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Since and days
Since the days when their two thousand pairs of skis outnumbered those assembled anywhere else in the United States, the students have stopped regarding the Olympic Ski Team as another name for their own.
Since the earliest days of the Church, the authorship has been debated.
Since the days of the Second World War, US and British intelligence have shared information.
Since the days of the Sanhedrin, however, no body or authority has been generally regarded as having the authority to create universally recognized precedents.
Since the early days of writing politicians, diplomats and military commanders understood that it was necessary to provide some mechanism to protect the confidentiality of correspondence and to have some means of detecting tampering.
Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has established four new holidays and days of remembrance.
Since Roman days the term Mount Lebanon has encompassed this area.
Since taking over the franchise, Attanasio has worked hard to build bridges with Milwaukee baseball fans, including giving away every seat to the final home game of 2005 free of charge and bringing back the classic " ball and glove " logo of the club's glory days on " Retro Friday " home games, during which they also wear versions of the team's old pinstriped uniforms.
Since the Muslim calendar is based on 12 lunar months amounting to about 354 days, the Muslim New Year occurs about eleven days earlier each year in relation to the Gregorian calendar, with two Muslim New Years falling in Gregorian year 2008.
Since the days of El Supremo, the officer corps had been neglected for political reasons.
Since the foreigners were driven from the island empire, explains the Reciter, there has been nothing to threaten the changeless cycle of their days.
Since the forty days of the Lenten fast does not include Sundays, the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, succeeds Quinquagesima Sunday by only three days.
Since the early days of stock car racing in Britain the sport has developed into many different classes, from the destructive ' Banger ' categories to the very sophisticated National Hot Rods.
Since the early days also placed a premium on the size of storage media-be it memory or disk, TPF applications evolved into doing very powerful things while using very little resource.
Since lunch is usually served between 2 and 4 p. m., another common time for tapas is weekend days around noon as a means of socializing before proper lunch at home.
Since the days of Charles Wesley, the hymn-writer and early Methodist leader, lively singing has been, and remains, an important aspect of United Methodist worship.
Since mild courses of yellow fever can also contribute significantly to regional outbreaks, every suspected case of yellow fever ( involving symptoms of fever, pain, nausea and vomiting six to ten days after leaving the affected area ) has to be treated seriously.
Since the earliest days of Esperanto, the colour green has been used as a symbol of mutual recognition and it appears prominently in all Esperanto symbols.
Since the early days of colonisation, Anguilla had been administered by the British through Antigua, with Anguilla also having its own local council.
Since becoming operational in Normandy on August 1, 1944 until May 9, 1945, the Third Army was in continuous combat for 281 days.
Since the season of Great Lent is moveable, beginning on different dates from year to year, accommodation must be made for various feast days on the fixed calendar ( Menaion ) which occur during the season.
Since the early days of the occupation, a powerful and increasingly well-coordinated Belarusian resistance movement emerged.
Since Shavuot occurs 50 days after Passover, Hellenistic Jews gave it the name Pentecost ( πεντηκοστή, " fiftieth day ").

Since and Nintendo
Since then he has starred in his own series of games, starting with 1994's Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and remains an important character in the spin-off games of the Mario series, having since been replaced by Bowser as Mario's arch nemesis.
Since his appearance in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario has become a well-established mascot for Nintendo, and also received a largely positive critical reception.
Since its debut, Mewtwo has appeared in other Nintendo games.
Since Nintendo did not have many products, it made only a few commercials a year, meaning the quality had to be phenomenal.
Since then, he has been collaborating with other staff members at Nintendo EAD, supervising music created by others, as well as providing additional compositions for games such as Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Since the GameCube lacked DVD playback functionality, a feature its competitors had, the system was licensed by Nintendo and was released on December 13, 2001.
Since this statement, however, Namco Bandai has sold 80 % of Monolith Soft's shares to Nintendo.
Since 1996, the number 64 has been an abbreviation or slang for Nintendo 64 ( though N64 is more common ) along with the games Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and more
Since its release, Echoes has received several video game industry awards, as well as spots on " top games " lists by Nintendo Power and IGN.
Since then, several other video games has been released for different gaming consoles, including one more PlayStation game, three Game Boy Advance games, five Nintendo DS games, and thirteen PlayStation 2 games.
Since then, sequels have been released for the Super Famicom and Sony's PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.
Since the Game Boy's release, Nintendo had dominated the handheld market.
Since its release for the Nintendo GameCube, Pikmin has received positive reception.
Since its release, Star Fox Adventures has been designated a Player's Choice game by Nintendo, recognizing it as a game that has sold many copies and was available at a reduced retail price.
Since issue one, Nintendo Power has had a " Player's Poll Contest " ( later called " Player's Poll Sweepstakes ") where there would be a grand prize, a 2nd place prize, and 3rd place prize once a multiple-choice survey about the magazine's content and demographic was submitted.
Since 1989, NES-and Famicom-compatible consoles were manufactured and released in Brazil by local companies, who also provided tech-support and sold Nintendo games.
Since the Nintendo Entertainment System did not allow cartridges to add additional sound channels, the soundtrack on the western versions could only access the original five sound channels built into the NES and had to be reworked to follow those specifications.
Since work began on Crystal Dreams well before Nintendo finalised their console's hardware, Gametek were unsure on the amount of processing power the system would have and wanted to ensure they could have fast gameplay while having many enemies on screen at the same time.
Since its release, most consumers gave five stars to the 3D Classics version of Urban Champion for the Nintendo 3DS.
Since PocketNES predates all of Nintendo's efforts, it is believed that PocketNES was the inspiration for Nintendo to create their own similar emulator.
Since its release, de Blob has garnered significant and favorable acclaim from various gaming websites, including Official Nintendo Magazine, which awarded the game a rating of 92 % and a Gold Award, and IGN. com, which awarded the game several Wii-specific awards in its 2008 video game awards, including Best Platform Game, Best Graphics Technology, and Best Use of Sound.
Since the Nintendo Entertainment System, cartridge-based consoles have dominated the home market up until CD-based consoles such as the PlayStation gained prominence in the mid-to-late 1990s.
Since the release of the Zelda Game & Watch game in August 1989, several LCD games based upon the theme of The Legend of Zelda have been licensed by Nintendo to be released for both Japanese and foreign markets.
Since the release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the Nintendo DS in early 2007, however, the company has begun diversifying its product portfolio and focusing more on self-funding and self-publishing its titles in Japan with Nintendo's overseas subsidiaries distributing Level-5's games on the Nintendo DS.

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