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# and Similarly
Similarly, Microsoft announced Language Integrated Query ( LINQ ) and DLINQ, an implementation of LINQ, in September 2005, to provide close, language-integrated database query capabilities with its programming languages C # and VB. NET 9.
# Similarly, pleasure's opposite − pain − is universally avoided, which provides additional support for the idea that pleasure is universally considered good.
Similarly, M was a one-hit wonder in the U. S. with the 1979 # 1 pop hit " Pop Muzik ," but in the UK, where the original " Pop Muzik " hit # 2, the improbably titled " Moonlight & Muzak " made it to # 33, a re-mix of " Pop Muzik " hit # 15 in 1989 and two other singles (" That's the Way the Money Goes " and " Official Secrets ") charted, albeit missing the UK top 40.
Similarly, Creedence Clearwater Revival's " Fortunate Son " and " Down On The Corner " accrue enough combined points to reach # 3 three weeks later.
# Similarly, any poset P may be regarded as an abstract category with a unique arrow x → y whenever x ≤ y.
# Similarly the distance between the navel center to the right toe is measured.
# Similarly, for an n-torus,
# Similarly, the results of the investigation, in a section usually called " Results ", data should be presented in tabular or graphic form ( image, chart, schematic, diagram or drawing ).
# Similarly add 7 + 5 =
Similarly, processor # 1's load operations may be executed out-of-order and it is possible for to be read before is checked, and again the print statement might therefore print an unexpected value.
# Similarly these links display the next or previous page of edits ( newer n / older n ).
# Similarly, clicking the Remove button in the Add or Remove Programs panel runs a product's uninstaller with a basic user interface, again with the result that any actions that occur in the user interface sequence will not be performed.
Similarly, Firestar first appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends # 1, which adapted the first episode of the TV series.
Similarly, Invincible # 48 features cameo appearances from several Savage Dragon characters, as well as both Dynamo 5, and many of Kirkman's own creations, while an earlier issue featured a funeral for the Guardians of the Globe, at which many Image characters, including Savage Dragon and Jack Staff, were in attendance.
# Similarly, when the isolani is on the third or fourth rank, such that the square ahead of it is on the fourth or fifth rank ( i. e., d4 or d5 respectively for White and the reverse for Black ), the absence of adjoining pawns prevents the player from attacking or defending that square with pawns.
" Similarly, in 2004 ESPN. com released a list of the Top 100 Simpsons sport moments, ranking the entire episode at # 2, saying " Greatest sports introduction ever: In the Tatum fight, Homer is introduced as the Brick Hithouse ( and is also known as the Southern Dandy ), and his walk-to-the-ring music is ' Why Can't We Be Friends?
http :// www. e-theca. net / emiliopanella / lector12. htm Accessed May 9, 2011 ; See also Rome Across Time and Space: Cultural Transmission and the Exchange of Ideas, 2011, p. 275. http :// books. google. com / books? id = xGiHbiqknLgC & pg = PA275 & lpg = PA275 & dq =% 22 # v = onepage & q & f = false Accessed 7-10-2011 </ ref > Similarly Nicholas Brunacci a former student of Aquinas at the Santa Sabina studium and at the University of Paris later was lector at Santa Sabina and served in the papal curia.
Similarly, the reflexive transitive symmetric closure of, denoted ( see abstract rewriting system # Basic notions ), is a congruence, meaning it is an equivalence relation ( by definition ) and it is also compatible with string concatenation.
Similarly, one cannot just substitute Prague powder # 1 in place of Morton's Tenderquick.

# and leaks
# Controlled leaks of information through diplomatic channels, which might be passed on via neutral countries to the Germans.
# Faulty heap memory management: Memory leaks and freeing non-heap or un-allocated memory are the most frequent errors caused by faulty heap memory management.
# Utility Safety-Gas leaks, etc.
# Window Pain-After four contractors try and fail to fix three very leaky windows, Mike Holmes is called in to fix the leaks once and for all.
# This Mould House-A young family is plagued with coughs and colds as well as leaks due to improperly installed windows.

# and can
# The electrons are never in a single point location, although the probability of interacting with the electron at a single point can be found from the wave function of the electron.
# The length of the program InterpretLanguage, which we can take to be the constant c.
# that he who remains in love of God can commit no sin.
# Replacing permanently unplayable tiles-Per 1999 rules, players can replace permanently unplayable tile ( tiles that would merge safe corporations ) at the end of their turn.
# VBR-Variable bit rate: an average or Sustainable Cell Rate ( SCR ) is specified, which can peak at a certain level, a PCR, for a maximum interval before being problematic.
# The fourth stage can be detrimental, as Johnson cites it as a risk for premature death.
# Continue this process until the two records are in sync with each other, it can be difficult to sync the two records perfectly, so manual adjustment of the records is necessary to maintain the beat synchronization.
# Before fading in the new track, check that the beats of two tracks match by listening to both channels together in the headphones, as the sound from the speakers can reach you with a delay.
# The fade can be repeated several times, for example, from the first track, fade to the second track, then back to first, then to second again.
# Make sure patient is in an actual comatose state and is not mistaken for locked-in state ( patient will either be able to voluntarily move his eyes or blink ) or psychogenic unresponsiveness ( caloric stimulation of the vestibular apparatus will result in slow deviation of eyes towards the stimulation followed by rapid correction to mid-line ; this response can't be voluntarily suppressed: therefore, if the patient doesn't have this response, then psychogenic coma can be ruled out as a differential )
# associated performance issues, e. g., software context switching can be selective and store only those registers that need storing, whereas hardware context switching stores nearly all registers whether they're required or not.
Microsoft applied C # and CLI under the Community Promise, so anyone can safely implement those standards without fearing a patent lawsuit.
# A poly-T oligonucleotide primer is hybridized onto the poly-A tail of the mature mRNA template, or random hexamer primers can be added which contain every possible 6 base single strand of DNA and can therefore hybridize anywhere on the RNA ( Reverse transcriptase requires this double-stranded segment as a primer to start its operation.
# From the hairpin loop, a DNA polymerase can then use it as a primer to transcribe a complementary sequence for the ss cDNA.
# Reliability and constructiveness – they can be trusted to act constructively.
# A definition should not be negative where it can be positive.
It can be as simple as " finding the address of a person with SS # 123-45-6789 ," or more complex like " finding the average salary of all the employed married men in California between the ages 30 to 39, that earn less than their wives.
It can be as simple as " finding the address of a person with SS # 123-45-6789 ," or more complex like " finding the average salary of all the employed married men in California between the ages 30 to 39, that earn less than their wives.
# Present contradictions ( ideology versus reality ): " How can he preach love when he exploits people?
# Any real number can be added to both sides.
# Any real number can be subtracted from both sides.
# Any real number can be multiplied to both sides.
# Any non-zero real number can divide both sides.
# Some functions can be applied to both sides.

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