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Similarly and #
Similarly, Microsoft announced Language Integrated Query ( LINQ ) and DLINQ, an implementation of LINQ, in September 2005, to provide close, language-integrated database query capabilities with its programming languages C # and VB. NET 9.
# Similarly, pleasure's opposite − pain − is universally avoided, which provides additional support for the idea that pleasure is universally considered good.
Similarly, M was a one-hit wonder in the U. S. with the 1979 # 1 pop hit " Pop Muzik ," but in the UK, where the original " Pop Muzik " hit # 2, the improbably titled " Moonlight & Muzak " made it to # 33, a re-mix of " Pop Muzik " hit # 15 in 1989 and two other singles (" That's the Way the Money Goes " and " Official Secrets ") charted, albeit missing the UK top 40.
Similarly, Creedence Clearwater Revival's " Fortunate Son " and " Down On The Corner " accrue enough combined points to reach # 3 three weeks later.
# Similarly, any poset P may be regarded as an abstract category with a unique arrow x → y whenever x ≤ y.
# Similarly the distance between the navel center to the right toe is measured.
# Similarly, for an n-torus,
# Similarly, the results of the investigation, in a section usually called " Results ", data should be presented in tabular or graphic form ( image, chart, schematic, diagram or drawing ).
# Similarly add 7 + 5 =
Similarly, processor # 1's load operations may be executed out-of-order and it is possible for to be read before is checked, and again the print statement might therefore print an unexpected value.
# Similarly, leaks can form at joints in prefabricated components.
# Similarly these links display the next or previous page of edits ( newer n / older n ).
# Similarly, clicking the Remove button in the Add or Remove Programs panel runs a product's uninstaller with a basic user interface, again with the result that any actions that occur in the user interface sequence will not be performed.
Similarly, Firestar first appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends # 1, which adapted the first episode of the TV series.
# Similarly, when the isolani is on the third or fourth rank, such that the square ahead of it is on the fourth or fifth rank ( i. e., d4 or d5 respectively for White and the reverse for Black ), the absence of adjoining pawns prevents the player from attacking or defending that square with pawns.
" Similarly, in 2004 ESPN. com released a list of the Top 100 Simpsons sport moments, ranking the entire episode at # 2, saying " Greatest sports introduction ever: In the Tatum fight, Homer is introduced as the Brick Hithouse ( and is also known as the Southern Dandy ), and his walk-to-the-ring music is ' Why Can't We Be Friends?
http :// www. e-theca. net / emiliopanella / lector12. htm Accessed May 9, 2011 ; See also Rome Across Time and Space: Cultural Transmission and the Exchange of Ideas, 2011, p. 275. http :// books. google. com / books? id = xGiHbiqknLgC & pg = PA275 & lpg = PA275 & dq =% 22 # v = onepage & q & f = false Accessed 7-10-2011 </ ref > Similarly Nicholas Brunacci a former student of Aquinas at the Santa Sabina studium and at the University of Paris later was lector at Santa Sabina and served in the papal curia.
Similarly, the reflexive transitive symmetric closure of, denoted ( see abstract rewriting system # Basic notions ), is a congruence, meaning it is an equivalence relation ( by definition ) and it is also compatible with string concatenation.
Similarly, one cannot just substitute Prague powder # 1 in place of Morton's Tenderquick.

Similarly and 48
Similarly a Roper poll from 2002 found 56 % thought UFOs to be real and 48 % thought they had visited Earth.
Similarly the BCS of a cube consists of 48 tetrahedra, each of them associated to a sequence of nested elements — a vertex, an edge, a face, and the whole cube.
Similarly designed to reflect the new music scene of the time in the UK, it is now seen as the birth of indie pop in the UK ( the 2006 extended reissue CD86 is subtitled 48 Tracks from the Birth of Indie Pop ).

Similarly and features
Similarly, Dave Raggett's competing Internet-Draft, " HTML + ( Hypertext Markup Format )", from late 1993, suggested standardizing already-implemented features like tables and fill-out forms.
Similarly, aggression between members of the same sex is sometimes associated with very distinctive features, such as the antlers of stags, which are used in combat with other stags.
Similarly, Henry Holiday's illustrations for the original edition are caricatures with disproportionate heads and unpleasant features, very different from Tenniel's illustrations of Alice.
Similarly, his features were never shown on television as Lloyd's price was high: " I want $ 300, 000 per picture for two showings.
Similarly, the XMPP extensions for publish-subscribe provide many of the same features as the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol.
Similarly, the light glances obliquely on the cheek of the lady-in-waiting near her, but not on her facial features.
Similarly, " Child in Time " features Lord's playing to maximum tonal effect.
Similarly, Vittorio Carpaccio ( 1460 – 1525 ) and Jacopo de ' Barbari ( c. 1440 – before 1516 ) added small trompe-l ' œil features to their paintings, playfully exploring the boundary between image and reality.
Similarly, software designed using newer features of Linux Kernel v2. 6 generally does not run or compile properly ( or at all ) on Linux distributions using Kernel v2. 2 or v2. 4.
Similarly, Pilotwings 64 prominently demonstrates the graphical features of its own console.
Similarly, Joranko Field features permanent seating, a press box, and also contains expanded dugouts, with space for equipment storage, and an enclosed batting cage.
Similarly, the men's lacrosse team features designed from the flag on the jersey shoulders.
Similarly, Kurokawa ’ s architecture features carefully detailed connections and finishes.
Similarly, different tantric features of Yantras have been engraved on the Ratna vedi, where Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are set up.
Similarly, diplomatic transcription attempts to represent by means of a system of editorial signs all features of a manuscript original.
Similarly, Tim O ' Brien's 1990 novel / story collection The Things They Carried, about one platoon's experiences during the Vietnam War, features a character named Tim O ' Brien ; though O ' Brien was a Vietnam veteran, the book is a work of fiction and O ' Brien calls into question the fictionality of the characters and incidents throughout the book.
Similarly, the children of professional migrants from other parts of the U. S. usually do not have many, if any, New York dialect features, and as these two populations come to dominate the southern half of Manhattan and neighboring parts of Brooklyn, the dialect is in retreat in some of the more gentrified parts of the city.
Similarly, the track " Howl " by Florence + The Machine ( from the album Lungs ) features a slightly edited version of the poem in the closing verse.
Similarly, I-85, in central North Carolina, features an inverted median so that an in-median, right-exit rest area can feature a historic bridge.
Similarly, features located in articulated or flexible objects would typically not work if any change in their internal geometry happens between two images in the set being processed.
Similarly, the IKS Gorkon series features Klingon characters drawn from a variety of TNG and DS9 episodes.
Similarly, the caudal part of the concha can project disproportionately, and cause a protruding lower auricular pole, therefore, these deformational features require special attention in the operating room.
Similarly, this hypothesis suggests that women may have evolved to devote more mental resources to remembering locations of food sources in relation to objects and other features in order to gather food.
Similarly, it is possible to add new features to a software-controlled inverter machine if needed, through a software update, rather than through having to buy a more modern welder.

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