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Page "government" ¶ 147
from Brown Corpus
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Since and accurate
IRI is more accurate in describing the variation of the electron density from bottom of the ionosphere to the altitude of maximum density than in describing the total electron content ( TEC ). Since 1999 this model is " International Standard " for the terrestrial ionosphere ( standard TS16457 ).
Since no accurate data were recorded, it is only possible to give estimates on the size and population of these nesting areas.
Since radio waves travel at the speed of light, accurate distance measurement requires high-performance electronics.
Since our concepts of good and evil as instilled in us by God are only intended to facilitate ethical behaviour in our relations with other humans, we should have no expectation that our concepts are accurate beyond what is needed to fulfil this function, and therefore cannot presume that they are sufficient to determine whether what we call evil really is evil.
Since not all unemployment may be " open " and counted by government agencies, official statistics on unemployment may not be accurate.
Since the average value and the root-mean-square value of a waveform need not be the same, simple rectifier-type circuits may only be accurate for sinusoidal waveforms.
Since Pupin's patent contained a ( less accurate ) formula, AT & T was open to claims of incomplete disclosure.
Since the pitch of each note is largely affected by the temperature of the steam, accurate tuning is nearly impossible ; however, the off-pitch notes ( particularly in the upper register ) have become somewhat of a trademark of the steam calliope.
Since 3D models are the typical primary output for CAD design, users in these industries require an efficient and accurate method of generating 2D computational drawings directly from the 3D models.
Since the early days of surveying, this was the primary method of determining accurate positions of objects for topographic maps of large areas.
Since James first created the statistic, sabermetricians have refined it to make it more accurate, and it is now used in many different variations.
Since Biot's time, analysis of meteorites has resulted in accurate measurements of the chemical composition of the solar system.
Since EchoStar frequently moves satellites among its many orbiting slots this list may not be immediately accurate.
Since enzyme reactions are very well known amplification processes, the signal is generated by enzymes which are linked to the detection reagents in fixed proportions to allow accurate quantification-thus the name " enzyme linked ".
Since other methods are safer, quicker, and cheaper, this method is now rarely used ; however, an advantage of this approach is the sensitivity of auto-radiography based imaging, which enables highly accurate protein quantification when combined with optical software ( e. g. Optiquant ).
Since the number of participating teams has changed considerably over time, any accurate performance measurement must take this variable into account.
Since it is an anthology rather than a single tale, however, the longer title is more accurate.
Since each new version of a theory ( or a completely new theory ) must have more predictive and explanatory power than the last, scientific knowledge consistently becomes more accurate over time.
Since the Bohr model is not perfectly accurate, due to fine structure, hyperfine splitting, and other such effects, the Rydberg constant cannot be directly measured at very high accuracy from the atomic transition frequencies of hydrogen alone.
Since the arrival of these methods, market researchers have been able to make better, more accurate, suggestions to their clients regarding the decision to move forward, revise, or start over with a product concept.
Since it is not easy to produce an electromagnetic expression for the railgun force that is both simple and reasonably accurate, most simple railgun analyses actually used a lumped circuit model to describe the relationship between the driving current and the railgun force.
Since 1998 and continuing through 2007, the Omega Foundation has placed a GPS receiver on the summit for a suitable period of time to obtain accurate satellite readings.
) Since the speed is low, accurate dynamical balancing of the rotating components is not needed.
Since the humidity of the ambient air is calculated indirectly from three temperature measurements, in such a device accurate thermometer calibration is even more important than for a two-bulb configuration.

Since and base
Since 1881, pitchers had pitched within a " box " whose front line was from home base, and since 1887 they had been compelled to toe the back line of the box when delivering the ball.
Since the beginning of the second Intifada the DFLP has carried out a number of shooting attacks against Israeli targets, such as the 25 August 2001 attack on a military base in Gaza that killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded seven others.
Since the onset of the migration from TDM PBXs to VoIP and VoIP hybrid solutions, manufacturers such as Lantiq, Ascom Wireless Solutions, Aastra Technologies, Philips, snom and Polycom have developed IP-DECT solutions where the backhaul from the base station is VoIP ( H. 323 or SIP ) while the handset loop is still DECT.
Since 2002, the naval base has contained a military prison, the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, for persons alleged to be unlawful combatants captured in Afghanistan and later in Iraq.
Since 1939, the base's water had been supplied by pipelines that drew water from the Yateras River about northeast of the base.
Since the base of the case must be hard, it cannot be annealed.
Since annealing brass requires heating it to about 660 F ( 350 C ), the heating must be done in such a way as to heat the neck to that temperature, while preventing the base of the case from being heated and losing its hardness.
Since the base was closed, the atoll is likely to have been visited by sailing vessels crossing the Pacific, as the deserted atoll has a strong lure due to the activities once performed there.
Since 1958 this base has been replaced with a high base made of lapis lazuli, it stood 35 centimetres ( 14 in ) high and weighed 3. 8 kilograms ( 8. 4 lb ).
Since 2001, trim levels are also indicated by including a number after the main index: '- 00 ' means base trim level, '- 01 ' means standard trim and '- 02 ' designates deluxe version ; for example, VAZ-21121-02 means Lada 112 hatchback with an 1. 6L SOHC engine and deluxe trim.
Since a compiler seldom knows where an object will reside, it often assumes a fixed base location ( for example, zero ).
Since they derive from a strong acid but weak base, they are both at about pH = 5 ; as a consequence, the morphine salts are mixed with small amounts of NaOH to make them suitable for injection.
Since internally the base and emitter connections behave like a semiconductor diode, a voltage drop develops between base and emitter while the base current exists.
Since 1982, it has become much smaller, with a different customer base and product focus.
Since Maskelyne's observations and calculations were made at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, the Greenwich meridian eventually became a common base for longitude worldwide and was adopted internationally as the Prime Meridian in 1884.
Since the tubes had an open base, creating a single living space rather than a series of separate chambers, Cloudina is more likely to be a stem group polychaete worm, in other words an evolutionary " aunt " or " cousin " of more recent polychaetes.
Since some Web search engines base the importance of sites on the number of different sites linking to them, referrer-log spam may increase the search engine rankings of the spammer's sites.
Since the marching route had to pass the border of the communist base in Shaanxi, Hu Yaobang and Qin Jiwei decided to return to the communists, and secretly organized an escape.
Since 2005, the renminbi exchange rate has been allowed to float in a narrow margin around a fixed base rate determined with reference to a basket of world currencies.
Since taking over the position, McDonough has been an instrumental figure in the Blackhawks current marketing success, including establishing links between the Blackhawks and the very strong Cubs fan base in a number of ways.

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