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Since and 2009
Since its original 1973 Broadway production, the musical has enjoyed professional productions in the West End, by opera companies, in a 2009 Broadway revival, and elsewhere, and it is a popular choice for regional groups.
Since then, Nike then Adidas have had more overt branding on the shirts, with sponsors Scottish Provident ( 1997 ), NTL ( 2001 ), Zurich ( 2005 ) and HSBC ( 2009 ).
Since Tuesday, 26 May 2009, those bulletins have been broadcast from TC7 and N6 in Television Centre, the main studios of BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel respectively.
Since May 2009, the portions of Broadway through Duffy Square, Times Square, and Herald Square have been closed entirely to automobile traffic, except for cross traffic on the Streets and Avenues, as part of a traffic and pedestrianization experiment, with the pavement reserved exclusively for walkers, cyclists, and those lounging in temporary seating placed by the city.
Since 2009, Cuba has imported sedans from Chinese automaker Geely to serve as police cars, taxis and rental vehicles.
Since 2009, all new shows include previously broadcast segments as much as 10 years old.
Since 2000Actually the most important are: Cable Onda ( 40 % share ), Cable and Wireless ( started on late 2009 ) and CTV.
Since 2009, the most commonly sold resolution for computer monitors is 1920 × 1080.
Since 2009 the FAE is going through some major changes and modernisation plans are still ongoing whilst new projects are considered to bolster the country's defence capacities.
Since end 2009, the Navy's structure became simplified.
Since 2009 the tournament resumed, the opening rule being played was changed and now is swap2.
Since the 1950s, manga has steadily become a major part of the Japanese publishing industry, representing a ¥ 406 billion market in Japan in 2007 ( approximately $ 3. 6 billion ) and ¥ 420 billion ($ 5. 5 billion ) in 2009.
Since June 2009 its president is the Space Physicist Dr. Michael Danielides.
Since 2006, the NBA has faced Euroleague teams in exhibition matches in the NBA Europe Live Tour and since 2009 in the Euroleague American Tour.
Since 2009 EYP has also staged a fan appreciation night entitled Eagles Flight Night.
Since 9 July 2009, the Prefect is Cardinal Angelo Amato, while the current secretary ( appointed 29 December 2010 ) is Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci
Since 2009 thousands of established immigrants began to leave, although some that did continued to maintain homes in Spain due to poor conditions in their country of origin.
Since 2009, Odd Olsen Ingerø has been governor ; he is assisted by a staff of 26 professionals.
Since 2009 the Solstice Award which may be posthumous recognizes lifetime contributions to the science fiction and fantasy field.
Since 1992 Shanghai has recorded double-digit growth almost every year except during the global recession of 2008 and 2009.
Since 2009, the Runoffs are held at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, for a minimum of three years.
Since 2009, Stella Artois is suitable for vegetarians as isinglass ( fish bladder ) is no longer used to remove trace amounts of yeast.
Since 1995, the Sydney Swans are the only club not to have missed the finals in consecutive seasons, and have made the finals more years than any other club in the same time, only missing the finals in 2000, 2002 and 2009.
Since 2009 it has been compulsory to also attend pre-school.
Since 2002 The Hague co-operates with Suriname and in 2009 a co-operation contract was made with the Moroccan provinces of Nador, Al Hoceima and Taza.

Since and Allen
Since 1990, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has awarded $ 428 million to non-profit organizations, as of 2010.
Since California considers “ all persons concerned in the commission of a crime, whether they directly commit the act constituting the offense … principals in any crime so committed ,” San Marin County Superior Judge Peter Allen Smith charged Davis with “ aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the death of Judge Harold Haley ” and issued a warrant for her arrest.
* Richard Broome, Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800, Allen & Unwin, 2005, ISBN 1-74114-569-4, ISBN 978-1-74114-569-4
Since that time a number of rangers have served the area well including Mr Peter Tomlin ( 1973-77 ), Mr Pearce Dougherty ( 1977-89 ), Ms Katherine Stephens, Mr Ross Allen, Mr Colin Waters, Mr Bryn Troath, Ms Caroline Paterson and more recently Mr Aaron Smith, also Justin Holmes.
Since Ronnie played himself, Gracie closed the segment with a wisecrack: " The boy was produced by Burns and Allen.
Since 2002, Allen Park is the practice home of the Detroit Lions and is also the site of the team's headquarters.
Since 1831, Lima has been the center of government for Allen County, the first of its three courthouses erected in the city's first year.
Since 1992, the band has consisted of Rick Savage ( bass, backing vocals ), Joe Elliott ( lead vocals ), Rick Allen ( drums, backing vocals ), Phil Collen ( guitar, backing vocals ), and Vivian Campbell ( guitar, backing vocals ).
Since 2003 he has worked as part of Crass Agenda ( latterly Last Amendment ), performing live and releasing material in CD format including Savage Utopia, a collaboration with Coldcut's Matt Black and other jazz musicians, and How ?, a reworking of Allen Ginsberg's beat poem Howl, recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club.
Since the inaugural award in 1992, Allen & Unwin has been voted Publisher of the Year ten times including in 2011.
Since its first printing, Visions of Cody has been published with an introduction by Beat poet Allen Ginsberg titled " The Visions of the Great Rememberer.
* Richard Broome, Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800, Allen & Unwin, ( 2005 ).
Since moving to Food Network, Allen has made appearances on many of that channel's programs, including Paula's Party and multiple episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Dear Food Network, and The Next Food Network Star.
Since the early 1990s Norman has lived in Croton-on-Hudson, New York in a secluded estate known as " The White Gates " which she purchased from television personality Allen Funt.
Since 1994, he has played at least eight characters on the popular radio drama Adventures in Odyssey, most notably antique dealer Jack Allen.
Since the opening of Allen Fieldhouse in 1955, the Jayhawks have established a home record of 683-107 (), and since February 20, 1994, the Jayhawks have lost only 13 regular season games in the venue.
Since the original release, all of the original developers have departed the project: Allen and Palazón in 2006, Shiels in 2007, and Yurdagül in 2009.
Since neither Gates nor Allen had any hardware design experience they were initially stumped.
Since the late 1990s, Kay and Sterling have co-emceed the Yankees ' annual Old-Timers ' Day ceremony ( following in the tradition of the late Mel Allen and Frank Messer ), players ' number retirements, and the City Hall celebrations after Yankees ' World Series victories.
Since 1994, Allen has played bass for Bobby Womack.
Since its founding in 1930, Allen & Overy has grown to become one of the largest law firms in the world, both by number of lawyers and revenue.
Since 2000, Allen & Overy has had an office in New York advising on U. S. law.
Since CBS and Irwin Allen licensed shows to Western, Western didn't want to antagonize them.
Since 1976, Allen has issued 12 albums and charted 14 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, most notably the 1983 crossover hit " Baby I Lied " which reached No. 4 on the country charts and No. 26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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