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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 119
from Brown Corpus
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Since and attack
Since a leg theory attack means the batsman is more likely to hit the ball on the leg side, additional fielders on that side of the field can be effective in preventing runs and taking catches.
) Since the Athenians seem to have taken up a strong defensive position at Marathon, the Persian hesitance was probably a reluctance to attack the Athenians head-on.
Since longer symmetric keys require exponentially more work to brute force search, a sufficiently long symmetric key makes this line of attack impractical.
Since the end of the Cold War, the focus of civil defense has largely shifted from military attack to emergencies and disasters in general.
Since these geographic considerations imply that, not including the hill within, the walls would be willfully making the city prone to attack from it, some scholars, including the late 19th century surveyors of the Palestine Exploration Fund, consider it unlikely that a wall would ever have been built that would cut the hill off from the city in the valley ; archaeological evidence for the existence of an earlier city wall in such a location has never been found.
Since the beginning of the second Intifada the DFLP has carried out a number of shooting attacks against Israeli targets, such as the 25 August 2001 attack on a military base in Gaza that killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded seven others.
Since Nobunaga would not expect an attack in the middle of his firmly controlled territories, he was guarded by only a few dozen personal servants and bodyguards.
Since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution unrest has become more prevalent in the area including the 2012 Egyptian-Israeli border attack in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed by militants.
Since the attack, security at many airports worldwide has been escalated, ostensibly to lower the probability of similar events occurring again.
Since the lasing medium was fairly small, a single bomb could host a number of them and attack multiple ICBMs in a single burst.
Since it resists attack by body fluids and is nonirritating, tantalum is widely used in making surgical instruments and implants.
Since being fielded, Hellfire missiles have proven their effectiveness in combat in Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Storm in Persian Gulf, Operation Allied Force in Yugoslavia, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where they have been fired successfully from Apache and Super Cobra attack helicopters, Kiowa scout helicopters, and Predator unmanned combat air vehicles ( UCAVs ).
Since the attack to the Casino Royale in 2011, the security has been reinforced by military and federal police.
Since Patton's group traveled in the only three automobiles employed by the Pershing forces, this small foray eventually resulted in the United States ' first motorized vehicle attack.
Since water molecules attack amide-amide hydrogen bonds and break up secondary structure, a disulfide bond stabilizes secondary structure in its vicinity.
Since the pinned piece cannot move out of the line of attack, the pinned piece's player may move other pieces to defend the pinned piece, but the pinning player may yet attack with even more pieces, etc.
Since Lee moved Longstreet to Fredericksburg early, it allowed Longstreet to take the time to dig in portions of his line, methodically site artillery, and set up a kill zone over the axis of advance he thought the Union attack would come.
Since his plans for an early-morning coordinated attack were now infeasible, Lee instead ordered Longstreet to coordinate a massive assault on the center of the Union line, employing the division of George Pickett and brigades from A. P.
Since some people seek medical attention after only one attack, other testing may hasten and ease the diagnosis.
Since the British had used about one-third of their supply of artillery shells, General Sir John French blamed the failure on the shortage of shells, despite the success of the initial attack.
Since, however, his power was not well enough grounded to allow an attack on Syria, Antiochus considered that he might leave Achaeus for the present and renew his attempt on Ptolemaic Syria.
Since 2008 railway service has come under attack by the Balochs, especially in the Bolan Pass area resulting in a bomb blast on the railway tracks and firing on trains.
Since Börne did not attack religion or traditional morality like Heine, the German authorities hounded him less although they still banned his books as soon as they appeared.

Since and serves
Since the Liberal Democratic Party ( the LDP ) was in power, it has been convention that the President of the party serves as prime minister.
Since 6 February 2012, Poland serves as the protecting power of the United States in Syria.
Since 1 July 2011, Woodlands Train Checkpoint serves as the southern terminus of the KTM rail network.
Since the intensity of the Auger peaks may be small compared to the noise level of the background, AES is often run in a derivative mode which serves to highlight the peaks by modulating the electron collection current via a small applied AC voltage.
Since E and P are defined separately, this equation can be used to define D. The physical interpretation of D is not as clear as E ( effectively the field applied to the material ) or P ( induced field due to the dipoles in the material ), but still serves as a convenient mathematical simplification, since Maxwell's equations can be simplified in terms of free charges and currents.
Since then PETRA serves HASYLAB as a source of high-energy synchrotron radiation and for this purpose possesses three test experimental areas.
Since 2007, UNFPA has decentralized its operations as a way to become a more field-centred, efficient and strategic partner to the countries it serves.
Since the oil serves both as the engines lubricant and forms a vital part of the cooling system this ' anti leak ' system was especially important.
Since 1856, the county has been coterminous with the city of Philadelphia, which also serves as its seat.
( Since leaving office Paesel has served on the Third Regional Airport Clearinghouse and now serves as Executive Director of the South Suburban Mayor and Managers Association and served a brief period in 2006 as District 168 Board Member ).
Since most of these usages do not exist anymore, Voragine serves as a valuable source for the study of medieval Marian customs.
Since the bridge serves 2, 500 vehicles an hour in peak times, any scheme that slows down the process of paying tolls is likely to cause long tailbacks and make the news.
* Since the early year 2010, local ferry operator Color Line ( serves two ferry routes between Hirtshals and Norway ) have had their own radio station, Color Radio, that plays popular songs from mostly the 80's and 90's.
Since June 2007, Richard Pearlstone has been the Chair of the Jewish Agency BOG, following Carole Solomon's leadership Moshe Vigdor serves in the capacity of the organization's director general.
Since 2001, the building serves as a museum to the revolution.
Since 2006, Port of Varna serves as a hub for BP and German wind turbine manufacturer Saga.
Since the opening of Kansai International Airport in 1994, the airport's main traffic source has been the nearby automotive and manufacturing industries, causing carriers such as United Airlines ( United currently serves Centrair Airport with flights to Guam ) and Delta Air Lines ( Portland ( OR )) to stop flying to Nagoya ( Delta currently serves Centrair Airport with flights to Detroit, Guam, Manila, Saipan, and Honolulu ).
Since it serves as the container for all experiential impressions it is also called the " seed consciousness " ( 種子識 ) or container consciousness.
Since then the staff has operated as a single entity with a four star admiral who serves as Commander, Naval Forces Europe and Commander, Naval Forces Africa.
Since the establishment of Israel, Umm al-Fahm has gone from being a village to an urban center that serves as a hub for the surrounding villages.
Since the 1980s, its northern and southern shores have been connected by the three routes of the Honshū-Shikoku Bridge Project, including the Great Seto Bridge, which serves both railroad and automobile traffic.
Since 1999 it serves under Israel's Southern Command.
Since then, it has expanded into an agency that serves all of north central Indiana.

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