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Sick and wrote
He wrote that his painting The Sick Child ( 1886 ), based on his sister's death, was his first " soul painting ", his first break from Impressionism.
The best known is the hymn entitled “ Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur .” Gellert wrote a few sentimental comedies: Die Betschwester ( The Praying Sister, 1745 ), Die kranke Frau ( The Sick Woman, 1747 ), Das Los in der Lotterie ( 1748 ), and Die zärtlichen Schwestern ( The Affectionate Sisters, 1747 ), the last of which was much admired.
One of the tracks that he wrote during this period with David Lowery, " Sick of Goodbyes ", was recorded by Cracker and appeared on their 1993 album Kerosene Hat.
Gary Sick wrote an editorial for The New York Times and a book ( October Surprise ) on the subject.
He additionally wrote and produced three television pilots that were never aired: North Hollywood, Sick in the Head, and Life on Parole ( with Brent Forrester ).

Sick and October
On 22 August 1853, Nightingale took the post of superintendent at the Institute for the Care of Sick Gentlewomen in Upper Harley Street, London, a position she held until October 1854.
On June 28, 2007, Metallica played the title track for the first time since October 1989, in Lisbon on the first show of their Sick of the Studio ' 07 tour and made it a set-fixture for the remainder of that routing.
During the Second Anglo-Dutch War, beginning 28 October 1664, Evelyn served as one of four Commissioners for taking Care of Sick and Wounded Seamen and for the Care and Treatment of Prisoners of War.
* Booknotes interview with Sick on October Surprise, December 1, 1991.
The book, entitled The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes was published on 20 October 2006 and was made available from both online and real-world bookshops, and claims to offer an " antidote " to political correctness.
She had a part in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and after playing in Evan Almighty, had a bit part in License to Wed. Sykes ' first HBO Comedy Special, entitled Wanda Sykes: Sick & Tired, premiered on October 14, 2006 ; it was nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award.
* Booknotes interview with Gary Sick on October Surprise, December 1, 1991.
In October 1813, a Society for the Visitation of the Sick and for Mutual Assistance was organized, with Jacob Cohen as its first president.
On October 19, 2004, Full Blown Chaos released Wake the Demons and have since toured with such acts as Hatebreed, Terror, Sick of It All, Madball, Himsa, Napalm Death and many others.

Sick and 1980
* Alexander, Gary T. ( 1980 ) William James, the Sick Soul, and the Negative Dimensions of Consciousness: A Partial Critique of Transpersonal Psychology.
Sick was a satirical-humor magazine published from 1960 to 1980, lasting 134 issues.
The Toronto Hospital Murders were the poisoning deaths of babies at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children between June 1980 and March 1981.

Sick and officials
Like the Newsweek investigation they had also debunked the claims of Reagan election campaign officials being in Paris during the timeframe Sick claimed they had been, contradicting Sick ’ s sources.
In his book American Dynasty, although Phillips concedes that many of the specific allegations were proven false, he also argues that in his opinion, Reagan campaign officials " probably " were involved in a scheme " akin to " the specific scheme alleged by Sick.

Sick and presidential
During the 2004 United States presidential election, artists and bands including Brian Baker, Jello Biafra, Mike Watt, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Circle Jerks, Ensign, Sick of It All, The Unseen, Western Addiction, and Youth Brigade involved themselves with the anti-Bush political activist group Punkvoter.

Sick and campaign
In 2000 Video Ezy launched its Fight Back campaign, using slogans such as " Sick of low interest rates?
* “ Let ’ s Help Sick Children To Make Their Dreams Come True ”, the first campaign by the Society, as a result of which the Foundation was founded.
* World Day of the Sick – nationwide campaign to distribute 10, 000 copies of a book entitled Lulie ’ s Big Journey to children who were in hospital that day ( February 2005 )
Nevertheless, several individuals — most notably former Iranian President Abulhassan Banisadr, former Naval intelligence officer and National Security Council member Gary Sick ; and former Reagan / Bush campaign and White House staffer Barbara Honegger — have stood by the allegation.

Sick and including
Seventy-one of the paintings previously taken by the Nazis had found their way back to Norway through purchase by collectors ( the other eleven were never recovered ), including The Scream and The Sick Child, and they too were hidden from the Nazis.
Numerous other new agencies also targeted the medical and morale needs of soldiers, including the United States Christian Commission as well as smaller private agencies such as the Women's Central Association of Relief for Sick and Wounded in the Army ( WCAR ) founded in 1861 by Henry Whitney Bellows, and Dorothea Dix.
She featured in the films Felicia's Journey, Sea Sick and Mersinias, and has had numerous theatre roles, including work for the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.
There are also several " unofficial " rituals that are celebrated within the context of E. G. C., including Weddings, Visitation and Administration of the Virtues to the Sick, Exorcism, and Rites for Life and Greater Feasts.
The novel alternates between episodes featuring Benny, Stencil and other members of the Whole Sick Crew ( including Profane's sidekick Pig Bodine ) in 1956 ( with a few minor flashbacks ), and a generation-spanning plot which comprises Stencil's attempts to unravel the clues he believes will lead him to " V ." ( or to the various incarnations thereof ).
Additional murals, completed by Orozco in 1924-6, are " painted on the walls and rising overheads of the ground floor ," including Aboriginal Races, Franciscans Helping the Sick, and Cortés and Malinche.
This illustration has been featured on several albums including Morbid Angel's Blessed are the Sick LP, Coil's ' Wrong Eye / Scope ' single, Cloven Hoof's 2008 album The Definitive Part One, a 1981 Black Sabbath bootleg LP entitled Buer Album, and the EP Evoco Bestias by the Norwegian avant-garde metal group Fleurety.
It featured a number of bands on " Mutha Records " including Chronic Sick, Public Disturbance, Fatal rage, The Worst, Dirge and other local bands-Mutha made " the Hot Dog House " in Asbury Park their home base.
The University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry is also affiliated with a number of Toronto's teaching hospital dental units, including the Hospital for Sick Children, Mount Sinai Hospital, Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Science Centre, the University Health Network and Bloorview Kids Rehab http :// www. bloorview. ca /.
She has served on numerous organizations and Boards including the National Black Coalition of Canada, the Board of Governors of York University, the Board of Trustees for The Hospital for Sick Children, the Board of Directors of the Donwood Institute, the Board of Harbourfront and Chair of the Metro Toronto Housing Authority.
Numerous other new agencies also targeted the medical and morale needs of soldiers, including the United States Christian Commission as well as smaller private agencies such as the Women's Central Association of Relief for Sick and Wounded in the Army ( WCAR ) founded in 1861 by Henry Whitney Bellows, a Unitarian minister, and social reformer Dorothea Dix.
Most notably, the business leaders of Greater Seattle Inc., including its president George Gunn and vice-presidents R. C. “ Torchy ” Torrance, William Street and Erving Rable who combined in April of 1950 with the Seattle Salts led by Jerry Bryant and a committee that included Leo Weisfield, Emil G. Sick, R. J. Lamont and Henry Broderick.
Zaloom has also written, designed and performed eleven full length one-man shows, including Fruit of Zaloom, Sick But True, Mighty Nice, and The Mother of All Enemies, the latter a shadow-puppet show featuring traditional Mid-west Asian comic puppet character Karagoz.
There was also an English section and 13 other language sections including the Hungarian Workmen's Sick, Benevolent, and Educational Federation ; the Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union ; the Carpatho-Russian National Society ; the ( Spanish ) Cervantes Society Mutualista Obrera Puertorriqueña ; the ( Italian ) Garibaldi American Fraternal Society ; the Hellenic-American Brotherhood ; the Serbian-American Federation ; the Russian American Mutual Aid Society ; the Slovak Workers Society ; the Polonia Society ; the Rumanian American Fraternal Society ; the Czech Workers Society and the Finnish American Mutual Aid Society ( descended from the Finnish Socialist Federation ).
Many noted health professionals including Dr. Otis Brawley ( author of " How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick In America ", and currently ( as of August 2012 ) both chief medical officer and executive vice president of the American Cancer Society ) have expressed the view that this improvement in efficacy is due to the dose of esomeprazole recommended for therapy rather than any inherent superiority of esomeprazole.
Nunley is also a seasoned tour manager and has managed many bands including The Suicide Machines, Sick Of It All, Reverend Horton Heat and Blueprint 76.
Pure or scented olive oil, although typically not called chrism today, has been called chrism in the past, including oil used by Protestants in some forms of Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick and foot washing.
Papantonio has written several books, including Resurrecting Aesop: Fables Lawyers Should Remember, Clarence Darrow, the Journeyman, and In Search of Atticus Finch, A Motivational Book for Lawyers, as well as Defenses You Can Count on in an Asbestosis Case and How to Prove a Sick Building Case.
Bands from around the world have performed in Singapore, including the Canadian Comeback Kid, American hardcore punk bands Sick of It All, youth crew group Bold, Boston hardcore band Bane, Death Before Dishonour & straight-edge group Have Heart, Cruel Hand, Terror and First Blood originating from Los Angeles.
Mark Owen composed a short opera, " Teeko " for tenor, chorus, and piano, based on the game, including memorable and rousing songs such as " Teeko is Rapidly Sweeping the World " and " Why do you Recommend Teeko for the Sick?
Several of Radar's early releases ( including Iggy Pop and James Williamson's Kill City, National Lampoon's That's Not Funny, That's Sick !, The Good Rats ' From Rats to Riches and Pezband's Laughing in the Dark ) were licensed from independent American labels.
The short animated film screened at several film festivals, including Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation in the United States.
Sopinka was involved with several high profile cases including acting on behalf of Susan Nelles when she sued the government of Ontario and the Toronto police for malicious prosecution after the withdrawal of charges against her for murdering babies at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

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