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# and Similarly
Similarly, Microsoft announced Language Integrated Query ( LINQ ) and DLINQ, an implementation of LINQ, in September 2005, to provide close, language-integrated database query capabilities with its programming languages C # and VB. NET 9.
Similarly, M was a one-hit wonder in the U. S. with the 1979 # 1 pop hit " Pop Muzik ," but in the UK, where the original " Pop Muzik " hit # 2, the improbably titled " Moonlight & Muzak " made it to # 33, a re-mix of " Pop Muzik " hit # 15 in 1989 and two other singles (" That's the Way the Money Goes " and " Official Secrets ") charted, albeit missing the UK top 40.
Similarly, Creedence Clearwater Revival's " Fortunate Son " and " Down On The Corner " accrue enough combined points to reach # 3 three weeks later.
# Similarly, any poset P may be regarded as an abstract category with a unique arrow x → y whenever x ≤ y.
# Similarly the distance between the navel center to the right toe is measured.
# Similarly, for an n-torus,
# Similarly, the results of the investigation, in a section usually called " Results ", data should be presented in tabular or graphic form ( image, chart, schematic, diagram or drawing ).
# Similarly add 7 + 5 =
Similarly, processor # 1's load operations may be executed out-of-order and it is possible for to be read before is checked, and again the print statement might therefore print an unexpected value.
# Similarly, leaks can form at joints in prefabricated components.
# Similarly these links display the next or previous page of edits ( newer n / older n ).
# Similarly, clicking the Remove button in the Add or Remove Programs panel runs a product's uninstaller with a basic user interface, again with the result that any actions that occur in the user interface sequence will not be performed.
Similarly, Firestar first appeared in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends # 1, which adapted the first episode of the TV series.
Similarly, Invincible # 48 features cameo appearances from several Savage Dragon characters, as well as both Dynamo 5, and many of Kirkman's own creations, while an earlier issue featured a funeral for the Guardians of the Globe, at which many Image characters, including Savage Dragon and Jack Staff, were in attendance.
# Similarly, when the isolani is on the third or fourth rank, such that the square ahead of it is on the fourth or fifth rank ( i. e., d4 or d5 respectively for White and the reverse for Black ), the absence of adjoining pawns prevents the player from attacking or defending that square with pawns.
" Similarly, in 2004 ESPN. com released a list of the Top 100 Simpsons sport moments, ranking the entire episode at # 2, saying " Greatest sports introduction ever: In the Tatum fight, Homer is introduced as the Brick Hithouse ( and is also known as the Southern Dandy ), and his walk-to-the-ring music is ' Why Can't We Be Friends?
http :// www. e-theca. net / emiliopanella / lector12. htm Accessed May 9, 2011 ; See also Rome Across Time and Space: Cultural Transmission and the Exchange of Ideas, 2011, p. 275. http :// books. google. com / books? id = xGiHbiqknLgC & pg = PA275 & lpg = PA275 & dq =% 22 # v = onepage & q & f = false Accessed 7-10-2011 </ ref > Similarly Nicholas Brunacci a former student of Aquinas at the Santa Sabina studium and at the University of Paris later was lector at Santa Sabina and served in the papal curia.
Similarly, the reflexive transitive symmetric closure of, denoted ( see abstract rewriting system # Basic notions ), is a congruence, meaning it is an equivalence relation ( by definition ) and it is also compatible with string concatenation.
Similarly, one cannot just substitute Prague powder # 1 in place of Morton's Tenderquick.

# and opposite
# Make opposite adjectives with " UN "-
# Make questions with the opposite word order, and with " DO ".
# Toe loops take off from the back outside edge of the left or right foot and are launched by the opposite toe pick ( toe walleys are similar, but take off from the back inside edge of the right foot );
# Flips, which take off from the back inside edge of the right or left foot and are launched by the opposite toe pick ;
# Lutzes, which take off from the back outside edge of the right or left foot and are launched by the opposite toe pick.
For case # 4, we need to check the opposite 8-connected corners to see if they are filled or not.
After appearing in the B-movie drama Pilot # 5 he took the male lead in Cole Porter's Du Barry Was a Lady opposite Lucille Ball.
# Lavoisier and Laplace ’ s law ( 1780 ): The energy change accompanying any transformation is equal and opposite to energy change accompanying the reverse process.
# Opposite corner: If the opponent is in the corner, the player plays the opposite corner.
# In the transmission of binary or teletypewriter signals, keying in which the carrier frequency is shifted in one direction for marking signals and in the opposite direction for spacing signals.
# The desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by the wish to make his or her body as congruent as possible with the preferred sex through surgery and hormone treatment
# Viruddha: Instead of proving something it is proving the opposite.
# Bend each strip and attach the other end of each strip to the sixth opposite the first end, so that the inside of the sphere at one end is connected to the outside at the other.
Based on Magnus hitch # 1736, this is exactly as above but with the final hitch in the opposite direction.
# Complete with a half-hitch outside the loop made in the opposite direction than the first two wraps, as for a cow hitch.
Later robot designs by his principal designer Robert Kinoshita, such as Robot B-9 of Lost in Space, moved smoothly on motorized treads ( Robby appears opposite Robot B-9 in Lost in Space episode # 20 " War of the Robots ".
# After deviating from the original course by about 60 degrees, shift the rudder full to the opposite side.
# After deviating from the original course by about 240 degrees, shift the rudder hard to the opposite side.
# Lies: making up information or giving information that is the opposite or very different from the truth.
# The grammarians Dionysius Thrax and Dionysius of Halicarnassus class ζ with the " double " () letters ψ, ξ and analyse it as σ + δ. Contra: The Roman grammarian Verrius Flaccus believed in the opposite sequence, δ + σ ( in Velius Longus, De orthogr.
# It follows from the previous example that the opposite of any concretizable category C is again concretizable, since if U is a faithful functor C → Set then C < sup > op </ sup > may be equipped with the composite C < sup > op </ sup > → Set < sup > op </ sup > → Set.
# as a Krintan ( the opposite of a Sparsh, movement of notes is descending ).
# The " place somewhat ascending ... a cross ... and a sepulchre " is the village cross and well that stands by the church at opposite ends of the sloping main street of Stevington, a small village five miles west of Bedford.
# Its diagonals bisect opposite angles.

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