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Since and France
Since that time there has been a series of pretenders, supporters of the Bonaparte family's claim to the throne of France are known as Bonapartists.
Since the 1989 coup and subsequent expulsion of South African-financed mercenaries, Comoros likewise turned away from South Africa and toward France for assistance with its security needs.
Since 1962, when France stationed military personnel in the region, French Polynesia has changed from a subsistence economy to one in which a high proportion of the work force is either employed by the military or supports the tourist industry.
Since she had previously notified the Norwegian authorities that she had changed residence to France, she was no longer entitled to benefits of Norwegian social security.
Since World War II France has been a leading member in the UN, the European Union and NATO, and remains a strong economic, cultural, military and political influence in the 21st century.
Since the cultural revolution of the 17th century in England, which spread to France and the rest of Europe, society has been considered subject to natural laws akin to the physical world.
Since 2007, France and Italy have contested the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy ; it was created for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian hero who helped unify Italy.
Since 1980, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand have provided the bulk of Vanuatu's development aid.
Since many settlers came via France and Italy, it is also likely that the Romance-based Jewish languages of those regions were represented.
Since their introduction to the west in the early 1990s, Hall thrusters have been the subject of a large number of research efforts throughout the United States, France, Italy, Japan, and Russia ( with many smaller efforts scattered in various countries across the globe ).
Member of the Constitutional Council of France: Since 2007.
Since the fall of France, the French forces lagged behind the Polish.
Since then he has lived and worked mostly in France, making art films.
Since 2009, Hasle, a psychiatrist, who was acknowledged by the artist and had his parentage legally established in France in the 1980s, has been party to a lawsuit with the City of Paris to establish his claim to his father's estate.
Since these are considered PDO, they refer not just to styles of brandy but brandies from a specific region, i. e. a brandy made in California in a manner identical to the method used to make Cognac and which tastes similar to Cognac, cannot be called Cognac in places that restrict the use of that term to products made in the Cognac region of France ( such places include Europe, the United States and Canada ).
Since the late 1970s, there have been direct ferries from Cork to Roscoff, France.
Since the victory over France provided the Kriegsmarine with the better placed French ports on the Atlantic and the iron fields of Lorraine, Weserübung proved to be unnecessary.
Since 1946, French Guiana has been an overseas department of France.
Since 1 June 2006, France Télécom has tried to commercialize all its products under a single world-wide brand, Orange.
Since 2007, France Telecom R & D is also known as Orange Labs, a global network of R & D entities.
Since European settlement, Baton Rouge has been governed by France, Britain, Spain, Louisiana, the Florida Republic, the Confederate States, and the United States.
Since then, Albertville has developed trade between France, Italy, and Switzerland ; and industries such as paper mills and hydroelectricity can be found on its river.
Since 1976, Spassky has lived in France with his third wife ; he became a French citizen in 1978, and has competed for France in the Chess Olympiads.

Since and had
Since then, and since the pure grain had gotten him divorced from every decent -- and even indecent -- group from Greenwich Village to the Embarcadero, he had become a sucker-rolling freight-jumper.
Since appeals to morality, to humanity, and to sanity have had such small effect, perhaps our last recourse is the deterrent example.
Since his seizure, Scotty had had little appetite ; ;
Since Mr. McKinley had to give a lecture, Rachel and Scotty drove home alone in the Plymouth.
Since she could not act, one part suited her as well as any other, and so she was the first person to offer Mr. Lincoln a glass of water, holding it up to the box, high above her head, to Miss Harris, who had asked for it.
Since the Santo Spirito hospital had taken only men, he had had no experience in the study of female anatomy ; ;
Since then, the flowers she had planted had spread all over the hill.
Since he had gross income of $600 or more, he must file a return in which he may claim an exemption deduction of $600.
Since the writer had established this democratic procedure in the beginning he had to go along with their decision -- after, of course, pointing out whether he thought their decision was a wise or an unwise one.
Since the writer had not noticed this characteristic in married students scattered throughout the various sections previous to this experiment, nor, as a matter of fact, in those who were continuing in `` single sections '', he can only conclude that there must have been something `` contagious '' within the specific group which caused this to occur.
Since the details of the elections were settled the change of government had no direct effect on the technical aspects of the elections, and may have been more important as an indication of royal displeasure with the U.N.F.P.
Since the strength of the Mexicans had been underrated, too small a posse had been collected, and since the deputy had not been provided with search warrants, MacPherson and his men decided it was much wiser to withdraw.
Since the magnitude of the plan made secrecy impossible, once the wheels had began to turn, persons controlling German industries, social institutions, and armed forces became, through their anti-Semitism or their tolerance of it, conscious accomplices of Hitler's crimes ; ;
Since Mrs. Calhoun remembered only that the marriage had been in the spring, he started to plod through several months.
Since then he had worked at this and that, though some said his main interest was gambling.
Since Election Day, Vice President Richard Nixon had virtually retired -- by his own wish -- from public view.
Since he possessed more power in an interdependent universe of living beings and dead spirits, the emperor had to use it for the benefit of the living.

Since and been
Since 1957, more and more trans-Atlantic passengers have been crossing by air.
Since moving from a Chicago suburb to Southern California a few months ago, I've been introduced to a new game called Lanesmanship.
Since little is known about autism, and almost nothing has been written for the layman, we'd like to share one experienced mother's comments.
Since it was issued in the spring of 1611, the King James Version has been most generally considered the most poetic and beautiful of all translations of the Bible.
Since that time the demands of the citizens for new and expanded services have placed financial burdens on the state which could not have been foreseen in earlier years.
Since accurate base maps are necessary for any planning program, the first step taken by the planning division to implement the long-range state plan has been to prepare two series of base maps -- one at a scale of 1 inch to a mile, and the second a series of 26 sheets at a scale of 1 inch to 2000 feet, covering the entire state.
Since then, there has been a notable increase in the number of stations and also the accumulation of additional data and the development of new techniques for using it, leading to a better understanding of propagation phenomena.
Since the Industrial Revolution, when factories emerged, this classical pattern has been followed.
Since practical washing procedures are both lengthy and expensive, a number of laboratory tests have been developed for the numerical evaluation of detergents.
Since 1948 the working headquarters has been the Department of Geology and Mineralogy.
Since the removal force is a function of coating thickness, a differential transformer pickup has been incorporated into the instrument to accurately measure film thickness.
Since the mid 1950s, when urethane foam first made its appearance in the American market, growth has been little short of fantastic.
Since interviewing is the basic therapeutic and diagnostic instrument of modern psychiatry, the recording of interviews for playbacks and study has been a boost of Redstone proportions in new research and training.
Since the 1946 disaster there have been 15 tsunami in the Pacific, but only one was of any consequence.
Since Biblical times, rosaries have been made from jobs-tears -- the seeds of an Asiatic grass.
Since 1949, the St. Louis club has been below on May 1 just four times.
Since 1927, fewer than a dozen men have made serious runs at Babe Ruth's record and each, in turn, has been thwarted.
Since 1892 ears of red, yellow, purple and white corn have annually been nailed to 11 big picture panels to create huge `` paintings ''.
Since 30 June 2012 when the last leap second was added, TAI has been exactly 35 seconds ahead of UTC.

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