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Since and her
Those famous lines of the Greek Anthology with which a fading beauty dedicates her mirror at the shrine of a goddess reveal a wise attitude: `` Venus, take my votive glass, Since I am not what I was, What from this day I shall be, Venus, let me never see ''.
Since she could not act, one part suited her as well as any other, and so she was the first person to offer Mr. Lincoln a glass of water, holding it up to the box, high above her head, to Miss Harris, who had asked for it.
Since his Christ was to be life size, how was Mary to hold him on her lap without the relationship seeming ungainly??
Since the course, one member has lost her husband.
Since her bereavement this individual has reported to the writer on numerous occasions about how helpful the class discussions were to her in this adjustment crisis.
Since she also has considerable technical virtuosity and a feeling for music in the romantic tradition, Miss Xydis gave her listeners a good deal of pleasure.
`` Since we're having coffee with them this afternoon '', he said, `` I think I'll ask the daughter if we can pay her to come in every day to clean for us ''.
Since some of the Roman months were named in honor of divinities, and as April was sacred to the goddess Venus, the Festum Veneris et Fortunae Virilis being held on the first day, it has been suggested that Aprilis was originally her month Aphrilis, from her equivalent Greek goddess name Aphrodite ( Aphros ), or from the Etruscan name Apru.
Since her adulteress mother was his own sister, Afonso V had not only ambition, but the family honour to protect.
* Since Big Brother 2, the UK series always opens with a twist which have included the public being able to choose the final housemate out of three possibilities ( Big Brother 2 ), the public voting for a housemate to leave during the first week and then the housemates choosing between the two housemates with the least number of votes ( Big Brother 3 ), First Night Nominations ( Big Brother 4 ), Suitcase Nominations ( Big Brother 5 ), Unlucky Housemate 13 ( Big Brother 6 ), Big Brother Hood ( Big Brother 7 ), an all-female House and the first inclusion of twins as contestants ( Big Brother 8 ), the first couple to enter as housemates and set a secret task to hide their real relationship ( Big Brother 9 ), all " housemates " really being " non-housemates " who had to earn their housemate status ( Big Brother 10 ), a mole entering the House with an " Impossible Task " ( Big Brother 11 ), Jackie Stallone entering a house containing her son's ex-wife ( Celebrity Big Brother 3 ), the entrance of a non-celebrity in a celebrity edition ( Celebrity Big Brother 4 ) and Jade Goody's family announced to be visiting.
Since we know that over 70 percent of children of intermarried couples are not being raised as Jews ... we want to encourage the Jewish partner to maintain his / her Jewish identity, and raise their children as Jews.
Since a wife was regarded as property in biblical times, the betrothal ( erusin ) was effected simply by purchasing her from her father ( or guardian ); the girl ’ s consent is not explicitly required by any biblical law.
Since a wife was regarded as property, her husband was originally free to divorce her for any reason, at any time.
Since the release of the film that shares her story and name, she has hosted Challenge America with Erin Brockovich on ABC and Final Justice on Zone Reality.
Since Elizabeth would never name her successor, Cecil was obliged to proceed in secret.
Since her death in 1968 and the publication of her daughter Imogen's autobiography, A Childhood at Green Hedges, Blyton has emerged as an emotionally immature, unstable and often malicious figure.
Since Brighid represented the light half of the year, and the power that will bring people from the dark season of winter into spring, her presence was very important at this time of year.
Since then her films have included the romantic comedy Wimbledon ( 2004 ), the romantic science fiction Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ( 2004 ) and Cameron Crowe's tragicomedy Elizabethtown ( 2005 ).
Since her election, she has become one of the most popular political figures in Latvia.

Since and appearance
Since the mid 1950s, when urethane foam first made its appearance in the American market, growth has been little short of fantastic.
Since then McLean has performed tours of the UK ( 2007, 2008 ( one appearance ), 2010, 2011 ), Ireland ( 2007, 2010, 2011 ), mainland Europe ( 2008, 2010 ), Australia and New Zealand ( 2008, 2011 ) and South East Asia ( 2011 ).
" Since these tablets predate the Sulbasutras period by several centuries, taking into account the contextual appearance of some of the triples, it is reasonable to expect that similar understanding would have been there in India.
Since nothing other than an intelligent cause has been demonstrated to be able to yield such a strong appearance of design, Darwinian claims notwithstanding, the conclusion that the design seen in life is real design is rationally justified.
Since this experience, Iceman has regained control over his powers and refined his appearance with jagged spikes on his limbs, back, and hair.
Since Odo had not yet learned how to morph into a humanoid appearance, he appeared in his natural gelatinous form.
Since scale patterns on Cardassian necks have been shown to change from appearance to appearance ( Garak, for example ), makeup artist Michael Westmore has theorized in a 2005 issue of Star Trek Insider that Cardassians continually shed and regrow scales.
Since the appearance of Super Mario Bros., a number of individuals named Mario have been nicknamed " Super Mario " by fans or by the media.
Since 1915, the Ku Klux Klan was growing in urban chapters across the Midwest, particularly since veterans had been returning from the war ; it made its first major appearance in Oklahoma later that year on August 12, 1921, less than three months after the riot.
Since the appearance of her study, other scholars further examined Thucydides ' treatment of realpolitik.
Since 1937, Gladstone has been portrayed on no fewer than 37 occasions in film and television, beginning with Montagu Love's appearance as him in the 1937 film Parnell.
Since this initial appearance, plans have been underway at The Weinstein Company to bring Knight Rider to the big screen as an updated take on the original series pilot, " Knight of the Phoenix ".
Since that time, a wide range of personal appearance options and clothing styles, including nudity, have become more widely acceptable, all of which was uncommon before the hippie era.
Dana Aspinall also suggests that an Elizabethan audience would have been similarly taken aback by the play's harsh, misogynistic language: " Since its first appearance, some time between 1588 and 1594, Shrew has elicited a panoply of heartily supportive, ethically uneasy, or altogether disgusted responses to its rough-and-tumble treatment of the ' taming ' of the ' curst shrew ' Katherina, and obviously, of all potentially unruly wives.
Since his first appearance on The Simpsons, Santa's Little Helper has appeared in merchandise relating to the show.
Since enamel is semitranslucent, the color of dentin and any restorative dental material underneath the enamel strongly affects the appearance of a tooth.
Since the election of Pyotr Pimashkov as the mayor of Krasnoyarsk in 1996, the appearance of the city gradually improved: the old historical buildings were restored, the asphalt walkways were replaced with paving-stone, and numerous squares and recreation areas with fountains were either restored or constructed from scratch.
Since the FDP had never claimed such a candidacy ( and hasn't done since ) and had no chance of attaining it against the two major parties, this move was widely seen as flippant political marketing alongside other moves, such as driving around in a campaign van dubbed the Guidomobile, wearing the figure 18 on the soles of his shoes or appearance in the Big Brother TV show.
Since the cloudy appearance is due to nonuniform glass dissolution, it is ( somewhat paradoxically ) less marked if dissolution is higher, i. e. if a silicate-free detergent is used ; also, in certain cases, the etching will primarily be seen in areas that have microscopic surface cracks as a result of the items ' manufacturing.
Since the character was the leader of the turtle-like Koopa Troopas the two began to base his new appearance on them, creating a new illustration.
Since the 1920s, the appearance of the " modern girl " ( moga ) and " modern boy " ( mobo ) saw an increase in the number of women taking on the role of industrial and white-collar workers and consumers.
Since Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2, Wart had the same appearance.
Since his appearance in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has received mostly negative reception.
Since the heat arrived after Sirius's appearance, it was said that Sopdet had given birth to it, thus Sopdu was seen as being a child of Sopdet, and thus also of Sah.

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