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Since and edition
Since 1998 it has been available in an electronic edition, alongside its regular print edition.
Since the 2002 edition, the Apostles ' Creed is included in the Roman Missal with the indication, " Instead of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, especially during Lent and Easter time, the baptismal Symbol of the Roman Church, known as the Apostles ’ Creed, may be used.
* Since Big Brother 2, the UK series always opens with a twist which have included the public being able to choose the final housemate out of three possibilities ( Big Brother 2 ), the public voting for a housemate to leave during the first week and then the housemates choosing between the two housemates with the least number of votes ( Big Brother 3 ), First Night Nominations ( Big Brother 4 ), Suitcase Nominations ( Big Brother 5 ), Unlucky Housemate 13 ( Big Brother 6 ), Big Brother Hood ( Big Brother 7 ), an all-female House and the first inclusion of twins as contestants ( Big Brother 8 ), the first couple to enter as housemates and set a secret task to hide their real relationship ( Big Brother 9 ), all " housemates " really being " non-housemates " who had to earn their housemate status ( Big Brother 10 ), a mole entering the House with an " Impossible Task " ( Big Brother 11 ), Jackie Stallone entering a house containing her son's ex-wife ( Celebrity Big Brother 3 ), the entrance of a non-celebrity in a celebrity edition ( Celebrity Big Brother 4 ) and Jade Goody's family announced to be visiting.
Since 1979, a facsimile edition of that first edition has been available in four paper-bound volumes.
Since Petersen's departure, continuing development of Call of Cthulhu has passed to Lynn Willis, who since the fifth edition has been credited as co-author.
Since that time, the church has continually added sections to its edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, containing the revelations of succeeding Prophet-Presidents.
Since the 3rd edition, the Britannica has enjoyed a popular and critical reputation for general excellence.
Since 1938, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. has published annually a Book of the Year covering the past year's events, which is available online back to the 1994 edition ( covering the events of 1993 ).
Since the first edition in French " Manuel du Répertoire bibliographique universel " ( 1905 ), UDC has been translated and published in various editions in 40 languages.
Since the late 19th century, artists have generally signed individual impressions from an edition and often number the impressions to form a limited edition.
Since 1959 ( when the Bentham Committee was first established ) UCL has hosted the Bentham Project, which is progressively publishing a definitive edition of Bentham's writings.
Since July 2007, there has also been a complete audio edition of the news-magazine available 9pm London time on Thursdays.
Since then, the film has received favorable reviews from critics and has developed a large cult following, resulting in the release of a director's cut on a two-disc, special edition release in 2004.
" Since then, the term " ordinary form " is often used to distinguish this form of the Roman Rite of Mass from the Tridentine Mass, the 1962 edition of which Pope Benedict declared in his motu proprio to be an authorized " extraordinary form ".
Since 2008, Black Flag has remained a bi-annual 40 page magazine, publishing a May Day edition and one timed for the London Anarchist Bookfair.
Since they were never part of the Mass itself and were never included even in an appendix of the Roman Missal, specifically the 1962 typical edition, it is unclear whether they are to be considered obligatory in present-day public celebrations of the Tridentine Mass in accordance with the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.
* Mason, Francis K. ( 1991 ) Hawker Aircraft Since 1920 ( 3rd revised edition ).
Since its second edition, adopted in 1915, the model charter for municipalities has recommended this council-manager form of government.
English edition, as Since Debussy: A View of Contemporary Music.
Since then, an edition of the Riverside Shakespeare has included the play, and plans are afoot for the Arden Shakespeare and Oxford Shakespeare series to publish editions.
Since its release, the third edition of Blood Bowl has experienced many changes, largely driven by the large and vociferous player base.
Since reforming, the band have written new material, released an EP, and have extensively toured throughout Europe ( with the first date taking place in Denmark on 14 June 2008, at Esbjerg Rock Festival., where they performed the 16 tracks off the remastered edition of Islands, including encores and B-sides, such as " Monochromatic " or " The Garden ").

Since and has
Since 1944 he has also conducted regularly at the San Francisco Opera, where he made his debut with a memorable performance of Verdi's Falstaff.
Since 1954 the Negro's desire for social justice has led to an ironically anarchical rebellion.
Since the great flood of these dystopias has appeared only in the last twelve years, it seems fairly reasonable to assume that the chief impetus was the 1949 publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, an assumption which is supported by the frequent echoes of such details as Room 101, along with education by conditioning from Brave New World, a book to which science-fiction writers may well have returned with new interest after reading the more powerful Orwell dystopia.
Since 1953 California has led the nation in enacting guarantees that public business shall be publicly conducted, but not until this year did the lawmakers in Sacramento plug the remaining loopholes in the Brown Act.
Since little is known about autism, and almost nothing has been written for the layman, we'd like to share one experienced mother's comments.
Since it was issued in the spring of 1611, the King James Version has been most generally considered the most poetic and beautiful of all translations of the Bible.
Since the Connally amendment has the effect of giving the same right to the other party to a dispute with the United States, it also prevents us from using the court effectively.
Since he has just shown who is top dog, he may not be ready to receive this highest honor in the gift of the Soviet people.
Since then nothing has happened to save the life of Pope.
Since accurate base maps are necessary for any planning program, the first step taken by the planning division to implement the long-range state plan has been to prepare two series of base maps -- one at a scale of 1 inch to a mile, and the second a series of 26 sheets at a scale of 1 inch to 2000 feet, covering the entire state.
Since then, there has been a notable increase in the number of stations and also the accumulation of additional data and the development of new techniques for using it, leading to a better understanding of propagation phenomena.
Since the Industrial Revolution, when factories emerged, this classical pattern has been followed.
Since Af are linearly independent functions and the exponential function has no zeros, these R functions Af, form a basis for the space of solutions.
Since C is rational, this correspondence has K coincidences, each of which implies a line of the pencil which meets its image.
Since the course, one member has lost her husband.
Since her bereavement this individual has reported to the writer on numerous occasions about how helpful the class discussions were to her in this adjustment crisis.
Since on the one hand school desegregation has come in Virginia hand-in-glove with pupil assignment, shall we support the plan??
Since this book is concerned only incidentally with railroad rates, it will not attempt to analyze the methods by which the staff of the Interstate Commerce Commission has estimated out-of-pocket costs and apportioned residue costs.
Since that time the telegraph office has shifted in location from the railroad station at the Depot and shops at the Center back to the town clerk's office and drugstore at the Village.
Since 1948 the working headquarters has been the Department of Geology and Mineralogy.
Since the removal force is a function of coating thickness, a differential transformer pickup has been incorporated into the instrument to accurately measure film thickness.
Since the mid 1950s, when urethane foam first made its appearance in the American market, growth has been little short of fantastic.
Since interviewing is the basic therapeutic and diagnostic instrument of modern psychiatry, the recording of interviews for playbacks and study has been a boost of Redstone proportions in new research and training.
Since 1949, the St. Louis club has been below on May 1 just four times.
Since 1927, fewer than a dozen men have made serious runs at Babe Ruth's record and each, in turn, has been thwarted.

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