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Shortly and after
Shortly after the `` Vale '' incident, a rift began to develop between William Woodruff and Governor Pope.
Shortly after this study ended septic conditions resulted which required the addition of sodium nitrate.
Shortly after the beginning of Sherman's Georgia campaign, an ailing Yank wrote his homefolk: `` the surgeon insisted on sending me to the hospital for treatment.
Shortly after the Chief Executive returned to Washington in midmorning from Hyannis Port, Mass., a White House spokesman said the address text still had `` quite a way to go '' toward completion.
Shortly after, Freddy had his usual proliferation of bold ideas.
Shortly after Lee's surrender, a general had asked Lincoln how the defeated Confederates should be treated, and Lincoln replied, " Let ' em up easy.
Shortly after, 18 British Army soldiers are killed in an ambush near Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland ( see Warrenpoint ambush ).
Shortly after Thomson's discovery, Hantaro Nagaoka, a Japanese physicist, predicted a different model for electronic structure.
Shortly after, in 1913, Rutherford's postdoctoral student Niels Bohr proposed a new model of the atom, wherein electrons orbited the nucleus with classical periods, but were only permitted to have discrete values of angular momentum, quantized in units h / 2π.
Shortly after Lincoln's death, Gen. William T. Sherman reported he had, without consulting Washington, reached an armistice agreement with Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, an agreement which was unacceptable to the President and outraged Stanton, since it made no provision for emancipation of slaves or freedmen's rights.
Shortly after the team published its first results in 1940, Fleming telephoned Howard Florey, Chain's head of department, to say that he would be visiting within the next few days.
Shortly after waking up on the morning of flight day six three and a half minutes early, Young and Duke discussed with mission control in Houston the day's timeline of events.
Shortly after its inception, Athens began to use the League's navy for its own purposes.
Shortly after Gildas's time the Anglo-Saxon advance was resumed, and by the late 6th century nearly all of southern England was under the control of the continental invaders.
Shortly after this success Joseph II had Mozart and Salieri each contribute a one-act opera and / or singspiel for production at a banquet in 1786.
Shortly after the Thomas confirmation hearings, President George H. W. Bush dropped his opposition to a bill giving harassment victims the right to seek federal damage awards, back pay and reinstatement, and the law was passed by Congress.
Shortly after World War II, the first general purpose computers became available.
Shortly after sailing, an armistice was concluded between Great Britain and Spain.
Shortly after establishing the settlement at Port Jackson, on 15 February 1788, Phillip sent Lieutenant Philip Gidley King with 8 free men and a number of convicts to establish the second British colony in the Pacific at Norfolk Island.
Shortly after Napoleon became First Consul and then emperor, using the office to spread the revolution throughout Europe.
Shortly after the death of his father Dom Pedro declared that he had married Inês in a prior secret ceremony in Bragança, promptly taking revenge on the killers in a very gruesome manner and exhumed her body.
Shortly after taking office, Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 on February 5, which required large employers to allow employees to take unpaid leave for pregnancy or a serious medical condition.
Shortly after the storming of the Bastille, on 4 August feudalism was abolished and on 26 August, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen proclaimed.
Shortly after, Hanlin changed the white tapioca balls to the black version that is seen most today.
Shortly after Marlborough landed in the Dutch Republic on 14 April, news arrived of major Allied setbacks in the wider war.

Shortly and Constantius
Shortly thereafter, however, Constantine's son, the new Roman Emperor Constantius II, renewed the order for Athanasius ' banishment in 338.

Shortly and promoted
Shortly after his disappearance Thorne was promoted to the rank of Major.
Shortly after production on the first album and TV show began David Cassidy was promoted by Wes Farrell to lead singer.
Shortly after being awarded his wings and being promoted to the rank of Pilot Officer Magee was sent to Britain.
Shortly afterwards he was promoted to the rank of captain.
Shortly afterwards he was promoted major in the 58th foot.
Shortly after, he was promoted to Major.
Shortly after this he was duly promoted to the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, of which he is still a member.
Shortly after this, No. 3 Commando's commanding officer, Peter Young, was promoted to colonel and left to take command of the 3rd Commando Brigade in Burma.
Shortly after the end of the season, the team announced that hitting coach Tim Doherty had been promoted to manager for the following season, replacing Andy McCauley.
Shortly earlier, on 20 August, Isaev, who had been the Unit Navigator, and then been promoted to Commanding Officer, and with whom Pokryshkin had strong differences, took measures to have Pokryshkin stripped of his Hero of the Soviet Union, expelled from the regiment, and hauled before a tribunal.
Shortly thereafter, Himmler officially named Eicke chief of the Inspektion der Konzentrationslager ( Concentration Camps Inspectorate or CCI ) and promoted him to the rank of SS-Gruppenführer in command of the SS-Wachverbände.
Shortly afterwards, the newly elected Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron, promoted Nick Gibb from within the Education team to shadow Minister for Schools.
Shortly thereafter, he was hired by Paramount to do their trailers, and was eventually promoted to a vice president.
Shortly after the Gulf War, Sanchez was promoted to Colonel and given command of the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division.
Shortly before the 1959 general election, Cliff Michelmore, Tonight ’ s presenter, had a hernia operation and Johnson-Smith was promoted to co-host the show for six weeks.
Shortly before the death of King Frederick the Great he was promoted to the rank of major general and appointed chief of a regiment.
Shortly after being promoted to Field Marshal, von Reichenau died in an aircraft accident while being transported to a hospital after a heart attack in January 1942.
Shortly thereafter he was promoted to manager of sister station KRSD-TV, the NBC affiliate in Rapid City.
Shortly following the announcement of her resignation was the news that her division, Gas and Power, would be absorbed into the new management structure being promoted by new Chief Executive Peter Voser.
Shortly afterwards he was promoted to corporal and then lance-sergeant.
Shortly afterwards, Grant was promoted to second lieutenant and traveled to Cambridge in England for officer training in October 1918.
Shortly after the end of Lea's Senate term, the U. S. entered World War I. Lea volunteered and was commissioned as an artillery officer, serving in Europe, where he was promoted to the rank of colonel.
Shortly thereafter he became Inspector of the Armored Troops in the Home Army, awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and promoted to Lieutenant General.
Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

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