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Since and 1948
Since their establishment as a Major League franchise in 1901, the Indians have won two World Series championships, in 1920 and 1948.
Since its unification with Pakistan, the East Pakistan Army had consisted of only one infantry brigade, which was made up of two battalions, the 1st East Bengal Regiment and the 1 / 14 or 3 / 8 Punjab Regiment in 1948.
Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has established four new holidays and days of remembrance.
Cotten starred with Jennifer Jones in four films: the wartime domestic drama Since You Went Away ( 1944 ), the romantic drama Love Letters ( 1945 ), the western Duel in the Sun ( 1946 ), and the critically acclaimed Portrait of Jennie ( 1948 ), in which he played a melancholy artist who becomes obsessed with a girl who may have died many years ago.
Since there was not, as yet, a fixed marker, the borders were prone to abuse, which eventually resulted ( in August 1948 ), in white lines in luminous paint appearing across roads and even through ruined buildings to try to deter the Soviets from making unauthorised incursions into the American and British zones.
Since 1948, the constitution has undergone five major revisions, each signifying a new republic.
Since becoming independent from Britain in February 1948, the economy of the country has been affected by natural disasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and a number of insurrections, such as the 1971, the 1987-89 and the 1983-2009 civil war.
Since 1948, Baloch nationalists in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have been seeking to separate Baloch majority regions of the three countries to form a new state with the help of elements outside the aforementioned countries.
Since its inception in 1948, the U. S. Navy nuclear program has developed 27 different plant designs, installed them in 210 nuclear powered ships, taken 500 reactor cores into operation, and accumulated over 5, 400 reactor years of operation and 128, 000, 000 miles safely steamed.
Israeli Units Since 1948.
Since 1948, these cabinets were led by PvdA Prime Minister Willem Drees.
Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the city has been governed by the Haifa Municipality.
Other notable films included Since You Went Away ( 1944 ), Love Letters ( 1945 ), Cluny Brown ( 1946 ), Portrait of Jennie ( 1948 ), Madame Bovary ( 1949 ), We Were Strangers ( 1949 ), Gone to Earth ( 1950 ), Carrie ( 1952 ), Ruby Gentry ( also 1952 ), Indiscretion of an American Wife ( 1953 ), Beat the Devil ( 1953 ), Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing ( 1955 ), Good Morning Miss Dove ( also 1955 ), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit ( 1956 ) starring opposite Gregory Peck and A Farewell to Arms ( 1957 ).
Since the Lakers were established in 1948, the team has missed the playoffs just five times.
Since its recognized independence in 1948, the United Kingdom and Israel have shared cordial and strongly strategic relations ; the two nations share interests in the fields of political cooperation, immigration ( seeing as many British Jews migrate to Israel ) and economic trade.
Since 1948 titles of nobility have not been recognised by the Italian state.
Since the spelling reform of 1948, this has been spelled Bríd.
Since 1924, Waynesboro has made numerous territorial acquisitions from areas of Augusta County through annexation and officially became an independent city in 1948.
Since the completion of the Cascade Dam in 1948, much of the northern valley has been covered by the Cascade Reservoir.
Since its inaugural flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv in September 1948, the airline has grown to serve some 34 destinations, operating scheduled domestic and international services and cargo flights to Europe, North America, Africa and the Near and Far East from its main base in Ben Gurion International Airport.
Since that time four additional counties have joined in the support of Copiah-Lincoln: Franklin County in 1948 ; Lawrence County in 1965 ; Jefferson County in 1967 ; and Adams County in 1971.
Since 1948, the town has been one of the first places to declare its results for the New Hampshire Presidential primary and U. S. Presidential elections.
Since 1948, BAFTA have presented awards in film, television, video games and children's entertainment in England, and internationally in Scotland, Wales and Los Angeles.
Burma in Revolt: Opium and Insurgency Since 1948.

Since and working
Since the late 1990s, Orange has also been working in conjunction with singer / songwriter Craig Deanto, and they have released an album titled Who Hears the Cries.
Since the occurrence and severity of these health problems is largely hereditary, breeders are working to eliminate these.
Since 1997, the ILAE have been working on a new scheme that has five axes: ictal phenomenon, ( pertaining to an epileptic seizure ), seizure type, syndrome, etiology, impairment.
Since it is difficult to imagine a typesetter working without a manuscript, unless the typesetter was writing the document as it was printed, we must assume that a manuscript existed.
Since 2003, Canada has also been working with Gabon in the Group of Friends of the Great Lakes Region, which Canada co-chairs, in support of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.
Since the working life of a hearse is generally one of light duty and short, sedate drives, hearses remain serviceable for a long time ; hearses 30 years old or more may still be in service, although some funeral homes replace them at least once a decade.
Since the early history of domestication of the horse, working animals were found to be exposed to many conditions that created breakage or excessive hoof wear.
Since they will still be working with scopes and other laparoscopic instruments, CO2 will have to be maintained in the patient's abdomen, so a device known as a hand access port ( a sleeve with a seal that allows passage of the hand ) must be used.
Since 1934, Schrader had been working in a laboratory in Leverkusen to develop new types of insecticides for IG Farben.
Since the autumn of 1914 he had insisted that " from the standpoint of the working class and of the labouring masses from the lesser evil would be the defeat of the Tsarist Monarchy "; the war must be turned into a civil war of the proletarian soldiers against their own governments, and if a proletarian victory should emerge from this in Russia, then their duty would be to wage a revolutionary war for the liberation of the masses throughout Europe.
Since 2009, non-profit organization Global Heritage Fund ( GHF ) has been working to protect and preserve Ur against problems of erosion, neglect, inappropriate restoration, and war and conflict.
Since wireframe renderings are relatively simple and fast to calculate, they are often used in cases where a high screen frame rate is needed ( for instance, when working with a particularly complex 3D model, or in real-time systems that model exterior phenomena ).
Since the efficiency of a rocket engine is related to the square root of the temperature of the working fluid, the solid core design needs to be constructed of materials that remain strong at as high a temperature as possible.
Since 2001 the organization has hosted the senior staff and recent chair, Susan Solomon, of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's working group on climate science.
Since then, Mondale has returned to working at the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney and remains active in the Democratic Party.
Since 1975, Blatter has been working at FIFA, first as Technical Director ( 1975 – 1981 ), then General Secretary ( 1981 – 1998 ), before his election as FIFA President in 1998.
Since then, in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, Spidey, Iceman, and the Human Torch have begun living together at Aunt May's house and have been working as a team as another homage to the series ( because Liz, as Firestar, was a member of the X-Men in this continuity ).
Since working at Birdland in New York in 1989 – 1990, Jordan has maintained a lower profile.
Since no further singles were being released, Psyche began working on remixes of some of their favorite tracks for " The Hiding Place " as well as new material.
Since both the husband and wife are working, there is greater need for convenience in shopping for daily necessities.
Since fashion models are scouted at a very young age, they spend the first couple of years making very little money as they are testing and working for lower echelon clients while developing their portfolios.
Since individuals from the elites were almost guaranteed bureaucratic posts without ever working hard, many found other ways of killing time.
Since 2010, they have been working on a fourteenth studio album.
Since 2009 until today, mayor Norman Quijano has been working in the " Rescate del Centro Historico " which involves the removal of street vendors and remodeling of parks, and historic buildings.

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