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Since and constitution
Since the adoption of a new constitution, early in 2010, the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a presidential republic, whereby the President of Angola is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system.
Since the 12th century, courts have had parallel and co-equal authority to make law -- " legislating from the bench " is a traditional and essential function of courts, which was carried over into the U. S. system as an essential component of the " judicial power " specified by Article III of the U. S. constitution.
Since 1982, however, the arguments have been easier to make, because lawyers have been able to cite the relevant sections of the constitution rather than rely upon legal abstraction.
Since the act, amendments must now conform to certain specified provisions in the written portion of the Canadian constitution.
Since the 1938 constitution, the lieutenant governor explicitly becomes governor upon such vacancy in the office.
Since most disagreements over what to include in the constitution were ultimately disputes over the balance of sovereignty between the states and national government, Madison's influence was critical.
Since regaining independence, Madagascar has transitioned through four republics with corresponding revisions to its constitution.
Since 1948, the constitution has undergone five major revisions, each signifying a new republic.
Since the constitution allowed for the creation of autonomous communities, but the process itself was embryonic in nature — they were formed after the promulgation of the constitution, and the outcome was unpredictable — the constituent assembly chose the province as the basis for territorial representation.
Since the constitution of 1978 came into effect, however, this has never occurred.
Since the constitution of 1978 came into effect, there have not been any coalition governments, even if the party with the largest number of seats has failed to obtained absolute majority, though in such cases the party in government has had to rely on the support of minority parties to gain confidence and to approve the State's budgets.
Since the constitution of 1978 came into effect, these nationalities and regions progressively acceded to self-government and were constituted into 17 autonomous communities.
Since then the Universal House of Justice has acted as the head of the religion ; in 1972 it published its constitution.
Since Mississippi ratified its constitution in 1890, with provisions such as poll taxes, residency requirements, and literacy tests, it made registration more complicated and stripped blacks from the polls.
Since amendments to constitution in 2001, Parliament of Croatia is obligated by constitution to call a referendum if signatures of 10 % of registered voters of Republic of Croatia are collected.
" Since the adoption of the 1853 constitution, the federal government has intervened over 200 times, mostly by presidential decree.
Since many a country with a transitional political and economic system continues treating its constitution as an abstract legal document disengaged from the economic policy of the state, practice of judicial review of economic acts of executive and legislative branches began to grow.
Since the adoption of the current constitution of Germany in 1949 the formal title of the office in the German language is once again Bundeskanzler.
Though Meredith was legally entitled to register, the Governor of Mississippi, Ross Barnett, tried to block him by having the Legislature pass a law that “ prohibited any person who was convicted of a state crime from admission to a state school .” The law was directed at Meredith, who had been convicted of “ false voter registration .” Since passage of its 1890 constitution, the state had voter registration rules that effectively disfranchised black voters.
Since the establishment of sovereignty with the ratification of the constitution in 1993, Andorra has moved to become an active member of the international community.
Since being written, the constitution has been translated into eight of the national languages of Benin.
Since the early 13th century, the Kouroukan Fouga, Mali's constitution, was the law of the land.

Since and forbids
Since 1985, the State of Israel has outlawed political parties espousing Kahane's ideology as being " racist ", and forbids their participating in the Israeli government.
Since the Pauli exclusion principle forbids electrons from occupying the same state, any additional electron would be forced to occupy a positive-energy eigenstate, and positive-energy electrons would be forbidden from decaying into negative-energy eigenstates.
Since the Shard's construction was financed by Sharia-compliant investment, which forbids earning money through interest payments, the tower's tenants are subject to certain conditions.
Since the Qur ' an forbids alcohol consumption, the region isn't noted much for its wine.
Since 1998, an EU directive forbids the production of smalahove from adult sheep, due to fear of the possibility of transmission of scrapie, a deadly, degenerative prion disease of sheep and goats, though scrapie does not appear to be transmissible to humans.

Since and introduction
Since its introduction at games by the " Roar from 34 ", led by Wild Bill Hagy and others, in the late 1970s, it has been a tradition at Orioles games for fans to yell out the " Oh " in the line " Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave " in " The Star-Spangled Banner ".
Since the introduction of the first commercially available microprocessor ( the Intel 4004 ) in 1970, and the first widely used microprocessor ( the Intel 8080 ) in 1974, this class of CPUs has almost completely overtaken all other central processing unit implementation methods.
Since meat has a higher energy density than vegetables, and cooking it allows more nutrients to be liberated to the body, the introduction of cooked meat in the human diet reduced the energy requirements of the digestive system.
Since its introduction by Alan Guth in 1980, the inflationary paradigm has become widely accepted.
Since the popular introduction of effective microorganisms ( EM ), bokashi is commonly made with only molasses, water, EM, and wheat bran.
Since the introduction of the comic book format in 1933 with the publication of Famous Funnies, the United States has produced the most titles, along with British comics and Japanese manga, in terms of quantity of titles.
Since its original introduction, the cane toad has had a particularly marked effect on Australian biodiversity.
Since the introduction of the term, ethical egoism has been retroactively applied to philosophers before Sidgwick.
Since its introduction, the term has been picked up and used by various researchers engaging in Science and technology studies.
In his introduction, Blevins writes, " Since the time of F. C. Baur, very few scholars have doubted the Pauline authorship of the letter.
Since the introduction of firearms classifications have changed initially to reflect their formations on the battlefield as line infantry, and later to reflect modes of transport and type of tactics used by specific units as Mechanized infantry or airborne infantry.
Since his introduction in 1996, Jaxson de Ville has served as the Jaguars ' mascot.
Since the introduction of the original Lomo LC-A, Lomography has produced and marketed an entire line of their own analog cameras.
Since the introduction of a national minimum wage in the UK in 1999, its effects on employment were subject to extensive research and observation by the Low Pay Commission.
Since these concepts are formally defined in the article on structures, the present article can content itself with an informal introduction which consists in examples of how these terms are used.
Since the 1970s, the introduction of a recovery approach to mental health, which has been driven mainly by people who have experienced psychosis ( or whatever name is used to describe their experiences ), has led to a greater awareness that mental illness is not a lifelong disability, and that there is an expectation that recovery is possible, and probable with effective support.
Since the introduction of nalidixic acid in 1962, more than 10, 000 analogs have been synthesized, but only a handful have found their way into clinical practice.
Since 2000 and with the introduction of private TV, ERT produced further daily soap operas, but these failed to achieve high ratings and were canceled shortly after their premiere.
Since the introduction of MRI this test is rarely necessary to diagnose syringomyelia.
Since its foundation, the key ideology has been Marxism – Leninism, but since the introduction of a mixed economy in the late 1980s and 1990s, it has lost its monopolistic ideological and moral legitimacy.
Since its introduction in the early 90s, new computer video techniques have been introduced which the original AVI specification did not anticipate:
Since the introduction of digital television, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 each introduced a number of digital-only channels.
Since their introduction to the west in the early 1990s, Hall thrusters have been the subject of a large number of research efforts throughout the United States, France, Italy, Japan, and Russia ( with many smaller efforts scattered in various countries across the globe ).
Since prior to the introduction of personal computers magenta was synonymous with printer's magenta, colored pencils and crayons called " magenta " are usually colored the color of process magenta ( printer's magenta ) shown above.

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