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Since and joining
Since NFL expansion needed unanimous approval from team owners at that time, Marshall's position would prevent Murchison from joining the league.
* Since joining the Big East in 1995, a Notre Dame basketball player has been crowned Big East Player of the year 5 times.
Since joining international operations in 1994 Lithuania has lost two soldiers.
Since joining Intersputnik in 1984, North Korea has operated 22 lines of frequency-division multiplexing and 10 lines of single channel per carrier for communication with Eastern Europe.
Since joining the competition in 1908, Richmond has won ten premierships, the most recent victory being in 1980.
Since forming a club and joining Sverok meant receiving funds ( rather than paying a membership fee ) many teenagers saw it as a good way of getting some gaming supplements essentially for free.
Since Pollock's burial numerous other writers and artists have been buried in the cemetery joining the locals.
Since a D & C algorithm eventually reduces each problem or sub-problem instance to a large number of base instances, these often dominate the overall cost of the algorithm, especially when the splitting / joining overhead is low.
Since joining the Black Hands he has acquired an ongoing hatred of Stevil, mostly due to in-game interpersonal warfare and vendettas.
Since its establishment, more member states have joined through a series of accession treaties, from the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Norway in 1972 ( though Norway did not end up joining ), Greece in 1979, Spain and Portugal 1985, Austria, Finland, Norway and Sweden in 1994 ( though again Norway failed to join, because of lack of support in the referendum ), the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia in 2004, and Romania and Bulgaria in 2007.
Since the second incarnation of High Rollers premiered while The $ 128, 000 Question was still airing and taping episodes, Trebek became one of two hosts to emcee shows in both the United States and Canada, joining Jim Perry, who was hosting Definition and Headline Hunters in Canada and Card Sharks, which coincidentally premiered the same day as High Rollers in 1978, in the United States.
Since joining the Southeastern Conference the Razorbacks have developed a rivalry with Louisiana State University ( LSU Tigers ) in football.
Since joining the NCAA in 1998, the soccer team has posted a 118-48-21 record and advanced to the national tournament in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2008.
Since there was no inter-oceanic route joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the time, and the transcontinental railway had not been completed, a major trade route between New York City and San Francisco ran through southern Nicaragua.
Since joining Thai Rak Thai, however, Wang Nam Yen has largely been sidelined by Thaksin amid occasional squabbles with Sanoh.
Since half of these were freight trains which did not need to call at the station, the company decided to build a completely separate four-track railway line passing to the west of the station, joining the existing lines beyond the north and south junctions, burrowing beneath them and avoiding them completely.
Since Prince Henry was unsupported and the rest of the army was withdrawing, for the most part in great disorder, he hid any banners showing his party to be Scottish, and retreated towards David by joining the English pursuing him.
Since joining the Physics and Astronomy Departments in Berkeley in 1974, he has devoted much of his research to studying processes in the interstellar medium, including evaporation of clouds, the structure of shock waves in atomic and molecular gas, and the dynamics of blast waves in both homogeneous and inhomogeous media.
Since the election defeat McAllion has been working with Oxfam and resigned his membership of the Labour Party, subsequently joining the Scottish Socialist Party.
Since joining Riga, Ozoliņš has scored 22 goals and made 65 assists in 158 regular season KHL appearances, serving as a team captain for every single apperance.
Since joining Dryden as a research pilot, Fullerton has piloted nearly all the research and support aircraft flown at the facility and currently flies the T-38, F-18, F-15, B-52, the NASA / Convair 990, 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, and the DC-8.
Since materials were in short supply immediately after World War II, the prototypes were constructed by joining two old Fiat Topolino front-ends together.
Since he measured only " five feet three inches when standing in a pair of substantial boots ", the young student had no interest in joining a sports team or the Harvard Washington Corps.
Since joining the BBC in 1989, she has gone on to present many flagship programmes for the corporation including the BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, Crimewatch, Call My Bluff and, most recently, Antiques Roadshow.

Since and club
Since 1949, the St. Louis club has been below on May 1 just four times.
Since 1949, the only National League club that got off to a hot start and made a runaway of the race was the '55 Dodger team.
Since then the club has been sponsored by Crown Paints, Candy, Carlsberg and Standard Chartered Bank.
Since his rise to fame as an actor, he has continued appearing at home games, and supported the financially troubled club.
Since 1995, the Sydney Swans are the only club not to have missed the finals in consecutive seasons, and have made the finals more years than any other club in the same time, only missing the finals in 2000, 2002 and 2009.
Since the move, the club won various titles including the German championship in 1994 and 1997 and the German cup in 1995.
Since this time the football club has been without a permanent home ground.
Since turning professional in 1894, the club has enjoyed periods of success, most notably during the period 1968 – 1970 when they won the 1969 League Cup ( defeating Arsenal at Wembley Stadium ) securing promotion to the Second Division.
Since it is rare to have more than one gay club in an area, clubs will instead host fly-ins, which will attract attendees from outside the region, and last an entire weekend instead of just one night.
Since the founding of the club, PSV's home base is still at the same place where the PSV sports grounds were established in 1913.
Since relegation, the club has had to sell players to meet the shortfall in income.
Since 1971 he has owned Latrobe Country Club, where his father used to be the club professional.
Since the addition of navy blue to the playing uniform in 1871, the club has been known almost universally in print media as the Blues, Dark Blues or Navy Blues.
In 2008 the club celebrated what was claimed to be the 150th anniversary of the first meeting of its founding members, published " Melbourne FC – Since 1858 – An Illustrated History " and commemorated its formation by naming " 150 Heroes " as well as a birthday logo which appears on its official jersey.
Since 1900, Cinnaminson has been home to the Riverton Country Club, a country club and golf course designed by Donald Ross.
Howe selected the source music for the club scene and put together a special arrangement of " Since I Don't Have You " that Buckaroo sings to Penny Priddy.
Since there was no club house in the early days the team played from the Prince of Wales pub, near the town's covered market.
Since its sale by the Radclyffes in 1662, the hall has been put to many uses ; working men's club, school for clergy, and a radio station amongst them.
Since then the club have had several more changes.
Since their promotion the club have consolidated in the top flight, achieving a string of mid-table finishes under the command of several managers.
Since its founding the club has played their home games in blue and white shirts, traditionally in vertical stripes.
Since their move to Owlerton, the owl has become a theme that has run throughout the club.
Since their marriage, Mary Kay and Vili Fualaau have hosted three " Hot for Teacher Night " promotions at a Seattle night club with Vili serving as the disc jockey and Mary Kay as host.

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