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Some Related Sentences

Similarly and all
Similarly in St Peter: " Christ .. Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you " ( 1 Peter 1: 20 ), and " But the end of all things is at hand " ( 1 Peter 4: 7 ).
Similarly, the subset order ⊆ on the subsets of any given set is antisymmetric: given two sets A and B, if every element in A also is in B and every element in B is also in A, then A and B must contain all the same elements and therefore be equal:
Similarly, all output was scrutinized for a Control-D character ( ASCII 4 ), which BASIC programs would send before seemingly PRINTing a disk command to get DOS's attention ( the disk commands would not really get PRINTed but were intercepted by DOS and prevented from making it to the screen output ).
Similarly, and mean that the sum or product is over all prime powers with strictly positive exponent ( so 1 is not counted ):
Similarly, BBC interactive television services all offered a horizontal i-bar along the bottom of television screens, with four colour-coded interactions linked to the four colour buttons on TV remote controls.
Similarly, the set of rational numbers in the closed interval is not compact: the sets of rational numbers in the intervals and cover all the rationals in for but this cover does not have a finite subcover.
Similarly open universities use a blend of technologies and a blend of learning modalities ( face-to-face, distance and hybrid ) all under the rubric of " distance learning.
Similarly, letters of credence may contain the name of the head of state, not the governor-general, even if it is the latter who signs and receives them ; in 2005, Canada, Australia and New Zealand changed their policies and now all letters of credence solely address the governor-general of the relevant nation, not to the sovereign.
Similarly, the 2006-07 celebrations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling were all cancelled on the day, again due to high winds and heavy rain.
Similarly to Leibniz solution, in a real life, we can say the person ( or any macroscopic object ) is the same, because all signs refer to the person ( or object ) in the past, which evolved in time.
Similarly, almost all of the games utilizing the Id tech 2 engine have Linux ports, the only exceptions being those created by Ion Storm.
Similarly, Samuel Pepys in his diary entry for 15 August 1665 records a dream " that I had my Lady Castlemayne in my arms and was admitted to use all the dalliance I desired with her, and then dreamt that this could not be awake, but that it was only a dream ".
Similarly, virtually all members of LAMP have also resigned from the Louisiana Psychological Association ( LPA ) after many LPA members asserted that the LAMP's prescriptive authority movement secretly came to an agreement with Louisiana's medical board to transfer the practice of psychology for psychologists with prescriptive authority to the medical board.
Similarly, the European Union has placed embargoes on Burma, including an arms embargo, cessation of trade preferences, and suspension of all aid with the exception of humanitarian aid.
" Similarly, all level II bubble universes with different physical constants can in effect be found as " worlds " created by " splits " at the moment of spontaneous symmetry breaking in a level III multiverse.
Similarly, the set of all solutions to Einstein's field equations is simpler than a specific solution.
Similarly GABA acts on several different types of receptors, but all of them have effects ( in adult animals, at least ) that are inhibitory.
Similarly, the principal oboe is considered the leader of the woodwind section, and is the player to whom all others tune.
Similarly, the " Who Controls Our Children " campaign in Pennsylvania claimed that an OBE reform effort was part of a federal program that was " stressing values over academic content, and holding students accountable for goals that are so vague and fuzzy they can't be assessed at all.
Similarly, agnostic atheists reject belief in the existence of all deities, while asserting that whether any such entities exist or not is inherently unknowable.
Similarly, cooked and mashed potatoes or potato flour can be used in the Knödel or dumpling eaten with or added to meat dishes all over central and Eastern Europe, but especially in Bavaria and Luxembourg.
Similarly, IBM wanted a single programming language for all users.
Similarly introduced on the last day of the Congressional session four years later, the Act of March 3, 1855 required the prepayment of postage on all mailings.
Similarly to a classical bit where the state of a transistor in a processor, the magnetization of a surface in a hard disk and the presence of current in a cable can all be used to represent bits in the same computer, an eventual quantum computer is likely to use various combinations of qubits in its design.

Similarly and statements
Similarly, incriminating statements made in response to requests for consent to search a vehicle or other property are not considered to be the product of interrogation.
Similarly, statements made while an arrest is in progress before the Miranda warning was given or completed are also generally admissible.
Similarly, the subcontrary relationship is dissolved between the existential statements " some S is P " and " some S is not P ".
Similarly, McKay accepts Gans ' statements that Gans did not prepare the data for his cities experiment himself.
Similarly, when a new corporation is envisioned, its founders will prepare pro forma financial statements for the information of prospective investors.
Similarly, Welles himself made numerous false statements about Oja Kodar in the film.
Similarly, in March 1949, he was the only other CCF caucus member who did not repudiate statements made by St. Clements MLA Wilbert Doneleyko, denouncing the Marshall Plan and plans for an Atlantic Treaty as a new American hegemony.
Similarly to his grandfather Abraham, his prayer lays out an argument, in this case by invoking statements God had made in the past to convince God to aid him.
Similarly Hans Oeschger states that "... Some of ( Jaworowski's ) statements are drastically wrong from the physical point of view ".

Similarly and listed
Similarly, the mailing addresses of schools and businesses located within the township operate the same way, with their addresses being listed in nearby Clinton, Hampton, and Asbury.
In addition, w is traditionally listed after v, although officially it is merely a variant of the latter and can be alphabetized as v. Similarly, š and ž are variants of s and z, but they are often overlooked, as they are only used in some relatively new loanwords and foreign names, and may be replaced with sh and zh, respectively.
Similarly, the American Water Spaniel could be listed in either category.
Similarly, "( 214 ) 748-3647 " is the sequence of digits represented as a United States phone number and is the most common phone number listed on web pages.
Similarly, television news reporters and anchors should not be listed here ; they should be filed in: Category: Canadian television journalists.
Similarly, for companies having their shares listed on American stock exchanges, the fixed assets are required to be stated in accordance with the requirements of US generally accepted accounting principles ( US GAAP ).
Similarly, across that village centre is the listed Catholic Church of our Lady of Consolation and St Francis.

Similarly and below
Similarly, some minor products can be placed below the arrow, often with a minus sign.
Similarly, the source just below the top of the slit will interfere destructively with the source located just below the middle of the slit at the same angle.
Similarly, if the quoted printable transfer encoding ( see below ) is used, the ASCII part of the message will be intelligible to users with non-MIME clients.
Similarly, in linguo-labial consonants the tongue contacts the upper lip with the upper lip actively moving down to meet the tongue ; nonetheless, in this gesture the tongue is conventionally said to be active and the lip passive, if for no other reason than the fact that the parts of the mouth below the vocal tract are typically active, and those above the vocal tract typically passive.
Similarly, at a fixed temperature below the critical temperature, superconducting materials cease to superconduct when an external magnetic field is applied which is greater than the critical magnetic field.
Similarly, for every point below 9 possessed in each of these attributes, the character receives a one-point penalty.
Similarly the Heads of government of ( con ) federal entities below the level of the sovereign state ( often without an actual Head of state, at least under international law ) may also be given an official residence, sometimes used as an opportunity to display its aspirations of statehood.
Similarly, variable composition within the Earth's interior which has not yet achieved maximal stability and minimal energy ( in other words, with densest parts deepest ) continues to cause a fraction of the convection of fluid rock and molten metal within the Earth's interior ( see below ).
Similarly, many other operations that are carried out on polynomials can be extended to the formal power series setting, as explained below.
Similarly, their lower range may extend a few notes below the C < sub > 3 </ sub >.
Similarly, a short position in a futures contract means the holder of the position has an obligation to sell the underlying asset later at a given price ; if the price falls below the given price, the person with the short position can buy the asset at the lower price and sell it under the future at the higher price.
Similarly, guidelines for diagnosing prolactin deficiency ( hypoprolactinemia ) are defined as prolatin levels below 3 µg / L in women, and 5 µg / L in men.
Similarly, the protective projection of the drive casing, below the rotational axis of the propeller of an outboard motor is another form of the skeg.
Similarly an interest rate floor is a derivative contract in which the buyer receives payments at the end of each period in which the interest rate is below the agreed strike price.
Similarly, as the pressure in the right ventricle falls below the pressure in the pulmonary artery, the pulmonary ( outlet ) valve closes.
Similarly, the multiplicative group of adeles, called the group of ideles, is a locally compact group with respect to its topology defined below.
Similarly, the quantum group U < sub > q </ sub >( G ) can be regarded as an algebra over the field Q ( q ), the field of all rational functions of an indeterminate q over Q ( see below in the section on quantum groups at q
Similarly, local government entities below state level may maintain parks, e. g. regional parks or county parks.
Similarly, some maps of Philadelphia simply label most of the northwestern part of the city below Fairmount Park as " Roxborough / Manayunk ".
Similarly, liquid solutions slightly below the solvent freezing point become stable meaning that the freezing point decreases.
Similarly, in a startup company formed as a corporation, employees may receive stock or stock options, becoming thus part-owners of the firm, in return for accepting salaries that are below their respective market values ( this includes zero wages ).
Similarly, paying out 1 unit of the foreign currency if the spot at maturity is above or below the strike is exactly like an asset-or nothing call and put respectively.
Similarly, a two-year coupon bond will have Macaulay duration somewhat below 2 years, and modified duration somewhat below 2 %.

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