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Since and becoming
Since Alan Ayckbourn's plays started becoming established in the West End, interviewers have raised the question of whether his work is autobiographical.
Since the 1960s, the islands have diversified away from their traditionally agriculture-based economy towards tourism and financial services, becoming one of the wealthiest areas in the Caribbean.
Since Bulgarian lev is anyway bounded to Euro Bulgaria is looking for more positive outcomes of the becoming a member of the Eurozone rather than risks.
Since the 1990s, several novel classes of antiemetics have been developed and commercialized, becoming a nearly universal standard in chemotherapy regimens, and helping to successfully manage these symptoms in a large portion of patients.
Since becoming an institution of the state, aside from official commitment to communism and Marxism-Leninism, the party also has de facto unrecognized factions including consumerist and neoliberal figures including business people on the right who effectively support capitalism, as well as factions on the left that oppose the right in the party, and other factions.
Since cast iron was becoming cheaper and more plentiful, it also became a major structural material following the building of the innovative Iron Bridge in 1778 by Abraham Darby III.
Since the Korean Armistice Agreement ended the armed conflict that existed during the active part of the Korean War in 1953, leaving a de-facto truce in place ever since, the North Korean government has been largely isolationist, becoming one of the world's most authoritarian societies.
Since the 1840s, Kier's salt wells were becoming fouled with petroleum.
Since his debut in 1992, Muralitharan has taken 800 Test wickets and over 500 One Day International wickets, becoming the first player to take 1, 000 wickets combined in the two main forms of international cricket.
Since the Korean War armistice in 1953, the North Korean government has been largely isolationist, becoming one of the world's most totalitarian societies.
Since becoming division rivals the series has been even, with 10 games each won by both New Orleans and Tampa Bay.
Since the early 1970s, oral history in Britain has grown from being a method in folklore studies ( see for example the work of the School of Scottish Studies in the 1950s ) to becoming a key component in community histories.
Since Whitehead, process thought is distinguished from Hegel in that it describes entities which arise or coalesce in becoming, rather than being simply dialectically determined from prior posited determinates.
Since the second half of the twentieth century the associations of race with the ideologies and theories that grew out of the work of 19th-century anthropologists and physiologists has led to the use of the word race itself becoming problematic.
Since becoming the viceroy of the Indies, he took Goa in India in 1510, and Malacca on the Malay peninsula in 1511.
Since becoming independent from Britain in February 1948, the economy of the country has been affected by natural disasters such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and a number of insurrections, such as the 1971, the 1987-89 and the 1983-2009 civil war.
Since becoming a western style constitutional democratic monarchy in 1932, for most of the time the country has been ruled by military governments.
Since becoming a loanword in English, Taliban, besides a plural noun referring to the group, has also been used as a singular noun referring to an individual.
Since then it has gone through a variety of changes, becoming the state capital of Romania in 1862 and steadily consolidating its position as the centre of the Romanian mass media, culture and arts.
Since becoming operational in Normandy on August 1, 1944 until May 9, 1945, the Third Army was in continuous combat for 281 days.
Since becoming King, King Mohammed VI has led many reforms that made Morocco an exception from all the other Arab countries.
Since planets, in their understanding, were composed of a fiery or ethereal matter having little or no density, they could quite easily rotate eccentric to the Earth without becoming off balance.
Since surviving breast cancer in 1992, she has been an advocate for health awareness becoming involved with various charities, health products and fundraising efforts.
Since becoming leader of the party in 2011, Marine Le Pen has focused mostly on the perceived threat against the secular value system of the French Republic.
Since Austria's becoming a member of the EU in 1995, the Austrian agricultural sector has been undergoing substantial reform under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy ( CAP ).

Since and music
Since he introduces so much modern music, I could not resist asking how he felt about it.
Since it requires only five players, it would seem to fall into the category of chamber music -- yet it calls for a double bass, an instrument generally regarded as symphonic.
Since she also has considerable technical virtuosity and a feeling for music in the romantic tradition, Miss Xydis gave her listeners a good deal of pleasure.
Since rococo music tends to be pretty and elegant above all, it can seem rather vacuous to twentieth-century ears that have grown accustomed to the stress and dissonances of composers from Beethoven to Boulez.
* Since 1997, a series of cultural, art, music and entertainment events have taken place in November at various locations in the town, under the title, Novembernebel ( November fog )
Since the target audience of pop music can vary greatly, so can the celebrated subject of the anthem.
School ( 1904 ) Sanskriti ... The School ( 2004 ) and Sophia Girls ' School ( 1918 / 1935 ) & College ( 1942 ), Rashtriya Military School Ajmer ( Since 2010-Established in 1930 as King George ’ s Royal Indian Military School ), and the historic Ajmer Music College, founded in 1942, the first accredited institution in Rajputana for teaching Hindustani classical music.
Since dance is to a large extent tied to music, this led to a burst of newly invented dances.
Since the 1960s, the bass guitar has largely replaced the double bass in popular music as the bass instrument in the rhythm section.
Since polyphonic texture was no longer the main focus of music ( excluding the development section ) but rather a single melodic line with accompaniment, there was greater emphasis on notating that line for dynamics and phrasing.
Since 2002, Charles has been a DJ on BBC Radio 6 Music, presenting The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, where he plays a diverse range of funk and soul music, from classic tracks to the latest releases, and provides publicity for new bands.
Since then, Japanese research in computer music has largely been carried out for commercial purposes in popular music, though some of the more serious Japanese musicians used large computer systems such as the Fairlight in the 1970s.
Since the invention of the MIDI system in the early 1980s, for example, some people have worked on programs which map MIDI notes to an algorithm and then can either output sounds or music through the computer's sound card or write an audio file for other programs to play.
Since then, the annual Cityfolk Festival has continued to bring the best in folk, ethnic and world music and arts to Dayton.
Since an actual Taiko ensemble had never really performed together and the people he had playing with him were in no way professional musicians, he based the rhythms of their performance on the simplistic arrangement of the shrine music that had been previously played ; which allowed for nearly any person with the interest in Taiko could play along.
Since there is no established instrumental ensemble that includes the double bass, its use in chamber music has not been as exhaustive as the literature for ensembles such as the string quartet or piano trio.
Since the 1970s his music has enjoyed a modest revival which looks set to continue as it is rediscovered and re-evaluated.
Since the early to mid-1990s, house music has been infused in mainstream pop and dance music worldwide.
Since 1983, Shearer has been the host of the public radio comedy / music program Le Show on Santa Monica's NPR-affiliated radio station, KCRW.
Since the 1990s, Canadian born musician Nadaka who has spent most of his life in India, has been creating music that is an acoustic fusion of Indian classical music with western styles.
Since then, pop singers in the latter group have included KK, Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai, Shantanu Mukherjee aka Shaan, Sagarika, Colonial Cousins ( Hariharan, Leslie Lewis ), Lucky Ali, and Sonu Nigam, and music composers like Jawahar Wattal, who made top selling albums with, Daler Mehndi, Shubha Mudgal, Baba Sehgal, Swetha Shetty and Hans Raj Hans.
Since his theatre was not licensed to produce drama, he asked several of the leading composers ( Lawes, Cooke, Locke, Coleman and Hudson ) to set sections of it to music.

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