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Similarly and Emperor
Similarly, Han Fei would end up being poisoned by his envious former classmate Li Si, who in turn would be killed ( under the law he had introduced ) by the aggressive and violent Second Qin Emperor that he had helped to take the thrones.
Similarly, when Emperor Napoleon I's regime collapsed, he abdicated in favour of his four-year-old son, who was proclaimed Napoleon II.
Similarly they may be called to assist in welcoming a VIP, such as the Emperor, to the arena.
Similarly, Emperor Chiang Lung ruled from 1736 to 1796.
Similarly, Emperor Taizong of Tang, whose given name Shimin ( 世民 ) also contained two very common characters, ordered that name avoidance only required the avoidance of the characters Shi and Min in direct succession and that it did not require the avoidance of those characters in isolation.

Similarly and Diocletian
Similarly, Constantius defeated the British usurper Allectus, Maximian pacified the Gauls, and Diocletian crushed the revolt of Domitianus in Egypt.

Similarly and from
Similarly, further desegregation may come from suits pending in three Tennessee cities, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis.
Similarly, around the 3rd century BC, the Brāhmī script developed ( from the Aramaic abjad, it has been hypothesized ).
Similarly, an article ( written from an in-universe perspective ) in the Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game speculates that it may be a corruption of Abd Al-Azrad, which it claims translates to The Worshipper of the Great Devourer.
Similarly, all output was scrutinized for a Control-D character ( ASCII 4 ), which BASIC programs would send before seemingly PRINTing a disk command to get DOS's attention ( the disk commands would not really get PRINTed but were intercepted by DOS and prevented from making it to the screen output ).
Similarly, " suprarenal " is derived from supra-( Latin, " above ") and renes.
Similarly, in 1971, Alistair Campbell stated that the apologue technique used in Beowulf is so infrequent in the epic tradition aside from when Virgil uses it that the poet who composed Beowulf could not have written the poem in such a manner without first coming across Virgil's writings.
Similarly, given any element y of Y, there is a function f < sub > y </ sub >, or f (·, y ), from X to Z, given by f < sub > y </ sub >( x ) := f ( x, y ).
Similarly, the total mass inside a sphere containing a black hole can be found by using the gravitational analog of Gauss's law, the ADM mass, far away from the black hole.
Similarly, the influences of philosophers such as Sir Francis Bacon ( 1561 – 1626 ) and René Descartes ( 1596 – 1650 ), who demanded more rigor in mathematics and in removing bias from scientific observations, led to a scientific revolution.
Similarly, the COO role is highly contingent and situational, as the role changes from company to company and even from CEO to successor CEO within the same company.
Similarly, Polish railroad worker Jan Grzebski woke up from a 19-year coma in 2007.
Similarly, the consolidated Teutonic laws of the Germanic tribes, included a complex system of monetary compensations for what courts would consider the complete range of criminal offences against the person, from murder down.
Similarly, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council is composed of national finance ministers, and they are still one per state and the chair is held by the member coming from the presiding country.
Similarly, the men of the Mountain Land from north of Kabol-River equivalent to medieval Kohistan ( Pakistan ), figure in the army of Darius III against Alexander at Arbela with a cavalry and fifteen elephants.
Similarly, stratification requires knowledge of the relative sizes of different population strata which are derived from census enumerations.
Similarly, holes diffuse from P to N leaving behind fixed negative ionised dopants near the junction.
Similarly so, researchers note the potential for costly delay if developers spend too much time attempting to coerce hesitant test users from participating.
Similarly, the design technique has progressed from paper-and-ruler based manual design to computer-aided design, and now to computer-automated design ( CAutoD ), which has been made possible by evolutionary computation.
Similarly, the shortest war in recorded history, the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896, was brought to a swift conclusion by shelling from British battleships.
Similarly, " use your loaf ", meaning " use your head ", derives from " loaf of bread " and also dates from the late 19th century but came into independent use in the 1930s ..
Similarly, in three dimensions, the vector from the origin to the point with Cartesian coordinates can be written as:
Similarly, the tabla is tuned by hammering a disc held in place around the drum by ropes stretching from the top to bottom head.
Similarly, during the English Civil War rope-tension drums would be carried by junior officers as a means to relay commands from senior officers over the noise of battle.

Similarly and AD
Similarly, Rajendravarman, whose reign began in 944 AD, constructed the temple of Pre Rup, the central tower of which housed the royal lingam called Rajendrabhadresvara.
Similarly in 1000 AD the church actively discouraged any mention of that year and in modern times it labelled 2000 AD as the " Jubilee Year 2000 " marking the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ.
Similarly, in inscriptions of 991 AD, Oriya words like ଭ ି ତ ୁ ର ୁ / bhituru / ‘ from inside ’ and ପନ ୍ ଦର / pɔndɔrɔ / ‘ fifteen ’ can be found.
Similarly, in inscriptions of 991 AD, Oriya words like ଭ ି ତ ୁ ର ୁ / bhituru / ‘ from inside ’ and ପନ ୍ ଦର / pɔndɔrɔ / ‘ fifteen ’ can be found.
Similarly, the AD and RMD may exist within the same process space or they may be separate components.
It can also be shown, moreover, that this was more or less the size of the population in the peak period-the late Byzantine period, around AD 600 " Similarly, a study by Yigal Shiloh of The Hebrew University suggests that the population of Palestine in the Iron Age could have never exceeded a million.
It can also be shown, moreover, that this was more or less the size of the population in the peak period — the late Byzantine period, around AD 600 " Similarly, a study by Yigal Shiloh of The Hebrew University suggests that the population of Palestine in the Iron Age could have never exceeded a million.
Similarly, St. Jerome ( 347 – 420 AD ), in his Letter 77, mentions that,

Similarly and which
Similarly, all the statements listed below which require choice or some weaker version thereof for their proof are unprovable in ZF, but since each is provable in ZF plus the axiom of choice, there are models of ZF in which each statement is true.
Similarly, a character can find any possible universe, but they can spend character points to know of or inhabit shadows which are ( in some sense ) " real " and therefore useful.
Similarly, Hindi-Urdu speakers might unconsciously apply their native ' v-w ' allophony rules to English words, pronouncing war as var or advance as adwance, which can result in intelligibility problems with native English speakers.
Similarly, the language spread to numerous other parts of the world as a result of British trade and colonization elsewhere and the spread of the former British Empire, which, by 1921, held sway over a population of 470 – 570 million people, approximately a quarter of the world's population at that time.
Similarly, intuitionists object to the existence property for classical logic, where one can prove, without being able to produce any term of which holds.
Similarly powerful Mercia kings such as Offa are missed out of the West Saxon Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which sought to demonstrate the legitimacy of their kings to rule over other Anglo-Saxon peoples.
Similarly if the jack is knocked into the ditch it is still alive unless it is out of bounds to the side resulting in a " dead " end which is replayed, though according to international rules the jack is " respotted " to the centre of the rink and the end is continued.
Similarly, frets on earlier balalaikas were made of animal gut and tied to the neck so that they could be moved around by the player at will ( as is the case with the modern saz, which allows for the microtonal playing distinctive to Turkish and Central Asian music ).
Similarly, an early draft did not include the commitment that nothing should be done which might prejudice the rights of the non-Jewish communities.
Similarly, Robert Nozick argues for a theory that is mostly consequentialist, but incorporates inviolable " side-constraints " which restrict the sort of actions agents are permitted to do.
Similarly, one might adopt an aesthetic consequentialism, in which the ultimate aim is to produce beauty.
Similarly, the compiler can be told on a per-module or per-function basis which type safety level is wanted, using optimize declarations.
Similarly, because meters per second, the expression f ′( g ′( 10 )) represents the change in pressure at a height of − 98 meters per second, which is also nonsense.
Similarly, the Catholic Institute for International Relations ( CIIR, now known as " Progressio "), a human rights organization which identifies itself with liberation theology, had summarized Contra operating procedures in their 1987 human rights report: " The record of the contras in the field, as opposed to their official professions of democratic faith, is one of consistent and bloody abuse of human rights, of murder, torture, mutilation, rape, arson, destruction and kidnapping.
Similarly, Lubumbashi and the rest of Katanga Province is linked to Zambia, through which the paved highway and rail networks of Southern Africa can be accessed.
Similarly, while having several characters as students in a class taught by Henry Kissinger, the dialogue made up for Kissinger would also come from “ off-panel ” ( although Kissinger had earlier appeared as a character with his face shown in a 1972 series of strips in which he met Mark Slackmeyer while the latter was on a trip to Washington ).
Similarly, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study ( MACS ) and the Women's Interagency HIV Study ( WIHS ) — which between them observed more than 8, 000 Americans — demonstrated that "... the presence of HIV infection is the only factor that is strongly and consistently associated with the conditions that define AIDS.
Similarly, most hand drums cannot be played with drum sticks without risking damage to the head and to the bearing edge, which is not protected by a drum rim.
Similarly, one might adopt an aesthetic consequentialism, in which the ultimate aim is to produce beauty.
Similarly, Eritrea and Yemen had a border conflict between 1996 to 1998 over the Hanish Islands and the maritime border, which was resolved in 2000 by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague.

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