changed the complection of the Saxon Shore dispute.
The Halifax metropolitan area has come to dominate peninsular Nova Scotia as a retail and service centre, but that province's industries were spread out from the coal and steel industries of industrial Cape Breton and Pictou counties, the mixed farming of the North Shore and Annapolis Valley, and the fishing industry was primarily focused on the South Shore and Eastern Shore.
Cronenberg has collaborated with composer Howard Shore on all of his films since The Brood ( 1979 ), ( see List of noted film director and composer collaborations ) with the exception of The Dead Zone ( 1983 ), which was scored by Michael Kamen.
Ferry services from Hobart's Eastern Shore into the city were once a common form of public transportation, but with lack of government funding, as well as a lack of interest from the private sector, there has been the demise of a regular commuter ferry service – leaving Hobart's commuters relying solely on travel by automobiles and buses.
The " Shore ", along the Atlantic Coast in the central-east and southeast, has its own natural, residential, and lifestyle characteristics owing to its location by the ocean.
The estuary is one of the few good harbours on West Africa's surf-pounded " Windward Shore " ( Liberia to Senegal ), and also has a good watering spot ; it soon became a favourite destination of European mariners.
Dover has two long distance footpaths: the Saxon Shore Way and the North Downs Way.
Legend has it that Edward's mistress, Jane Shore, intervened on the school's behalf.
Massey University has campuses in the Manawatu at Palmerston North ( sites at Turitea and Hokowhitu ), at Wellington ( in the suburb of Mt Cook ) and on Auckland's North Shore at Albany.
In 1993 the Auckland campus in Albany was created and has grown rapidly in a fast developing part of Auckland's North Shore City.
There is also the Jersey Shore Airport, which only has a grass runway and can only handle light aircraft.
Ocean County has an extensive stretch along the Atlantic Ocean, including the Jersey Shore communities and oceanfront boardwalk resorts of Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant Beach.
Mr. Moody was the author of songs which are today Southern Gospel standards including " Drifting Too Far From the Shore " which has been covered and recorded by such artists as Jerry Garcia, Emmylou Harris, Phil Lesh, Hank Williams and many others.
One of the best-known and most praised of his early efforts, the song remains one of his most popular ballads, and has been described as " the perfect musical study of the Jersey Shore boardwalk culture.
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore serves some 16, 000 girls and has 6, 000
The North Shore landfill is being relocated ; the South Shore landfill has an incinerator but is unfenced.
Bay Point has many public schools such as Riverview Middle School, Rio Vista Elementary School, Shore Acres Elementary School and Bel Air Elementary School.
Federally, East Shore is located in California's 4th congressional district, which has a Cook PVI of R + 11 and is represented by Republican John Doolittle.
Amtrak has two trains that stop in Elkhart: ( Lake Shore Limited and Capital Limited ).
The South Shore Line ( NICTD ) has a station in East Chicago.

Shore and also
We also know that the Saxon Shore as reflected in the Notitia was created as a part of the Theodosian reorganization of Britain ( post A.D. 369 ).
" Swordfishtrombones also introduced instruments such as bagpipes (" Town with No Cheer ") and marimba (" Shore Leave ") to Waits ' repertoire, as well as pump organs, percussion ( sometimes reminiscent of the music of Harry Partch ), horn sections ( often featuring Ralph Carney playing in the style of brass bands or soul music ), experimental guitar, and obsolete instruments ( many of Waits ' albums have featured a damaged, unpredictable Chamberlin, and more recent albums have included the little-used Stroh violin ).
Townley was a professional journalist ; he headed the Long Branch department of both the New York Tribune and the Associated Press and also served as editor of the Asbury Park Shore Press.
The Eastern Shore is also known for its poultry farms, the most well-known of which is Perdue Farms, founded in Salisbury, Maryland.
The city is also the starting point for vehicle trips along Minnesota's famous North Shore.
* Jersey Shore Area School District ( also in Clinton County ) Jersey Shore Bulldogs
( Route 33 eastbound also ascended the bridge approach about halfway before branching off like an exit ramp — a sign with flashing lights read " Hightstown, Shore Points " at the fork ).
Two other largely Hispanic sections of Cathedral City are " the Golden Mile " on Date Palm Drive, from Ramon Road to 30th Avenue and " el Barrio Viejo ," also on Date Palm from Dinah Shore to Gerald Ford Drives.
In 2010, New Preston's main commercial thoroughfare, East Shore Road ( also known as Connecticut Route 45 ), was designated a state scenic road, together with a portion of Route 202 extending northeast from the junction with Route 45 to Rabbit Hill Road.
New London is also served by the Shore Line East commuter railroad, and Providence by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority ( MBTA ) Commuter Rail.
There are two principal roads, Highway AIA ( also known as Ocean Shore Boulevard ), which runs along the Atlantic Ocean, and John Anderson Drive, which runs along the Halifax River.
EasyGo Lake Transit customers can also use this route to transfer to the East Chicago South Shore Line ( NICTD ) station and the Hammond – Whiting Amtrak station.
Stern has also shot photographs for WHIRL magazine and the North Shore Animal League.
Eden is also served by the commuter bus service of the lower Eastern Shore, Shore Transit.
Amtrak service can also be found in Pittsfield, along the east-west Lake Shore Line.
Emergency services are also provided by the town, with patients taken to the South Shore Hospital in Weymouth.
The fire department also has its own ambulance service, which brings emergency cases to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth or Brockton Hospital in Brockton.
The town also lies along the Lake Shore Limited route of Amtrak's rail service between Worcester and Springfield, though there is no stop between the two cities.
It was also a station on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway.
Although Yukon Snowmobile Trail and Brimson Snowmobile Trail are also great ways to get out and see the North Shore. If snowmbiling is not your thing, the Erkki Harju Ski Trail offers a great alternative for all nature lovers.
Hamilton is also close to most points along the Jersey Shore.

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