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Since and 1927
Since 1927 South Australia has permitted majority verdicts of 11: 1, and 10: 1 or 9: 1 where the jury has been reduced, in criminal trials if a unanimous verdict cannot be reached in four hours.
* " Sorry " / " Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down ", recorded on October 25, 1927, in New York and released as Okeh 41001
Since 1927, Kassel has been home to Bärenreiter, one of the world's most important music publishers.
Since 1927, the king cheetah was reported five more times in the wild.
Since the entire vineyard area authorized by the 1927 AOC regulations is now planted, various ways of expanding the production have been considered.
Since 1927, governors general have been received on state visits abroad as though they were heads of state.
Since 1927, Sylt has been connected to the mainland by the Hindenburgdamm causeway.
Since 1927 Shelley has been home to the " Idaho Annual Spud Day ", which is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of September.
Since 1927 the area has been served by Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport.
Since 1927 the Ancient and Horribles Parade has been an annual Fourth of July tradition in Chepachet, where residents create traditional and satirical political floats.
Since 1927, the AISI has awarded an annual medal, named for its first president, to an outstanding leader within the North American steel industry.
Since the early 1920s Trenchard had supported the development of a flying bomb and by 1927 a prototype, code-named " Larynx ", was successfully tested.
Since its establishment in the late 19th century, the party steadily increased in support until it became the largest party in Norway in 1927a position it has held ever since.
Since 1913, a funicular railway connects Engelberg to Gerschnialp and, from there, the second cable car in Switzerland ( 1927 ) led to Trübsee.
Since 1927 the island has been connected to the mainland by a causeway.
Since Alekhine won the title in 1927, he had been avoiding a rematch with his predecessor, Capablanca, whom many considered the strongest possible challenger.
Since 1927 it has also become Children's Day (, literally " The Holiday of National Sovereignty and Children "), an official holiday dedicated to the children of Turkey and ( from 1979 on ) the world.
Since 1927, Article 20 of the Common Part of the penal code that listed possible " measures of social defence " had the following item 20a: " declaration to be an enemy of the workers with deprivation of the union republic citizenship and hence of the USSR citizenship, with obligatory expulsion from its territory ".
Upon returning to the United States in 1927, Eastman published several works that were highly critical of the Stalinist system, beginning with Since Lenin Died, which was written in 1925.
Since the last Model T's were built in 1927, most modern T-buckets use replica fiberglass bodies.
Since 1927, the President of France has always attended the cup final and presented the trophy to the winning team's captain.
Since the designation of Theta chapter at Northwest Missouri State University in April, 1927, the naming system has no exceptions.
Since 1927 the service has run in summer only and it remains in place as one of the most distinctive features of the island's tourist market.
Since 1927, the Canadian Standards Association ( CSA ) has produced the Canadian Safety Standard for Electrical Installations, which is the basis for provincial electrical codes.

Since and fewer
Since tone systems typically comprise fewer units than either consonant or vowel systems, we might expect that they would be the easiest part of a phonologic analysis.
Since unsaturated fats contain fewer carbon-hydrogen bonds than saturated fats with the same number of carbon atoms, unsaturated fats will yield slightly less energy during metabolism than saturated fats with the same number of carbon atoms.
Since the southwestern half of the island lies in the rain shadow of the mountains, it has a semiarid climate and receives fewer than of rainfall annually.
Since more people were at work, fewer people are available to watch daytime serials.
Since 1937, Gladstone has been portrayed on no fewer than 37 occasions in film and television, beginning with Montagu Love's appearance as him in the 1937 film Parnell.
Since there are food surpluses, fewer people are needed to produce food.
Since fewer than five cards are face up, this means no straights, flushes, or full houses will count for this purpose.
Since the market for tandem bicycles is significantly smaller than the market for single bikes, there are far fewer tandem bicycle manufacturers than single-bicycle manufacturers.
Since it has fewer moving parts and a short lock time, it has less of a chance of being thrown off target and less of a chance to malfunction.
Since 2000, nearly 14, 000 new voters have registered in Ascension Parish, and fewer than 1, 000 of those are official Democrats.
Since the thermal head doesn't have to sweep back and forth over the print media, there are fewer moving parts that can break down.
Since errors tend to accumulate, older manuscripts should have fewer errors.
Since then, both 2009 and 2010 saw fewer registered accidents, 122 and 130, respectively.
Since they have far fewer electrical connections to fail, they are far more reliable than space-division switches, and are therefore the preferred switches for the outer ( input and output ) layers of modern telephone switches.
Since the mining industry in the area has ceased, there have been fewer problems with subsidence, and the current plans are to re-open the canal to the National Forest visitor centre at Moira, about short of its original terminus at Spring Cottage.
Since 2000, the university launched a major restructuring programme, which, specifically, translated into a total image rebrand in 2003, the closure of a number of campuses over 2005 – 2011, the expansion of other campuses and generally the consolidation of the university's activities on fewer, bigger campuses in north London.
Since the fires, the surviving population outside the central highlands has been estimated at fewer than 100 by Melbourne Zoo threatened species biologist Dr. Dan Harley, with the entire distribution confined to a 70 by 80 kilometre area.
Since crystalline fructose is about 5. 0 % sweeter than high-fructose corn syrup, it adds fewer calories to a sweetened food or drink compared with table sugar or HFCS, resulting in Fuze products ' lower calorie content than other bottled drinks.
Since hardcovers tend to have a larger profit margin, publishers must balance the profit to be made by selling fewer hardcovers against the potential profit to be made by selling many paperbacks with a smaller profit per unit.
Since there are fewer Jewish communities at-risk in the diaspora, the Jewish Agency is focusing on aliyah of choice.
Since 2003, in an effort to seek greater value for money, much of the funding by the Housing Corporation for new house building has been channelled to fewer than 80 " developing housing associations " that have achieved " partner status " through Partner Programme Agreements.
Since follow-up screening is typically much more expensive than initial screening, more false positives that must receive follow-up means fewer woman may be screened for a given amount of money.
Since the carbons are double-bonded to each other, there are fewer bonds connected to hydrogen, so there are fewer hydrogen atoms, hence the name, ' unsaturated '.

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