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Similar and material
Similar material is used to protect cockpits of some military airplanes, because of the low weight of the material.
Similar to the English expressions are the Spanish words derecho adjectivo and derecho material or derecho sustancial / sustantivo, as well as the Portuguese terms for them, direito adjetivo and direito substantivo.
Similar material has surfaced in 4th Edition rulebooks, as the Dungeon Master Guide 2 includes a section on Sigil.
Similar material as in People in Quandaries but considerably briefer.
* HD-35: Similar material and style to the HD-28, but has a distinctive 3-piece solid East Indian Rosewood back and 1 / 4 " scalloped braces.
Similar to Original Oratory, Oratorical differs in that the speeches performed must be published material, not original material.
Similar assays allows to monitor glucose levels in fermentation, bioreactors, and to control glucose in vegetal raw material and food products.
Similar to cryoprotectants, some molecules protect freeze-dried material.
Similar to the more common and well known chemical PCB etch process, the PCB milling process is subtractive: material is removed to create the electrical isolation and ground planes required.
Similar material has also been published in the Star Trek Fact Files and the Star Trek Magazine.
Similar in many respects to the Criterion Collection, releases by Kino are usually restored versions with substantial supplementary material.
Similar material was also identified in other heat exchangers, and no additional cracks of structural significance were revealed during comprehensive inspections.
Similar ecosystems exist when other large volumes of nutrient-rich material fall to the sea floor.
Similar to Season One, it featured live sets containing songs from Rump Shaker through to new, unreleased material, music videos and extra videos from the band.
Similar to ethanol, compatible material for fuel tanks, gasket and engine intake have to be used.
With its detailed research and fascinating interview material, Timeless Flight Revisited is a compelling portrait of collective turmoil, peopled by characters who win our sympathy at the same time as they earn our disbelief .”, Similar accolades were forthcoming from Billboard, Time Out and Q Magazine (" This is, at least, the best biography of a group ever written ").
Similar effects can be observed by applying only mechanical stresses ( e. g. bending ) to the material placed in the detecting coil.
Similar complaints of inaccuracy were made regarding the Technical Manual, but Joseph's own recollections and explanations ( at conventions in the years prior to his death in 1994 ) cite the errors as being the result of the source material he was forced to use: individual frames from the shows themselves.
Similar to the yellow cable, the black cable is also produced using various jacket material to address the specific needs of the application.

Similar and is
Similar to shark fin soup or bird's nest soup, it is considered a luxury item, and is traditionally reserved for special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.
Similar to the above, a Bahamian moor is used to sharply limit the swing range of a vessel, but allows it to swing to a current.
Similar to the view of Leopold Kronecker that " God made the integers ; all else is the work of man ," musicians drawn to the alphorn and other instruments that sound the natural harmonics, such as the natural horn, consider the notes of the natural harmonic series — particularly the 7th and 11th harmonics — to be God's Notes, the remainder of the chromatic scale enabled by keys, valves, slides and other methods of changing the qualities of the simple open pipe being an artifact of mere mortals.
Similar to the United States, there is a wide range of the type of Assault that can occur.
Similar to red-black trees, AVL trees are in general not weight-balanced, that is sibling nodes can have hugely differing numbers of descendants.
Similar evidence is given by the Historia Brittonum.
Similar objections are voiced by Harvey who comments that there is a " strong and ancient tradition " that the presence of an ordained man is necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist.
Similar to the whiff test, the test for clue cells is performed by placing a drop of sodium chloride solution on a slide containing vaginal discharge.
Similar regulations are in place in Germany, where anyone who has spent six months or more living in the UK between January 1980 and December 1996 is permanently banned from donating blood.
Similar to spelling-out numbers in English ( e. g., " one thousand nine hundred forty-five "), it is not an independent system per se.
** Remote plasma-enhanced CVD ( RPECVD ) – Similar to PECVD except that the wafer substrate is not directly in the plasma discharge region.
Similar procedures for serving an order first is also used at the Tax Court.
Similar plant communities are found in the four other Mediterranean climate regions around the world, including the Mediterranean Basin ( where it is known as maquis ), central Chile ( where it is called matorral ), South African Cape Region ( known there as fynbos ), and in Western and Southern Australia.
Similar objects found later were often called " QB1-o's ", or " cubewanos ", after this object, though the term " classical " is much more frequently used in the scientific literature.
Similar to the cities of Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Waterford — Dublin is administered separately from its respective County with its own City Council.
Similar supports likewise can serve both: painting generally involves the application of liquid paint onto prepared canvas or panels, but sometimes an underdrawing is drawn first on that same support.
Garden door Similar to a French door ; the hinge is next to the adjacent fixed door and the latch is located at the wall opening jamb.
Similar to other functional programming languages, the result of a function is the value of the last expression evaluated — there is no explicit “ return ” statement.
Similar services may also be provided at the embassy ( to serve the region of the capital ) in what is sometimes called a consular section.

Similar and found
Similar comments about officers are to be found in the letters of Northern soldiers.
Similar words are found in Korean and Vietnamese.
Similar small shrines, called naiskoi, are found in Greek religion, but their use was strictly religious.
Similar examples may be found in Irish poet William Butler Yeats ' poem The Wild Swans at Coole where the maturing season that the poet observes symbolically represents his own ageing self.
Similar stories of wildmen are found on every continent except Antarctica.
Similar creatures are also found in Welsh, Norse and American folklore, such as aos sí (" tumulus folk ").
This particular ecological niche buffered them from extinction .< ref > Similar, but more complex patterns have been found in the oceans.
Similar to the COO found in for profit organizations.
In stream communities few animal groups became extinct because stream communities rely less directly on food from living plants and more on detritus that washes in from land, buffering them from extinction .< ref > Similar, but more complex patterns have been found in the oceans.
Similar plant and animal fossils are found around different continent shores, suggesting that they were once joined.
Similar reservations about the use of creeds can be found in the Restoration Movement and its descendants, the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ), the Churches of Christ, and the Christian churches and churches of Christ.
Similar tales of appearances in the sky at critical moments, particularly of crosses, can be found all over Europe.
: Similar estimates can be found for the weights of the other items.
Similar results have been found in other jurisdictions.
Similar results are found in samples of gas obtained from within the rectum.
* Moving / Travelling: Similar to a traditional geocache, this variation is found at a listed set of coordinates.
Similar passages are also found in the Bei-Shi and the Zhou-Shu.
Similar etymologies are found in Ancient Greek Ἀνατολή ( cf.
Similar observations on incompetence can be found in the Dilbert cartoon series ( such as The Dilbert Principle ), the movie Office Space, and television shows the BBC's The Office or NBC's Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock.
Similar ideas can be found in other cultures, for example in China, where a concept often translated as " race " was associated with supposed common descent from the Yellow Emperor, and used to stress the unity of ethnic groups in China.
Similar results were found in another study utilizing the video game Alpine Racer 2.
Similar acoustics effects are also found in the Earth's atmosphere.
Similar evidence has been found for pedestrian stops, with identical ratios of stops to arrests for different races.

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