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Similarly and regard
Similarly, rebels who took power in the city but with the citadel still held by the former rulers could by no means regard their tenure of power as secure.
* Similarly, final consonants may be deleted ( although there is a great deal of variation between speakers in this regard ).
Similarly, the word " encoding " is usually used for hardware, while " coding " is usually used in regard to software.
Similarly, the old Acharnians sing lovingly of their farms, they express hatred of the enemy for destroying their vines and they regard the Athenian agora as a place crowded with people that are best avoided.
Similarly, Alan Segal and Daniel Boyarin regard Paul's accounts of his conversion experience and his ascent to the heavens as the earliest first person accounts we have of a Merkabah mystic in Jewish or Christian literature.
Similarly, while wanting to be regarded by his staff as " A friend first, and a boss second, probably an entertainer third ", he displays a chronic lack of awareness and regard for others ' feelings.
Similarly complex syncretisms between Catholic practice and indigenous or Native American belief systems, as are common in Maya communities of Guatemala and Quechua communities of Peru to give just two of many examples, are typically not named as separate religions ; their practitioners generally regard themselves as " good Catholics.
Similarly with Romance caird ( card ), cairy ( carry ), gairden ( garden ), regaird ( regard ), mairy ( marry ), mairtyr ( martyr ) and pairt ( part ).
Similarly, California's Brown Act of 1953 protects citizen rights with regard to open meetings at the county and local government level.

Similarly and passages
Similarly, the syntactical-descriptive colon separates chapter and verse numbers in citations of passages in widely-studied texts, such as epic poetry, religious texts, and the plays of William Shakespeare.
Similarly his tutelage extends to the covered passages named iani and foremost to the gates of the city, including the cultic gate called the Argiletum, named Ianus Geminus or Porta Ianualis from which he protects Rome against the Sabines.
Similarly, each melodic passage centers on a single tone level, but the melodic contour and melodic passages are largely shaped by the reading rules, creating passages of different lengths whose temporal expansion is defined through caesuras.
Similarly, in the Bible, this idea emerges in the earliest passages ; Genesis 6: 5 situates the thoughts of evil men in their hearts, and Exodus 5 through 12 speak repeatedly of the Lord " hardening Pharaoh's heart.

Similarly and from
Similarly, further desegregation may come from suits pending in three Tennessee cities, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis.
Similarly, around the 3rd century BC, the Brāhmī script developed ( from the Aramaic abjad, it has been hypothesized ).
Similarly, an article ( written from an in-universe perspective ) in the Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game speculates that it may be a corruption of Abd Al-Azrad, which it claims translates to The Worshipper of the Great Devourer.
Similarly, all output was scrutinized for a Control-D character ( ASCII 4 ), which BASIC programs would send before seemingly PRINTing a disk command to get DOS's attention ( the disk commands would not really get PRINTed but were intercepted by DOS and prevented from making it to the screen output ).
Similarly, " suprarenal " is derived from supra-( Latin, " above ") and renes.
Similarly, in 1971, Alistair Campbell stated that the apologue technique used in Beowulf is so infrequent in the epic tradition aside from when Virgil uses it that the poet who composed Beowulf could not have written the poem in such a manner without first coming across Virgil's writings.
Similarly, given any element y of Y, there is a function f < sub > y </ sub >, or f (·, y ), from X to Z, given by f < sub > y </ sub >( x ) := f ( x, y ).
Similarly, the total mass inside a sphere containing a black hole can be found by using the gravitational analog of Gauss's law, the ADM mass, far away from the black hole.
Similarly, the influences of philosophers such as Sir Francis Bacon ( 1561 – 1626 ) and René Descartes ( 1596 – 1650 ), who demanded more rigor in mathematics and in removing bias from scientific observations, led to a scientific revolution.
Similarly, the COO role is highly contingent and situational, as the role changes from company to company and even from CEO to successor CEO within the same company.
Similarly, Polish railroad worker Jan Grzebski woke up from a 19-year coma in 2007.
Similarly, the consolidated Teutonic laws of the Germanic tribes, included a complex system of monetary compensations for what courts would consider the complete range of criminal offences against the person, from murder down.
Similarly, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council is composed of national finance ministers, and they are still one per state and the chair is held by the member coming from the presiding country.
Similarly, the men of the Mountain Land from north of Kabol-River equivalent to medieval Kohistan ( Pakistan ), figure in the army of Darius III against Alexander at Arbela with a cavalry and fifteen elephants.
Similarly, stratification requires knowledge of the relative sizes of different population strata which are derived from census enumerations.
Similarly, holes diffuse from P to N leaving behind fixed negative ionised dopants near the junction.
Similarly so, researchers note the potential for costly delay if developers spend too much time attempting to coerce hesitant test users from participating.
Similarly, the design technique has progressed from paper-and-ruler based manual design to computer-aided design, and now to computer-automated design ( CAutoD ), which has been made possible by evolutionary computation.
Similarly, the shortest war in recorded history, the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896, was brought to a swift conclusion by shelling from British battleships.
Similarly, " use your loaf ", meaning " use your head ", derives from " loaf of bread " and also dates from the late 19th century but came into independent use in the 1930s ..
Similarly, in three dimensions, the vector from the origin to the point with Cartesian coordinates can be written as:
Similarly, the tabla is tuned by hammering a disc held in place around the drum by ropes stretching from the top to bottom head.
Similarly, during the English Civil War rope-tension drums would be carried by junior officers as a means to relay commands from senior officers over the noise of battle.

Similarly and only
Similarly, on the regional channels many class 3, stations have been assigned either to operate daytime only or to operate nighttime with directional antennas and/or lower power.
Similarly, if the equivalents for the forms of a word do not vary, the equivalents need be entered only once with an indication that they apply to each form.
Similarly, as an infinite-dimensional example, the Lebesgue space L < sup > p </ sup > is always a Banach space but is only a Hilbert space when p = 2.
Similarly, his text on poetic metre uses only Christian poetry for examples.
Similarly, a cutaway scene is the interruption of a scene with the insertion of another scene, generally unrelated or only peripherally related to the original scene.
Similarly, assault and violent robbery involved trespass as to the pater's property ( so, for example, the rape of a slave could become the subject of compensation to the pater as having trespassed on his " property "), and breach of such laws created a vinculum juris ( an obligation of law ) that only the payment of monetary compensation ( modern " damages ") could discharge.
Similarly science fiction is another key influence, not only in the spaceship and the futuristic setting but also in several direct and indirect ways.
Similarly, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study ( MACS ) and the Women's Interagency HIV Study ( WIHS ) — which between them observed more than 8, 000 Americans — demonstrated that "... the presence of HIV infection is the only factor that is strongly and consistently associated with the conditions that define AIDS.
Similarly, if only the magnetic field () is non-zero and is constant in time, the field is said to be a magnetostatic field.
Similarly, release print stocks usually are available only in two varieties: a " normal " print or a deluxe print ( on more-costly print film like Kodak Vision Premiere ) with slightly greater saturation and contrast.
Similarly, critics of externalist foundationalism argue that only mental states or properties the believer is aware of could make a belief justified.
Similarly, the FSM is one of only six UN members that is not a member of the Universal Postal Union.
Similarly, it has enabled new crops like apples, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots to be grown and for the cultivated areas of the country to be extended although even now only about 1 % of Greenland is considered arable.
Similarly, violation of the zone by a defending player is only penalized if they do so to gain an advantage in defending.
Similarly, almost all of the games utilizing the Id tech 2 engine have Linux ports, the only exceptions being those created by Ion Storm.
Similarly, Samuel Pepys in his diary entry for 15 August 1665 records a dream " that I had my Lady Castlemayne in my arms and was admitted to use all the dalliance I desired with her, and then dreamt that this could not be awake, but that it was only a dream ".
Similarly, the Local Group seemed to be the only affected area when the Annihilation Wave cut its bloody swath " across the universe ".
Similarly, Yoruba has seven oral vowels and only five nasal ones.
Similarly, by 1589 nothing by Greville was in print, and only one of Walter Raleigh's works had been published.
Similarly, Polly Toynbee argued that “ the phrase is an empty right-wing smear designed only to elevate its user ”.
Similarly, after earning two misses at a height, they could pass to the next height where they would have only one attempt.
Similarly, they rejected the Redstockings view that women submitted only out of necessity or The Feminists ' implicit view that they submitted out of cowardice, but instead argued that social conditioning simply led most women to accept a submissive role as " right and natural ".
" Similarly, Irenaeus wrote that the Christian " will not be commanded to leave idle one day of rest, who is constantly keeping sabbath ", and Tertullian argued " that we still more ought to observe a sabbath from all servile work always, and not only every seventh-day, but through all time ".
Similarly, Hare refers tothe crude caricature of act utilitarianism which is the only version of it that many philosophers seem to be acquainted with .” Given what Bentham says about second order evils it would be a serious misrepresentation to say that he and similar act utilitarians would be prepared to punish an innocent person for the greater good.

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