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Similarly and Twisted
Similarly, the meaning of the ending for Roadkill in Twisted Metal 2 is ambiguous-Marcus Kane's ( the driver ) wish is to wake up from the nightmare he is trapped in.

Similarly and Metal
Similarly, Metal Gear ( 1987 ) laid the foundations for the stealth game sub-genre, which would later be popularized by Metal Gear Solid ( 1998 ).

Similarly and 2
Similarly, as an infinite-dimensional example, the Lebesgue space L < sup > p </ sup > is always a Banach space but is only a Hilbert space when p = 2.
Similarly, if we limit the number of literals per clause to 2 and change the OR operations to XOR operations, the result is exclusive-or 2-satisfiability, a problem complete for SL = L.
Similarly, relatively little energy is used in producing and combining the raw materials ( although large amounts of CO < sub > 2 </ sub > are produced by the chemical reactions in cement manufacture ).
Similarly for p ( 2 ), the set of limit points of p ( 1 ), and so on.
Similarly, since it consists of an estimated 2. 3 million blocks, completing the building in 20 years would involve moving an average of more than 12 of the blocks into place each hour, day and night.
Similarly, almost all of the games utilizing the Id tech 2 engine have Linux ports, the only exceptions being those created by Ion Storm.
Similarly, he was ranked at No. 2 on Rolling Stones " The Best Drummers of All Time " readers poll in 2011.
Similarly, methyl iodide and methyl triflate are viewed as the equivalent of the methyl cation because they readily undergo S < sub > N </ sub > 2 reactions by weak nucleophiles.
* Similarly the even-graded element γ = − σ < sub > 1 </ sub > σ < sub > 2 </ sub > corresponds to a vector rotation of 180 °:
Similarly, a response of 2 Diamonds indicates less than 8 hcps and should usually be passed.
Similarly, XSLT 2. 0 relies on XPath 2. 0 ; both specifications were published on the same date.
Similarly the number for " P " in some countries is actually the weight of an equivalent quantity of P < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 5 </ sub > whereas in others ( including Australia ) it refers to elemental phosphorus.
Similarly, given points ( x < sub > 1 </ sub >, y < sub > 1 </ sub >, z < sub > 1 </ sub >) and ( x < sub > 2 </ sub >, y < sub > 2 </ sub >, z < sub > 2 </ sub >) in three-space, the distance between them is:
Similarly, layer 2 switches ( bridges ) cannot break up broadcast domains, which can cause performance issues and limits the size of your network.
Similarly, in Cook v Evatt ( No. 2 ), Fisher J in the New Zealand High Court added exemplary damages of NZ $ 5, 000 to an account of profits of over NZ $ 20, 000 for breach of fiduciary duty.
Contrary to earlier observations, recent studies emerging from some developing countries ( India, Bangladesh and Indonesia ) have strongly suggested that dosing expectant mothers in the population in which vitamin A deficiency is common and maternal mortality is high can greatly reduce maternal mortality ratio Similarly, dosing newborn infants with 50, 000 IU ( 15 mg ) of vitamin A within 2 days of birth, can significantly reduce neonatal mortality
Similarly, Ryan's 2, 795 bases on balls lead second-place Steve Carlton by 962 — walking over 50 % more hitters than any other pitcher in Major League history.
Similarly to the other new NBA teams, the Nuggets were given many financial issues including a 2 million dollar entry fee.
Similarly, if Person 3 is born on any of the 363 days of the year other than the birthdays of Persons 1 and 2, Person 3 will not share their birthday.
Similarly, division by any power of two 2 < sup > k </ sup > may be performed by right-shifting k positions.
Similarly, lithotrophic organisms are often also autotrophic, using inorganic sources of electrons and CO < sub > 2 </ sub > as inorganic carbon source.
Similarly, a skew-symmetric matrix is determined by n ( n − 1 )/ 2 scalars ( the number of entries above the main diagonal ).

Similarly and could
Similarly, in 1971, Alistair Campbell stated that the apologue technique used in Beowulf is so infrequent in the epic tradition aside from when Virgil uses it that the poet who composed Beowulf could not have written the poem in such a manner without first coming across Virgil's writings.
Similarly, frets on earlier balalaikas were made of animal gut and tied to the neck so that they could be moved around by the player at will ( as is the case with the modern saz, which allows for the microtonal playing distinctive to Turkish and Central Asian music ).
Similarly, assault and violent robbery involved trespass as to the pater's property ( so, for example, the rape of a slave could become the subject of compensation to the pater as having trespassed on his " property "), and breach of such laws created a vinculum juris ( an obligation of law ) that only the payment of monetary compensation ( modern " damages ") could discharge.
Similarly, rebels who took power in the city but with the citadel still held by the former rulers could by no means regard their tenure of power as secure.
Similarly, if the house was located in an undesirable neighborhood and the Federal Reserve Bank was about to raise interest rates by five percentage points, then the risk factor would be a lot higher than 5 %: it might not be possible for him to predict a profit in discounted terms even if he thinks he could sell the house for $ 200, 000 in three years.
Similarly, critics of externalist foundationalism argue that only mental states or properties the believer is aware of could make a belief justified.
A fitter scene for his romance he probably could not have chosen .” Similarly, De Vore states, “ The setting is greatly influential in Gothic novels.
Similarly, Lavrenty Beria, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the USSR, pursued German reunification, but an internal ( Party ) coup d ’ étât deposed him from government in mid-1953, before he could act on the matter.
Similarly, if space is not described uniformly or time independently, a coordinate system could describe the simple flight of a free body in space as a complicated zig-zag in its coordinate system.
Similarly, death and suffering appear as evils, but without them we could never come to know God.
Similarly, the Greek ( hippeus ) is commonly translated " knight "; at least in its sense of the highest of the four Athenian social classes, those who could afford to maintain a warhorse in the state service.
Similarly, Samuel Pepys in his diary entry for 15 August 1665 records a dream " that I had my Lady Castlemayne in my arms and was admitted to use all the dalliance I desired with her, and then dreamt that this could not be awake, but that it was only a dream ".
Similarly, the opportunity cost of attending university is the lost wages a student could have earned in the workforce, rather than the cost of tuition, books, and other requisite items ( whose sum makes up the total cost of attendance ).
Similarly, rationalisation could be seen in the economy, with the development of highly rational and calculating capitalism.
Similarly, after earning two misses at a height, they could pass to the next height where they would have only one attempt.
Similarly, Joseph Campbell believed that people could not understand their individual lives without mythology to aid them.
Similarly, certain processor hardware errors could be recovered through the " machine check " routines.
Similarly, differences in the distribution of brain cells and dendritic connections ( among many other potential variances ) could give rise to different mental states for the same stimulus.
" Similarly, journalist Brian Doherty has argued that the Ninth Amendment " specifically roots the Constitution in a natural rights tradition that says we are born with more rights than any constitution could ever list or specify.
Similarly, Yahya Khan feared that an independent Bangladesh could lead to the disintegration of Pakistan.
To avoid this ambiguity, the number could be represented in scientific notation: 8. 0 × 10 < sup > 3 </ sup > m indicates that the first zero is significant ( hence a margin of 50 m ) while 8. 000 × 10 < sup > 3 </ sup > m indicates that all three zeroes are significant, giving a margin of 0. 5 m. Similarly, it is possible to use a multiple of the basic measurement unit: 8. 0 km is equivalent to 8. 0 × 10 < sup > 3 </ sup > m. In fact, it indicates a margin of 0. 05 km ( 50 m ).
Similarly, at the 13th convocation of the CGPM in 1968, the definitive second was redefined in terms of measurements taken from atomic clocks rather than from the earth's rotation ; in 2008 the solar day was 0. 002 s longer than in 1820 but it was only in the 1960s that this could be measured more accurately using clocks rather than relying on astronomy.
Similarly, the sentence " Sherlock saw the man with binoculars " could mean that Sherlock observed the man by using binoculars, or it could mean that Sherlock observed a man who was holding binoculars.

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