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Similarly and if
Similarly, if the equivalents for the forms of a word do not vary, the equivalents need be entered only once with an indication that they apply to each form.
Similarly, the subset order ⊆ on the subsets of any given set is antisymmetric: given two sets A and B, if every element in A also is in B and every element in B is also in A, then A and B must contain all the same elements and therefore be equal:
Similarly, P is said to satisfy the descending chain condition ( DCC ) if every descending chain of elements eventually terminates, or equivalently if any descending sequence
Similarly, bullets and other foreign bodies may become sources of infection if left in place.
Similarly if the jack is knocked into the ditch it is still alive unless it is out of bounds to the side resulting in a " dead " end which is replayed, though according to international rules the jack is " respotted " to the centre of the rink and the end is continued.
Similarly, if we limit the number of literals per clause to 2 and change the OR operations to XOR operations, the result is exclusive-or 2-satisfiability, a problem complete for SL = L.
Similarly, diamond dust used as an abrasive can do harm if ingested or inhaled.
Similarly, one cannot argue that Western epistemology is unjustly promoted in non-Western societies if one believes that those epistemologies are absolutely correct.
Similarly so, researchers note the potential for costly delay if developers spend too much time attempting to coerce hesitant test users from participating.
Similarly, if light consisted strictly of classical particles and we illuminated two parallel slits, the expected pattern on the screen would simply be the sum of the two single-slit patterns.
Similarly, if the house was located in an undesirable neighborhood and the Federal Reserve Bank was about to raise interest rates by five percentage points, then the risk factor would be a lot higher than 5 %: it might not be possible for him to predict a profit in discounted terms even if he thinks he could sell the house for $ 200, 000 in three years.
Similarly, if someone should die, those close to them should hold to their serenity because the loved one was made of flesh and blood destined to death.
Similarly, if only the magnetic field () is non-zero and is constant in time, the field is said to be a magnetostatic field.
Similarly, if Alice gets − z, Bob will get + z.
Similarly, if Alice's measurement result is − z, the system undergoes an orthogonal projection onto
Similarly, letters of credence may contain the name of the head of state, not the governor-general, even if it is the latter who signs and receives them ; in 2005, Canada, Australia and New Zealand changed their policies and now all letters of credence solely address the governor-general of the relevant nation, not to the sovereign.
Similarly, violation of the zone by a defending player is only penalized if they do so to gain an advantage in defending.
Similarly, if one connects two electrical resistors in parallel, one having resistance x ( e. g. 60Ω ) and one having resistance y ( e. g. 40Ω ), then the effect is the same as if one had used two resistors with the same resistance, both equal to the harmonic mean of x and y ( 48Ω ): the equivalent resistance in either case is 24Ω ( one-half of the harmonic mean ).
Similarly, if space is not described uniformly or time independently, a coordinate system could describe the simple flight of a free body in space as a complicated zig-zag in its coordinate system.
Similarly, if funding is withdrawn part way through an experiment, and the analyst must work with incomplete data, this is a possible source of bias for classical methods but not for Bayesian methods, which do not depend on the intended design of the experiment.
Similarly, if " this sentence is false " is false, then the sentence is true, which would in turn mean that it is actually false, but this would mean that it is true, and so on ad infinitum.
Similarly, if the quoted printable transfer encoding ( see below ) is used, the ASCII part of the message will be intelligible to users with non-MIME clients.

Similarly and there
Similarly in Illinois there is Lincoln country to be seen -- his tomb and other landmarks.
Similarly, all the statements listed below which require choice or some weaker version thereof for their proof are unprovable in ZF, but since each is provable in ZF plus the axiom of choice, there are models of ZF in which each statement is true.
Similarly, there are many works detailing atrocities and malevolence of Communist regimes ( e. g., Nadezhda Mandelstam's Hope against Hope ).
Similarly, given any element y of Y, there is a function f < sub > y </ sub >, or f (·, y ), from X to Z, given by f < sub > y </ sub >( x ) := f ( x, y ).
Similarly, the Fungi ( or Myceteae ) were once considered plants but there is now uncertainty about how to classify them.
Similarly there is a hexadecimal format,, where is a variable number of hexadecimal digits.
Similarly, for any a in F other than 0, there exists an element a < sup >− 1 </ sup > in F, such that a · a < sup >− 1 </ sup > = 1.
Similarly, while the private eye and the femme fatale are character types conventionally identified with noir, the majority of film noirs feature neither ; so there is no character basis for genre designation as with the gangster film.
Similarly, when one acts without attachment and aversion there will be no further karmic bonding to the soul.
) Similarly, there is no statistical basis for the belief that a losing sports team is due to win a game or that lottery numbers which haven't appeared recently are due to appear soon.
Similarly, there were then several decrees in place aimed at suppressing outward signs of national identity, including decrees against wearing tefillin and tzitzit ; as Conversion to Judaism was against Roman law, Rabbi Judah would not have discussed this.
Similarly, there are even more ephemeral mushrooms, like Parasola plicatilis ( formerly Coprinus plicatlis ), that literally appear overnight and may disappear by late afternoon on a hot day after rainfall.
Similarly, in the Republic of China on Taiwan, the status of national without household registration refers to a person who has Republic of China nationality, but does not have an automatic entitlement to enter or reside in the Taiwan Area, and does not qualify for civic rights and duties there.
Similarly, there are also groups for lesbians, like certain forms of Dianic Wicca and the Minoan Sisterhood.
Similarly, in the best poetry written in classic styles there will be departures from strict form for emphasis or effect.
Similarly, for ships, there may be a sail-past of, e. g., tall ships ( as was seen during Trafalgar 200 ) or other sailing vessels as during the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of World War II.
Similarly within the religious schema of Christianity and the cockfight within a religious, spiritual and sacred context, there are numerous representations of the rooster or the cock and the cockfight as a religious vessel found in the Catacombs from the earliest period as well as similar illustrations of cocks in fighting stance taken from the Vivian Bible.
Similarly, there are also Old Red Sandstone deposits and granite intrusions.
Similarly, in a long pipeline, there are remote-closing valves at regular intervals so that a leak can be isolated.
Similarly, for every hidden argument that completely or partially justifies observed evils it is equally likely that there is a hidden argument that actually makes the observed evils worse than they appear without hidden arguments.
Similarly, there is a specific reference to both 1985 and 1986 in the past tense, suggesting the events of the novel took place after these dates.
Similarly there was a International Telegraph Bureau, based in Bern, akin to the UPU.
Similarly martial arts or even non-combat situations and adventures can be gamed where there are other objectives that require strategy combined with the elements of chance ( dice / cards etc.
Similarly, there is a notion of immediate postdominator: Analogous to immediate dominator.

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