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Similarly and God's
Similarly, the Hebrew Bible relates how, at the time Phineas son of Eleazar appeased God's anger, he merited the divine blessing of God:.

Similarly and Children
Similarly, the " Who Controls Our Children " campaign in Pennsylvania claimed that an OBE reform effort was part of a federal program that was " stressing values over academic content, and holding students accountable for goals that are so vague and fuzzy they can't be assessed at all.
Similarly, actress Robin Christopher resurrected her All My Children character Skye Chandler as a One Life to Live vixen, before taking the same character to General Hospital.
Similarly, the self-conscious narrator in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children parallels the creation of his book to the creation of chutney and the creation of independent India.

Similarly and both
Similarly, both types of antibodies were found in three regions of the chromatographic eluate, having extremely low, low, and high anionic binding capacity, respectively ( Fig. 3 ).
Similarly, many of both Sancho's adventures in Part II and proverbs throughout are taken from popular Spanish and Italian folklore.
Similarly, the Covenant Code ( the law code in Exodus 20: 22-23: 33 ) has notable similarities in both content and structure with the Laws of Hammurabi.
Similarly, the Ainu language consistently does not distinguish between " be " and " become "; thus ne means both " be " and " become ", and pirka means " good ", " be good ", and " become good " equally.
Similarly but looking at phenotypic IQ, Meisenberg has argued that both higher GDP and IQ independently reduce fertility.
', Similarly he suggested to Celia Kirwan that they had both been unfaithful.
Similarly, if one connects two electrical resistors in parallel, one having resistance x ( e. g. 60Ω ) and one having resistance y ( e. g. 40Ω ), then the effect is the same as if one had used two resistors with the same resistance, both equal to the harmonic mean of x and y ( 48Ω ): the equivalent resistance in either case is 24Ω ( one-half of the harmonic mean ).
Similarly, reaction between indium and hydrogen has not been observed, but both indium ( I ) and indium ( III ) hydrides are known.
Similarly, one can sometimes hear the term " nut-nut ", which refers to a hand that makes both the best possible high and low.
Similarly, can be used both to append two lists ( given lists and ) as well as to split a given list into parts (, given a list ).
Similarly, Sun Yat-sen's government wanted a republican constitutional reform, both aiming for the benefit of China's economy and populace.
Similarly, Sondheim insists that performers separately enunciate both " t "' s in line, " There ought to be clowns.
Similarly, UNESCO includes both " oral tradition " and " traditional manifestations " in its definition of a country's cultural properties and heritage.
Similarly, there is a specific reference to both 1985 and 1986 in the past tense, suggesting the events of the novel took place after these dates.
" Similarly, Article I, Section 3, Clause 6 and Article II, Section 4 both authorize the Senate to serve as a court with the power to remove impeached officials from office, given a two-thirds vote to convict.
Similarly, XSLT 2. 0 relies on XPath 2. 0 ; both specifications were published on the same date.
Similarly, Afrikaners ( and Cape Coloureds ), both descendant of mainly Dutch settlers, tend to pronounce English phonemes with a strong Afrikaans inflection.
Similarly, both parts are italicized when a binomial name occurs in normal text.
Similarly, Arizona retains a shall-issue permit process, both for reciprocity purposes and because permit holders are allowed to carry concealed handguns in certain places ( such as bars and restaurants that serve alcohol ) that non-permit holders are not.
Similarly to Keeper of the Flame and Without Love, a lukewarm response from critics did not stop it from being a financial success both at home and abroad.
Similarly, an author who writes both fiction and non-fiction ( such as the mathematician and fantasy writer Charles Dodgson, who wrote as Lewis Carroll ) may use a pseudonym for fiction writing.
" Similarly, historian Victor Davis Hanson believes both armies were roughly the same size, about 30, 000 men.
Similarly, Allan Shivers won the 1952 nominations of both the Democratic and Republican parties in Texas ( and had his name appear on the ballot twice, once for each party ; Democrat Shivers handily defeated Republican Shivers in the general election ).
Similarly, music of the Middle East employs compositions that are rigidly based on a specific mode ( maqam ) often within improvisational contexts, as does Indian classical music in both the Hindustani and the Carnatic systems, gamelans of Java and Bali, and much music in Africa.
Similarly, European visitors to Arabia reported “ tame gazelles are very common in the Asiatic countries of which the species is a native ; and the poetry of these countries abounds in allusions both to the beauty and the gentleness of the gazelle .” Nor are the characteristics described above necessarily barriers to domestication ; for further information, see animal domestication.

Similarly and 1970
Similarly, the books by the equally successful American author Erle Stanley Gardner ( 1889 – 1970 ), creator of the lawyer Perry Mason, which have frequently been adapted for film, radio, and TV, were only recently republished in the United Kingdom — books such as The Case of the Stuttering Bishop ( 1937 ), The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister ( 1953 ), etc.
Similarly, the Georgian Orthodox Church was granted autocephaly ( independent ) in 466 by the Patriarchate of Antioch, the Tewahedo Church of Ethiopia was granted autocephaly by the Coptic pope in 1950, and the Orthodox Church in America was granted autocephaly by the Patriarch of Moscow in 1970.
Similarly, Clarkson wrote and published her own romantic fiction novels: A Lover More Condoling in 1968, and Hunger Trace in 1970.
Similarly, the snail bean Vigna caracalla was discovered in 1753 and in 1970 moved from Phaseolus to Vigna.
Similarly, the so-called Libera docenza existed in Italy until 1970.
Similarly, Boog Powell, the 1970 American League MVP, hit a meager. 178 /. 211 /. 278 against Mickey Lolich over 96 plate appearances and would be substituted, possibly with a hitter like Chico Salmon, who hit a much more acceptable. 300 /. 349 /. 400 against the same pitcher.
Similarly, by 1970 many yachts and sail boats used Topo as a stopover on trans-Atlantic and inter-island voyages.
Similarly, in the first episode of the 1970 Doctor Who serial Spearhead from Space, Liz Shaw dismissively describes UNIT's work as investigating " little blue men with three heads ".

Similarly and ),
Similarly in St Peter: " Christ .. Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you " ( 1 Peter 1: 20 ), and " But the end of all things is at hand " ( 1 Peter 4: 7 ).
Similarly, all output was scrutinized for a Control-D character ( ASCII 4 ), which BASIC programs would send before seemingly PRINTing a disk command to get DOS's attention ( the disk commands would not really get PRINTed but were intercepted by DOS and prevented from making it to the screen output ).
Similarly, in Avery Corman's book The Old Neighborhood ( 1980 ), an upper-middle class white protagonist returns to his birth neighborhood ( Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse ), and learns that even though the folks are poor, Hispanic and African-American, they are good people.
Similarly, given any element y of Y, there is a function f < sub > y </ sub >, or f (·, y ), from X to Z, given by f < sub > y </ sub >( x ) := f ( x, y ).
Similarly, the influences of philosophers such as Sir Francis Bacon ( 1561 – 1626 ) and René Descartes ( 1596 – 1650 ), who demanded more rigor in mathematics and in removing bias from scientific observations, led to a scientific revolution.
Similarly, hospital emergency codes often incorporate colors ( such as the widely used " Code Blue " indicating a cardiac arrest ), although they may also include numbers, and may not conform to a uniform standard.
Similarly, the men of the Mountain Land from north of Kabol-River equivalent to medieval Kohistan ( Pakistan ), figure in the army of Darius III against Alexander at Arbela with a cavalry and fifteen elephants.
Similarly, the design technique has progressed from paper-and-ruler based manual design to computer-aided design, and now to computer-automated design ( CAutoD ), which has been made possible by evolutionary computation.
Similarly, the Wolof in Senegal is divided into three main groups, the geer ( freeborn / nobles ), jaam ( slaves and slave descendants ) and the underclass neeno.
Similarly, some additional assumption is needed besides the Cauchy – Riemann equations ( such as continuity ), as the following example illustrates
" Similarly, in Crash ( 1996 ), people who have been injured in car crashes attempt to view their ordeal as " a fertilizing rather than a destructive event ".
Similarly, demand-and-supply theory predicts a new price-quantity combination from a shift in demand ( as to the figure ), or in supply.
Similarly, an abstraction of a nominal root ( changing it to an adjective and then back to a noun ) requires the suffix-eco, as in infaneco ( childhood ), but an abstraction of an adjectival or verbal root merely requires the nominal-o: belo ( beauty ).
Similarly, it was presented to various government officials, military and diplomatic, in the United States and in Europe ( 1919 – 1920 ), in opposition to the Russian Revolution, and to influence the terms of the peace settlement which resulted in the Treaty of Versailles.
Similarly for p ( 2 ), the set of limit points of p ( 1 ), and so on.
Similarly, gnomes are contrasted to elves, as in William Cullen Bryant's Little People of the Snow ( 1877 ), which has " let us have a tale of elves that ride by night, with jingling reins, or gnomes of the mine " ( cited after OED ).
Similarly, a bomber wing was a Kampfgeschwader ( KG ), a night fighter wing was a Nachtjagdgeschwader ( NJG ), a dive-bomber wing was a Stukageschwader ( StG ), and units equivalent to those in RAF Coastal Command, with specific responsibilities for coastal patrols and search and rescue duties, were Küstenfliegergruppen (. Fl.
Similarly, in the Hebrew calendar ( a lunisolar calendar ), Adar Aleph, a 13th lunar month is added seven times every 19 years to the twelve lunar months in its common years to keep its calendar year from drifting through the seasons too rapidly.
Similarly, there are even more ephemeral mushrooms, like Parasola plicatilis ( formerly Coprinus plicatlis ), that literally appear overnight and may disappear by late afternoon on a hot day after rainfall.
Similarly, the ace of the 1986 team, Dwight Gooden, threw his no-hitter for the Yankees ( in 1996 ), and David Cone, who starred for the Mets from 1987 – 1992, threw a perfect game later in his career, also as a Yankee.

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