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Similarly and governmental
Similarly she has been given the lead stage in society works, in governmental organizations, and for ruling the nation is also mentioned in Vedas.
" Similarly, the fear of youth has been identified as the driving factor behind many governmental programs designed to combat so-called " youth violence ," in which the actions of few youth are attributed to the population of youth in general.

Similarly and policies
Similarly, letters of credence may contain the name of the head of state, not the governor-general, even if it is the latter who signs and receives them ; in 2005, Canada, Australia and New Zealand changed their policies and now all letters of credence solely address the governor-general of the relevant nation, not to the sovereign.
Similarly, low interest rate policies by the U. S. Federal Reserve in the 2001-2004 are believed to have exacerbated housing and commodities bubbles.
Similarly, private networks can promote the policies of their owners and suppress other viewpoints, alleging it is in the public interest.
Similarly, the social policies ranged from the conservatism of the likes of Christine Boutin, famously opposed to civil unions for homosexuals, to more socially progressive policies.
Similarly, MITI was forced to liberalize import policies, despite its traditional protectionist focus.
Similarly the Italian Autonomia movement, and the German Autonomen engaged in urban political violence, but not as urban guerrillas due to their policies of public, mass and non-deadly violence.
Similarly, a PPS must not appear as a representative for any special policies.
Similarly to the worldwide Maoist movement, this strain of New Leftists are against the Chinese government's policy of " openness " and economic reforms ; correspondingly, they do not consider Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward to have been wrong-headed in an ideological sense, even if they do oppose the actual outcomes and on-the-ground policies of those early experiments.
Similarly, when a new prime minister enters office from the same party as the previous one, he or she might appoint a very different ministry than that of his or her predecessor to reflect a change in policies and priorities ; an example is Gordon Brown's government, formed in 2007 after the departure of Tony Blair.
Similarly Medicaid has its own set of policies which are slightly more complex than Medicare.
Similarly, in 1860, former Democratic President Martin Van Buren ended up supporting Abraham Lincoln due to Van Buren's disagreements with Democratic policies on secession.
Similarly, much of the economic policies driven by the Dutch during the colonial period were subsequently used as a basis for the beginnings of Taiwan ’ s modern international trade ; the beginnings of Taiwan ’ s mercantile history and contemporary economy can be attributed to the port systems that were facilitated during the Dutch Formosa period.
Similarly, most of her financial policies were of dubious effect, although some were welcomed by the locals, such as the adoption of the " Napoleonic Code ", the adoption of the metric system, the introduction of mandatory vaccination against smallpox.
Similarly, if there is an entirely new situation, a return to the policies forming the basic assumptions underpinning potentially relevant rules of law, identifies the best guidelines for resolving the immediate dispute.
" Similarly, Army Major Merrill Moore called for policies to encourage moderation among soldiers who chose to drink and asserted: " Not alcohol, but the intemperate use of alcohol, is the problem in the Army as well as in civilian life.

Similarly and Egypt
Similarly, Constantius defeated the British usurper Allectus, Maximian pacified the Gauls, and Diocletian crushed the revolt of Domitianus in Egypt.
Similarly the fierce lioness war goddess Sekhmet, became identified as the mother of Maashes in the Upper Egypt.
Similarly, five other scarabs state that the foreign princess who would become a wife to him, Gilukhepa, arrived in Egypt with a retinue of 317 women.
Similarly, the concentration of Antigonid forces in Asia now made Ptolemy feel secure enough to bring an army out of Egypt to try and conquer Coele Syria.
Similarly, Mut, whose main cult center was in Thebes, sometimes served as an Upper Egyptian counterpart of Sekhmet, who was worshipped in Memphis in Lower Egypt.
Similarly the Christian population of countries such as Egypt, Lebanon or Syria are often described as " Arabs ", even though most are ( like most of their corresponding Muslim counterparts ) descended from the pre-Islamic pre-Arab-culture population of each individual country.
Similarly, Pharaoh's fear that the Israelites might ally themselves with foreign invaders seems unlikely in the context of the late 2nd millennium, when Canaan was part of an Egyptian empire and Egypt faced no enemies in that direction, but does make sense in a 1st millennium context, when Egypt was considerably weaker and faced invasion first from the Persians and later from Seleucid Syria.

Similarly and Israel
Similarly a January visit to Britain by a team of Israel Defense Force ( IDF ) was cancelled over concerns that arrest warrants would be sought by pro-Palestinian advocates in connection with allegations of war crimes under laws of universal jurisdiction.
Similarly, other countries have placed bans on unhealthy and under age models including Spain, Italy, and Israel who have all enacted a minimum BMI requirement.
Similarly, they claim the Jordan River as the permanent eastern border to Israel and it also claims Jerusalem as belonging to Israel.
Similarly, the Communist Party of Israel uses a dove over the hammer and sickle as its symbol.
Similarly, the word " Jerusalem " is actually a placeholder rather than a physical location and can refer to different cities at different times and the word " Israel " did not define a state, even not a territory but people fighting for God, for example French St Louis and English Elizabeth called themselves the King / Queen of Israel.
Similarly, when Jewish refugees fled or were driven out of Arab countries, no help was offered, but elaborate arrangements were made for Arabs who fled or were driven out of the area that became Israel.
Similarly, in the second vision, Ezra asks why Israel was delivered up to the Babylonians, and is again told that man cannot understand this and that the end is near.
Similarly, the wet season in the Negev desert of Israel extends from October through May.
Similarly, Freedom House categorizes Israel as " free ", Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait and Morocco as " Partially Free ", and the remaining states as " Not Free " ( including Western Sahara, which is controlled by Morocco ).
Similarly, the population figure below for the Jerusalem District was calculated including East Jerusalem whose annexation by Israel is similarly widely disputed.
Similarly Mason in Josephus and the New Testament admits that Christ simply means " wetted " or anointed, and this was the practice by which kings and high priests of Israel were installed ( per Exodus 29: 9 and 1 Samuel 10: 1 ), and this could have simply been a nickname rather than a title.
Similarly, the neighboring Arab states, which monitored Israeli radio, believed that Israel was preparing to launch a surprise attack on them, and began to ready their own troops.
" Similarly, when Israel's Davis Cup team beat the powerhouse Russian Davis Cup team in a shocking victory in the 2009 Davis Cup tennis quarter-finals, Prime Minister Netanyahu telephoned the Israel Tennis Association Director General and echoed Brody's statement of over three decades earlier, saying: " We're back on the map ".

Similarly and Jordan
Similarly, Professor Carol Eastman recounted, in Johannesburg, at the " Sociolinguistics in Africa " conference organised by Prof Bob Herbert, her inspiration for African culture and language instilled by Jordan when he taught her Xhosa at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the 1960s.

Similarly and Iraq
Similarly, Saddam Hussein's formal rule of Iraq is often recorded as beginning in 1979, the year he assumed the Presidency of Iraq.
Similarly, in 1991, when Shi ' a across Iraq revolted against Hussein's regime ( partially in response to the televised rallying call to do so by U. S. President George H. W. Bush ), the U. S. justification for ultimately staying out of the revolt and allowing Hussein's security forces to suppress the rebels was that the U. S. had strategically decided Hussein's rule was better than the risk of a mujahideen-or Iranian Revolution-style takeover.
Similarly, in the case of the later invasion of Iraq, many felt that Iraq was not a threat to the United States and that a preemptive attack was morally wrong though Saddaam Hussein was widely seen as a violent dictator.
Similarly, Sgrena remarked, neither was Enzo Baldoni, another Italian journalist kidnapped and killed in Iraq, awarded any honor.
Similarly, after Silver Samurai was seemingly slain in an altercation with the assassin Elektra in Iraq, his spot on the team was filled by the enigmatic Ebon Samurai.

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