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Simon and Ockley
eo: Simon Ockley
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nl: Simon Ockley
* Tufail, Ibn, The Improvement of Human Reason: Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn Yokdhan ( Hayy ibn Yaqzan ), Simon Ockley ( trans.
* August 9 Simon Ockley, English orientalist ( b. 1678 )
A Latin translation of Ibn Tufail's work, Philosophus Autodidactus, first appeared in 1671, prepared by Edward Pococke the Younger, followed by an English translation by Simon Ockley in 1708, as well as German and Dutch translations.
The first English translation by Simon Ockley was published in 1708, and German and Dutch translations were also published at the time.
The first English translation by Simon Ockley was published in 1708, and German and Dutch translations were also published at the time.
* Simon Ockley ( translator ), The Improvement of Human Reason: Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn Yokdhan ( 1708 )
* Simon Ockley ( 1711 )
A Latin translation of Ibn Tufail's Philosophus Autodidactus appeared in 1671, prepared by Edward Pococke the Younger, followed by an English translation by Simon Ockley in 1708, as well as German and Dutch translations.

Simon and 1678
The French priest Richard Simon brought these critical perspectives to the Catholic tradition in 1678, observing " the most part of the Holy Scriptures that are come to us, are but Abridgments and as Summaries of ancient Acts which were kept in the Registries of the Hebrews ," in what was probably the first work of biblical textual criticism in the modern sense.
The Oratory then expelled Simon ( 1678 ).

Simon and
* 1901 Simon Kuznets, Ukrainian economist, Nobel laureate ( d. 1985 )
* 1969 Simon Doull, New Zealand cricketer
* 1958 Simon Baron-Cohen, English psychiatrist and author
* 1984 Simon Bird, English actor and comedian
* 1975 Simon Katich, Australian cricketer
* 1957 Simon McBurney, English actor, writer and director
* 1924 Simon & Schuster publishes the first crossword puzzle book.
** Simon Magus ( 8: 9 24 )
* 1265 Second Barons ' War: Battle of Evesham the army of Prince Edward ( the future king Edward I of England ) defeats the forces of rebellious barons led by Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, killing de Montfort and many of his allies.
* Simon Newcomb, A Compendium of Spherical Astronomy ( Macmillan, 1906 republished by Dover, 1960 ), 160-172.
* 1965 Simon Fowler, English singer and musician ( Ocean Colour Scene )
* 1966 Simon Chikovani, Georgian poet ( b. 1902 )
* October 18, 1975 episode ( host: Paul Simon ) failed Candid Camera stunts and home movies
In doing so the bulk of Liberals remained supporting the government, but two distinct Liberal groups had emerged within this bulk the Liberal Nationals ( officially the " National Liberals " after 1947 ) led by Simon, also known as " Simonites ", and the " Samuelites " or " official Liberals ", led by Samuel who remained as the official party.
* Simon Collier and William F. Sater, A History of Chile, 1808 1894, Cambridge University Press, 1996
* Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy ( 5 April 1993 29 January 1996 )
His paternal grandfather was painter Simon Elwes, whose father was the diplomat and tenor Gervase Elwes ( 1866 1921 ).
* 1988 Simon Zenke, Nigerian footballer
* 1976 Simon Goodwin, Australian rules footballer
* 1984 Gilles Simon, French tennis player
* 1552 Simon Forman, English occultist and astrologer ( d. 1611 )
ET was an independent time-variable, proposed ( and its adoption agreed ) in the period 1948 52 with the intent of forming a gravitationally uniform time scale as far as was feasible at that time, and depending for its definition on Simon Newcomb's Tables of the Sun ( 1895 ), interpreted in a new way to accommodate certain observed discrepancies.
* 1970 Simon Pegg, British comedian and actor
* 1980 Simon Gagné, Canadian ice hockey player

Simon and 9
Herbert Alexander Simon ( June 15, 1916 February 9, 2001 ) was an American political scientist, economist, sociologist, and psychologist, and professor — most notably at Carnegie Mellon University — whose research ranged across the fields of cognitive psychology, cognitive science, computer science, public administration, economics, management, philosophy of science, sociology, and political science.
After the May 9 arrest of several politicians, including veteran politician Simon Kikhounga Ngot, because of an alleged communist plot, parliamentary elections were convincingly won by Youlou.
* February 9 Herbert A. Simon, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate ( b. 1916 )
* April 9 Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat, Scottish clan chief ( b. c. 1667 )
* January 9 Simon Vouet, French painter ( d. 1649 )
Preceded by the feel-good duet with Phoebe Snow, " Gone at Last " ( a Top 25 hit ) and the Simon & Garfunkel reunion track " My Little Town " ( a No. 9 on Billboard ), the album managed to be his only No. 1 on the Billboard charts to date.
Mauchly's proposal for building an electronic digital computer using vacuum tubes, many times faster and more accurate than the differential analyzer for computing ballistics tables for artillery, caught the interest of the Moore School's Army liaison, Lieutenant Herman Goldstine, and on April 9, 1943 was formally presented in a meeting at Aberdeen Proving Ground to director Colonel Leslie Simon, Oswald Veblen, and others.
The fittings of his chapel in the Palais-Cardinal, for which Simon Vouet executed the paintings, were of solid gold — crucifix, chalice, patten, ciborium, candelsticks — set with 180 rubies and 9, 000 diamonds.
Pittsboro 175th Birthday MuseumThe town of Pittsboro was founded on December 9, 1834, by Simon T. Hadley and Wiliam L. Matlock.
* Stephane Grapellli and Paul Simon: Paul Simon ( 9 ) 1972 Hobo's Blues ( Columbia 1972 )
On 9 March 1161, Tancred joined his uncle Simon, Prince of Taranto, in invading the palace, detained the king and queen, William I and Margaret, and their two sons, and incited a massacre of Muslims.
25-date " Electroset " ( European ) tour ( the third one ) ( featuring Simon Hayward and Sarah Brown ) was scheduled from 18 October to 3 December 2010 but the band played only 9 shows till the rest of the tour was cancelled after the performance on 13 November 2010 in Dublin, Ireland because of Jim's mother Irene who had become ill with a recurrence of cancer.
Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat ( c. 1667 9 April 1747, London ), was a Scottish Jacobite and Chief of Clan Fraser, who was famous for his violent feuding and his changes of allegiance.
Further traces of the obligations of Monoimus to Simon are found in the reference to the six powers instrumental in creation, which answer to Simon's six " roots ," while a similar indebtedness to Simon on the part of the Naassene writer in Hippolytus is found on comparing the anatomical speculations connected with the name Eden ( v. 9 ; vi.
* On December 9, 2006, Korn performed on Unplugged with guests Amy Lee, Robert Smith, and Simon Gallup ( the former of Evanescence and the duo latter of The Cure ) on some of their well-known songs, along with others.
It was a milled gold coin weighing 9. 0 9. 1 grams, with a diameter of 29 or 30 millimetres, designed by Thomas Simon ( also called Symonds ).
In 2007, Perle presented the documentary " The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom ", articulating his view of the challenges facing the U. S. post 9 / 11, and debating with his critics including Richard Holbrooke, Simon Jenkins, and Abdel Bari Atwan.
Simon was ranked among the top 30 US business schools in 9 out of 13 surveys since this biennial ranking was established in 1986.
On July 9, 2003, during the Milwaukee Brewers ' " Sausage Race ," in which four contestants wearing sausage costumes have a footrace on the field, Simon leaned over the dugout railing and hit college student Mandy Block ( in the Italian sausage costume ) with a bat, causing her to fall into the path of another racer.

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