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Since and break
Since the physical behavior of singularities is unknown, if singularities can be observed from the rest of spacetime, causality may break down, and physics may lose its predictive power.
Since all contact between the wrestlers must cease if any part of the body is touching, or underneath, the ropes, many wrestlers will attempt to break submission holds by deliberately grabbing the bottom ropes.
Since the out break of the Syrian civil war, the Syrian economy has been hit by massive economic sanctions restricting trade with the Arab League, Australia, Canada, the European Union, ( as well as the European countries of Albania, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland ) Georgia, Japan, Turkey, and the United States.
Since some intruders will decide not to attempt to break into such areas or vehicles, there can actually be less damage to windows in addition to protection of valuable objects inside.
Since water molecules attack amide-amide hydrogen bonds and break up secondary structure, a disulfide bond stabilizes secondary structure in its vicinity.
Since Grenfell was Unwin's heroine, the encouragement gave Unwin a tremendous boost and he was inspired to break into show business.
Since the core S / 360 instruction set remained geared to a 24-bit universe, this third step would require a real break from the status quo ; existing assembly language applications would of course not benefit, and new compilers would be needed before non-assembler applications could be migrated.
Since it was feared at the time that any hostile action by the natives against the few burgeoning outposts might break Spain's tenuous hold on Alta California, the fathers quickly buried the San Juan Capistrano Mission bells.
Since time was passing and the Mantinean alliance showed no signs of capsizing, Epaminondas decided that he would have to break the stalemate.
Since then, the duo often break character in the middle of elaborate sketches to do an " accent check " and repeat these lines.
Since workers were paid by the piece, they had to work productively for hours without a break.
Since the construction of the Cleddau Bridge across Milford Haven Waterway it is possible to walk the whole route of the trail without a break.
Since it is the only outlet to the Persian Gulf, its capture was important in delivering humanitarian aid to the rest of the country, and also to stop the flow of operations trying to break the naval blockade against Iraq.
Since the thermal head doesn't have to sweep back and forth over the print media, there are fewer moving parts that can break down.
Since this move, the Huskers have seen their attendance break numerous records.
Since merely renaming an item would break backwards compatibility, the existing name must be left in place.
Since great love, as well as the actual act of committing evil, both create the ability to break the power of Darkness, it was the opportune time to “ win his brother back ” and Christ ’ s death didn ’ t have to be.
Since no other material was found in his home save what he had purchased from the undercover postal inspectors, Justice Byron White believed the operation had implanted the idea in his mind through mailings decrying politicians for assaulting civil liberties by passing laws such as the one the inspectors hoped he would break.
Since he could not afford to break his contract, Brehm, a widower since 1878, went ahead with his tour.
Since hairs may break in service, bows must be periodically rehaired, an operation usually performed by professionals rather than by the instrument owner.
Since this break both have continued to offer training courses of various types as well as carrying out consultancy work.
Since there was a break in the continuous playing tradition of the Smallpipes, and Border pipes, no absolute, definitive playing style can be ascribed to them.
Since the Centennial Conference break in 1991, all league members that sponsor football have competed in the MAC Football Conference.
Since in the old Catholic custom no-one may take Mass unless they have fasted since daybreak, this was literally a “ break fast ” for the bride and groom, though others in attendance would not necessarily take communion and therefore would not necessarily have been fasting.

Since and Church
Since the Catholic Church expresses such desire that the Sacred Scriptures be read, the following taken from the Holy Bible ( New Catholic Edition ) will prove a means of grace and a source of great spiritual blessing.
Since the time of Catherine II the ranks of Abbot and Archimandrite have been given as honorary titles in the Russian Church, and may be given to any monastic, even if he does not in fact serve as the superior of a monastery.
Since John Wesley ordained and sent forth every Methodist preacher in his day, who preached and baptized and ordained, and since every Methodist preacher who has ever been ordained as a Methodist was ordained in this direct " succession " from Wesley, then the Methodist Church teaches that it has all the direct merits coming from apostolic succession, if any such there be.
Since the English Reformation, the Church of England has been more explicitly a state church and the choice is legally that of the British crown ; today it is made in the name of the Sovereign by the Prime Minister, from a shortlist of two selected by an ad hoc committee called the Crown Nominations Commission.
Since 1972, the Roman Catholic Church uses the name " Anointing of the Sick " both in the English translations issued by the Holy See of its official documents in Latin and in the English official documents of Episcopal conferences.
Since the 2002 edition, the Apostles ' Creed is included in the Roman Missal with the indication, " Instead of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, especially during Lent and Easter time, the baptismal Symbol of the Roman Church, known as the Apostles ’ Creed, may be used.
Since Pope Leo XIII issued the bull Apostolicae Curae in 1896, the Catholic Church has insisted that Anglican orders are invalid because of changes in the Anglican ordination rites of the 16th century and divergence in understanding of the theology of priesthood, episcopacy and Eucharist.
Since the implementation of concordats between the ELCA and the Episcopal Church of the United States and the ELCIC and the Anglican Church of Canada, all bishops, including the Presiding Bishop ( ELCA ) or the National Bishop ( ELCIC ), have been consecrated using the historic succession, with at least one Anglican bishop serving as co-consecrator.
Since the Oxford Movement there has also been a modest flourishing of Benedictine monasticism in the Anglican Church and Protestant Churches.
Since the Church of England is a state church, a further step, sending the proposed revision to Parliament in the form of a " Deposited Book ", was required.
Since the English Reformation, only Saint Charles Stuart has been canonized in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.
Since the Christianization of Ethiopia in the 4th century, the Church of Ethiopia has come under the dominion of the Church of Alexandria.
Since the adoption of The Design of the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ), in 1968, Disciples have celebrated a sense of unity in reading the preamble to the Design publicly.
Since there was no longer the countervailing power of the papacy and since the Church of England was a creature of the state and had become subservient to it, this meant that there was nothing to regulate the powers of the king, and he became an absolute power.
Since 1582, when the Catholic Church adopted the Gregorian calendar while the Eastern Orthodox and most Oriental Orthodox Churches retained the Julian calendar, the date on which Easter is celebrated has again differed.
Since the earliest days of the Church, the authorship has been debated.
Since 1830 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has identified the Book of Mormon as the " record of the stick of Ephraim " () while the stick of Judah is identified with the Bible.
Since at least the 1960s, when Marc Bloch's Feudal Society ( 1939 ) was first translated into English in 1961, many medieval historians have included a broader social aspect that includes not only the nobility but all three estates of the realm, adding the peasantry bonds of manorialism and the estates of the Church ; this is sometimes referred to as " feudal society " since it encompasses all members of society into the feudal system.
Since the Bulgarians were not satisfied with the positions of the Pope after prolonged negotiations, they reached favorable agreement with the Byzantines and the decision was taken that the Bulgarian Church should become Eastern Orthodox.
Since Rome is the preeminent episcopal see of the Church, it contains the central government of the church, including various agencies essential to administration.
Since the Church did not make either of these laws, she cannot be their arbiter — only their guardian and interpreter.
Since the Council of Orange II against semi-pelagianism, the Catholic Church has taught that even had man never sinned in the Garden of Eden and was sinless, he would still require God's grace to remain sinless.

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