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Since and Persian
Since Daniel was a statesman during the Persian conquests, the Book of Daniel could have been written in a period when the Persians had their greatest influence on Aramaic, believed to be in the mid 6th century BC.
) Since the Athenians seem to have taken up a strong defensive position at Marathon, the Persian hesitance was probably a reluctance to attack the Athenians head-on.
Since the early 1970s, however, the dominant scholarship has noted dissimilarities between Persian Mithra-worship and the Roman Mithraic mysteries, and the mysteries of Mithras are now generally seen as a distinct product of the Roman Imperial religious world.
Since there was a bounty on Themistocles's head, this acquaintance devised a plan to safely convey Themistocles to the Persian king in the type of covered wagon that the King's concubines travelled in.
Since unification, the economy has been forced to sustain the consequences of Yemen ’ s support for Iraq during the 1990 – 91 Persian Gulf War: Saudi Arabia expelled almost 1 million Yemeni workers, and both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait significantly reduced economic aid to Yemen.
Since being fielded, Hellfire missiles have proven their effectiveness in combat in Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Storm in Persian Gulf, Operation Allied Force in Yugoslavia, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where they have been fired successfully from Apache and Super Cobra attack helicopters, Kiowa scout helicopters, and Predator unmanned combat air vehicles ( UCAVs ).
Since about 3, 000 years ago, Persian Zoroastrians honor their guests with rose extract out of a beautifully designed glass goose-necked bottle, while holding mirror in front of their guest's face.
Since 1987, the only allowable outcross breed is the Persian.
Since Evagoras was an enemy of Persia, and many of the Athenian gains threatened Persian interests, these developments prompted Artaxerxes to switch his support from Athens and her allies to Sparta.
Since I Corps was assigned to Fort Lewis in 1981, soldiers from its units have participated in Operation Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield and Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War, Operation Provide Comfort for Kurdish Refugees, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
Since it is the only outlet to the Persian Gulf, its capture was important in delivering humanitarian aid to the rest of the country, and also to stop the flow of operations trying to break the naval blockade against Iraq.
Since no idea and no literary or philosophical movement ever germinated on Persian or Arabian soil without leaving its impress on the Jews, the Persian Ghazali found an imitator in the person of Judah ha-Levi.
Since no idea and no literary or philosophical movement ever germinated on Persian or Arabian soil without leaving its impress on the Jews, the Persian Ghazali found an imitator in the person of Judah ha-Levi.
Since a variety of drill bits are available in this format, it allows the tool to do double duty as a " push drill " or Persian drill.
Since these regions were now Persian territory again, it made no sense to harm their economies further or to drive the people to further rebellions.
Since a level site is generally regarded as a requisite for comfort and repose, the terrace as a raised viewing platform made an early appearance in the ancient Persian gardening tradition, where the enclosed orchard, or paradise, was to be viewed from a ceremonial tent.
Since then Persian script replaced the Tibetan script, but the Persian script had no letters for seven Balti sounds and has been in vogue in spite of the fact that it didn't fullfil the whole requirement.
Since Babu Jagan Nath was himself a scholar in Persian language, he could reproduce it from his memory and got it printed in Nagri Parcharni Patrika in Benaras.
Since the founders of the club were mostly interested in cycling, the club's original name was Docharkhe Savaran (), meaning ' The Cyclists ' in Persian.
Since its inception in 1918, USARCENT, once Third Army, has played major roles in America ’ s military history, serving in World Wars I and II, the Persian Gulf War and now the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the region.
Since the September 11 attacks, members of the 204th SFS have seen duty in central and southwest Asia, in Africa and even onboard ship in the Persian Gulf.

Since and force
( D ) Since the shape of the drop conforms to the force field, it does not appreciably affect the distribution of forces in the fluid.
Since the removal force is a function of coating thickness, a differential transformer pickup has been incorporated into the instrument to accurately measure film thickness.
Since the Weimar Republic lacked the quantity of raw materials available to the United States and Great Britain, it had to rely on the proficiency of a skilled labor force and an ability to export innovative and high quality goods.
Since longer symmetric keys require exponentially more work to brute force search, a sufficiently long symmetric key makes this line of attack impractical.
Since opposite charges attract via a simple electromagnetic force, the negatively charged electrons that are orbiting the nucleus and the positively charged protons in the nucleus attract each other.
Since tension is defined as the force that the chain exerts on itself, T must be parallel to the chain.
Since the value of this energy depends on the shapes and positions of the conductors and dielectrics, the Casimir effect manifests itself as a force between such objects.
Since the direction of an electric field is defined as the direction of the force on a positive charge, electric field lines point away from a positive charge and toward a negative charge.
Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance ( a length of space ), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length.
Since 1962, when France stationed military personnel in the region, French Polynesia has changed from a subsistence economy to one in which a high proportion of the work force is either employed by the military or supports the tourist industry.
Since quarks make up the baryons and the mesons, and the strong interaction takes place between baryons and mesons, one could say that the color force is the source of the strong interaction, or that the strong interaction is like a residual color force that extends beyond the baryons, for example when protons and neutrons are bound together in a nucleus.
Since many insurgents rely on the population for recruits, food, shelter, financing, and other materials, the counter-insurgent force must focus its efforts on providing physical and economic security for that population and defending it against insurgent attacks and propaganda.
Since the stopping force F times that distance must be equal to the head's kinetic energy, it follows that F will be much greater than the original driving force f — roughly, by a factor D / d.
Since the second post-war the Italian armed force has become more and more engaged in international peace support operations, mainly under the auspices of the United Nations.
Since the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force, in those cases alone, the inquest is now to consider the broader question " by what means and in what circumstances ".
Since the end of the previous century Battlespace domination has been an open and variously reported policy of the U. S. Department of defense and U. S. Administrations stated and restated in various Quadrennial Reports, force posture statements, etc.
Since 2003 the country has made efforts to normalize its ties with the European Union and the United States and has even coined the catchphrase, ' The Libya Model ', an example intended to show the world what can be achieved through negotiation, rather than force, when there is goodwill on both sides.
Since the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany to have an air force, German pilots trained in violation of the treaty in secret.
Since the foil must exert a force on the air to change its direction, the air must exert a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction on the foil.
Since there is a very noticeable force of gravity acting between the Earth and any other nearby object, down is defined as that direction which an object moves in reference to the Earth when the object is allowed to fall freely.
Since these were all individual compounds, he demonstrated that it was possible to make a chemical change in various fats ( which traditionally come from organic sources ), producing new compounds, without " vital force ".

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