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Shortly and before
Shortly before nine I drove my jalopy to the street facing the Lake and parked the car in shadows far enough away from the rendezvous corner but near enough to keep the corner in clear view.
Shortly before his nomination he had set forth his basic view about the problem of negotiations with the Soviet leader in these words:
Shortly before his assassination, Lincoln announced he had a new plan for southern Reconstruction.
Shortly before his marriage, for example, his future father-in-law Colonel Joseph May helped him find a job teaching at a school in Boston run by the Society of Free Enquirers, followers of Robert Owen, for a lucrative $ 1, 000 to $ 1, 200 annual salary.
Shortly afterwards Trajan was chosen by Nerva to be his successor, adopted with public fanfare in absentia by the old man shortly before his death.
Shortly before this battle the Spartan navy, of which he had received the supreme command, was totally defeated off Cnidus by a powerful Persian fleet under Conon and Pharnabazus.
Shortly before its final " flowering ", the changes in a single minute of the Blight's life are said to exceed those of 10, 000 years of human civilization.
Shortly before his death, he passed his chair on to John of La Rochelle, setting the precedent for that chair to be held by a Franciscan.
Shortly before the World Cup Charlton was involved in the Bogotá Bracelet incident in which he and Bobby Moore were accused of stealing a bracelet from a jewellery store.
Shortly after 20: 00, a dismasted hulk was spotted drifting in front of Swiftsure and Hallowell initially ordered his men to fire before rescinding the order, concerned for the identity of the strange vessel.
Shortly before his death, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church had given Pasternak the last rites.
Shortly before this, Chaplin and his wife had separated after 18 months of marriage — they were " irreconcilably mismated ", he remembered.
Shortly before 1951, Lewis Fry Richardson, in researching the possible effect of border lengths on the probability of war, noticed that the Portuguese reported their measured border with Spain to be 987 km, but the Spanish reported it as 1214 km.
Shortly before the end of the First World War in 1918, the Croatian Parliament severed relations with Austria-Hungary as the Entente armies defeated those of the Habsburgs.
Shortly before quitting, he moonlighted as a comic book artist, contributing half the artwork for a one-shot comic book ( the other half of the art being done by story partner Jack Hannah ) titled Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.
Shortly before the satellite-linked interview was scheduled to commence, the death of the Spanish dictator General Franco was announced.
Shortly before World War II, he edited two of the earliest periodicals devoted entirely to science fiction, Stirring Science Stories and Cosmic Stories.
Shortly before his death in 2002, he received the ACM PODC Influential Paper Award in distributed computing for his work on self-stabilization of program computation.
Shortly before his death, Mount Palomar's giant reflector Hale Telescope was completed, and Hubble was the first astronomer to use it.
Shortly before leaving he had issued a famous instruction to F. Gaspar Barazeuz who was leaving to go to Ormuz ( a kingdom on an island in the Persian Gulf, now part of Iran ), that he should mix with sinners:
Shortly before Christmas, he left for Kyoto but failed to meet with the Emperor.
Shortly before leaving Florence, as they knew that they would soon have to retreat, the Germans murdered many freedom fighters and political opponents publicly, in streets and squares including the Piazza Santo Spirito.
Shortly before the trial Eiffel had announced his intention to resign from the Board of Directors of the Compagnie des Establissments Eiffel, and did so at a General Meeting held on 14 February, saying " I have absolutely decided to abstain from any participation in any manufacturing business from now on, and so that no one can be misled and to make it most evident that I intend to remain absolutely uninvolved with the management of the establishments which bear my name, I wish to that my name should disappear from the name of the company.
Shortly before the invasion, when fast delivery and secrecy was essential, fast yachts and small vessels were used for special courier services.
Shortly before accepting the offer from Nagoya Grampus Eight, Tottenham had rejected an offer from ambitious Second Division club Blackburn Rovers, who had recently been taken over by steel baron Jack Walker.

Shortly and left
Shortly afterwards, on 22 or 23 August, about 1, 000 soldiers left for Kasai.
Shortly after, claiming to feel creatively uninspired, Alan Myers left the band.
Shortly afterwards, Lang left Germany.
Shortly after, he left school.
Shortly after, what was left of his force was defeated at the Battle of Philiphaugh.
Shortly after Ebbinghaus left Berlin in 1893, Dilthey published a paper extolling the virtues of descriptive psychology, and condemning experimental psychology as boring, claiming that the mind was too complex, and that introspection was the desired method of studying the mind.
Shortly after Bernard Montgomery had been appointed to command II Corps, Alexander was, while still on the beachhead, placed in command of I Corps, and left the beach on the last destroyer on 3 June after ensuring that all British troops had been evacuated.
Shortly after its publication, he left Basel for Ferrara, Italy, where he briefly served as secretary to Princess Renée of France.
Shortly after Sabah's death, in 1766, the al-Khalifa and, soon after, the al-Jalahima, left Kuwait en masse for Zubara in Qatar.
Shortly afterwards he painted three frescoes with scenes from the life of Saint Francis above the left door of the Santa Trinita church.
Shortly afterwards the Stranglers left EMI.
Shortly after this release, the band left San Mateo and relocated to San Francisco.
Shortly after Arafat left the meeting, Orabi was thrown out the window of a three-story building and Syrian police loyal to Hafez al-Assad ( Assad and Orabi were " close friends ") suspected Arafat was involved in the incident.
Shortly after the death of his uncle ( who left him as his universal heir ), Henry IV returned to Wroclaw, where he found himself under the direct care of one of the closest advisers of his late father, Simon Gallicusa.
Shortly afterward, she left to visit her brother, King George I of Greece, in Corfu.
Shortly after, Bertolucci left the University without graduating.
Shortly into the replay at Old Trafford, his left knee was badly injured after a challenge from Leeds ' Mick Jones.
Shortly after Tecumseh left the Southeast, the sign arrived as promised in the form of an earthquake.
Shortly after his acquittal in 1875, Muybridge left the United States on a previously planned 9-month photography trip to Central America, as a " working exile ".
Shortly after beginning his training Komarov was hospitalised for a minor operation in May 1960, which left him medically unfit for physical training for approximately 6 months.
Shortly after 7: 00 am, the 1st Canadian Division captured the left half of its second objective, the Red Line, and moved the 1st Canadian Brigade forward to mount an attack on the remainder.
Shortly after Kapor left VisiCorp, Sachs and he designed and developed an integrated spreadsheet and graphing program.
Shortly thereafter, Kyle Rayner, having imbued with the vast power of Ion after his battle with Oblivion and Alexander Nero funneled the remaining energy left in the sun that was once the immortal Guardians back into the Central Power Battery.
Shortly after the release of The Fatherless and the Widow, Slocum left Love Coma to pursue Sixpence None the Richer full-time.

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