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Since and time
Since Rhode Island at that time did not have such sanction, his opinion was not popular.
Since the goal of our international planners is a World Government, this Atlantic Community would mark a giant step in that direction for, once American economic autonomy is absorbed, a larger grouping is a question of time.
Since that time the demands of the citizens for new and expanded services have placed financial burdens on the state which could not have been foreseen in earlier years.
Since he can neither accept nor reject them all, he must be governed by the time and energy available for his prime professional obligations.
Since that time the telegraph office has shifted in location from the railroad station at the Depot and shops at the Center back to the town clerk's office and drugstore at the Village.
Since a lower loop gain and low-pass filtering increases the response time, a practical compromise must be reached.
Since Mr. Clark believes firmly that the chewing of hard foods helps develop healthy gums and teeth, raw vegetables and raw whole-wheat grains are handed out with fresh fruit and whole-wheat cookies at snack time in the afternoons.
Since perforated tape at the time could record eight bits in one position, it also allowed for a parity bit for error checking if desired.
Since the time of Catherine II the ranks of Abbot and Archimandrite have been given as honorary titles in the Russian Church, and may be given to any monastic, even if he does not in fact serve as the superior of a monastery.
Since in oral languages the elements of sound are for the most part produced linearly in time ( that is, in a word like cat the a sound comes after the c sound, and the t sound comes after that ), they can generally be easily written in a linear ( one-dimensional ) writing system such as an alphabet.
Since the time of Arminius, his name has come to represent a very large variety of beliefs.
Since that time, Alberta's economic fortunes have largely tracked the price of oil, and increasingly natural gas prices.
Since the passage of the Act of Settlement, the most senior member of the Royal Family to have married a Roman Catholic, and thereby been removed from the line and later lines of succession, is Prince Michael of Kent, who married Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz in 1978 ; he was fifteenth in the lines of succession at the time of his marriage.
Since the start of the 2008 season, the Falcons have recorded four consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history.
Since that time, as computers and software became more advanced, digital signal processing has become the method of choice.
Since that time citizens have mobilized, with support from the Albion Community Foundation founded in 1968, and the Albion Volunteer Service Organization, founded in the 1980s with support from Albion College, to address the challenge of diminishing economic opportunity.
Since German was the lingua franca of science ( and especially of psychiatry ) at that time, Kraepelin's use of Alzheimer's disease in a textbook made the name famous.
Since that time, however, the 7800 has been emulated successfully and is now common on emulation sites.
Since 31 December 2003, the system has been closed to new users, at that time, it covered 100 % of the Spanish population, but now some antennas have been given to GSM operators.
Since, necessarily, no time elapses in this pretemporal void, then there could be no alteration, and therefore nothing ( including time ) would ever come to be: so the antithesis is proven.
Since the 2002 edition, the Apostles ' Creed is included in the Roman Missal with the indication, " Instead of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, especially during Lent and Easter time, the baptismal Symbol of the Roman Church, known as the Apostles ’ Creed, may be used.
During a 1935 – 1942 colonization attempt, the island was most likely on Hawaii time, which was then 10. 5 hours behind UTC .< ref > Since it is uninhabited the island's time zone is unspecified, but it lies within a nautical time zone 12 hours behind UTC.

Since and Labour
Since the 1951 general election, the party system has been dominated by the personalist Antigua Labour Party ( ALP ), dominated by the Bird family, particularly Prime Ministers Vere and Lester Bird.
Since their coming to power in 1997, controversies affecting the Labour Government such as David Blunkett's affair with Spectator editor Kimberly Fortier and financial scandals involving senior ministers and officials shifted the focus to sleaze within the Labour Party.
Since 1991, Lithuanian voters have shifted from right to left and back again, swinging between the Conservatives, led by Vytautas Landsbergis, and the ( formerly Communist ) Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania, led by president Algirdas Brazauskas.
Since the new school year generally starts right after Labour Day, families with school-age children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer.
Since then, Labour Day has been not only a public holiday but also a day of mass community involvement around the country.
Since the election of the Labour Government in 1997, there have been many changes in UK employment law.
Since Independence, the party electoral system has been dominated by the Christian democratic Nationalist Party ( Partit Nazzjonalista ) and the social democratic Labour Party ( Partit Laburista ).
Since the 1920s, the two largest political parties have been the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.
Since 2005, Jens Stoltenberg has been leading a red-green coalition, consisting of Norwegian Labour Party, Socialist Left Party and Center Party.
Since the borough was formed it has been controlled by the Labour Party on all but two occasions.
Since the north of Croydon tends to return Labour councillors, the two halves of the borough are often at loggerheads.
Since the elections on 6 May 2010, it has been represented by three Labour councillors: Alex Bigham, Pete Bowyer and Imogen Walker.
Since the first election in 1964 the council has alternated between Conservative and Labour control.
Since the Borough ’ s creation, Bromley had always been under Conservative control until the local elections of 7 May 1998 when a Liberal Democrat / Labour coalition assumed power.
Since the 2010 election, 47 of these councillors are Conservative and 13 are Labour.
Since 7 May 2010 Labour hold 44 seats, the Liberal Democrats 15 and the Conservative Party 4 seats.
Since then Respect gained a seat from Labour at a by-election, and in three separate groups a total of 8 Labour Councillors and one Conservative defected to Lutfur Rahman's independent group.
Since the 2006 municipal elections, the city has been governed by a coalition of PvdA ( Labour ), GroenLinks ( Green ) and the local party GOB.
Since 1997 the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown developed a programme of better regulation.
Since the foundation of the state Dáil business had been relatively calm as the relatively small Labour party functioned as the official opposition in the absence of die-hard Republicans.
Since that date the constituency has been held by Labour MP Mike Wood.
Since the party's defeat in the 2008 general election, Labour has formed the second-largest ( in terms of parliamentary seats ) political party represented in the Parliament of New Zealand, and functions as the core of the Official Parliamentary Opposition.

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